What Minor Star Wars Character should get their own movie?

What Minor Star Wars Character should get their own movie? February 6, 2013

Disney announced yesterday that they will be making stand alone films in the Star Wars Franchise. Now, they have announced movies about Young Han and Boba Fett will be the first ones to be made.

While Han is a major character, Boba Fett is not. Still, he is one of the most popular minor characters in the Star Wars universe, so it makes sense.

That got me wondering: What minor Star Wars character’s should get their own movie and what would the stories be?

Here are my ideas

“It’s A Trap!“: A sensitive coming of age story about a young Admiral Ackbar, who struggles all his life with looking like a giant lobster. Weep, cry and laugh as Ackbar learns that everyone is different. He learns to accept who he is with boyish hijinks along the way.

Rebel Woman: A tough, no nonsense Mon Mothma must prove herself to the male dominated rebel alliance. Audiences will love Mon Mothma’s no nonsense, witty humor as she cuts down the big stupid men around her. Yet, no one knows what she really yearns for; love. Will she find it?

My life as a Francis Schaeffer Look Alike: The Sio Bibble Story: See the searing documentary on Sio’s life as he had to endure constant jabs on Naboo about looking like the earthling theologian Francis Schaeffer. The ending is tragic as he finally puts on Swiss Knickers and stands in front of the mirror, accepting the inevitable.

No Blasters, No Death: Greedo, having somehow survived the shooting in the Cantina, goes on an anti-blaster crusade throughout the galaxy. Be inspired as he starts small by handing out flyers and then make a passionate speech to the Emperor. Sad ending, because the emperor levitates a blaster then shoots him in the head. Thus, the irony…..

The Secret Lives of Wicket the Ewok: A gritty, street level tale about the descent of Wicket after his victory in Revenge of the Jedi. This is a searing story of what fame does, how far an ewok can fall and his possible redemption. Parents beware, the scene with Wicket snorting green leaves and yelling at the moon is disturbing.

The Things I Forgot: A tearjerker of a movie involving the Star Wars a work related accident. See how he fights the empire in a lawsuit even as he tries to remember his clone brothers. This is an early candidate for the Academy Award.


Those are mine. Add yours below…..



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