Geek Goes Rogue Interview: Miss Misery

Geek Goes Rogue Interview: Miss Misery October 30, 2013

We at Geek Goes Rogue love the old school Creature Feature hosts. Miss Misery, the horror hostess of San Francisco, has grown her following not only in the bay area, but around the country.

She is a dark maven of all things spooky, so we thought it would be great to interview her for Halloween Welcome Miss Misery, and thank you for spending some time with us on Halloween – and your birthday! We at Geek Goes Rogue wish you a happy birthday and a happy Halloween!

Q: Is there a particular book or movie that started you down the love of “horror” path?

A: When I was young, I snuck into my father’s VHS collection. I looked for a movie that I knew I wasn’t allowed to see; John Carpenter’s Halloween. It scared yet excited me. After that, I was watching non-stop horror films and reading Edgar Allan Poe. Just couldn’t get enough.

Q: How did you get into hosting horror festivals?

A: Being horror host Miss Misery, and having my own shows, really helped pave my way into the industry. After having a successful online show, I started getting calls to host events all around the Bay Area. I decided to start my own horror events and a film festival which ran for six years called “A Nightmare to Remember.”

Q: Tell us about your comic, A Haunting Desire. What made you want to write? What is your creative process? What are your future projects?

A: Well, I love comic books and have always wanted to do my own. Haunting Desire is about Miss Misery and she is a huge fan of the band Dammit! She’s in love with the guitar player John (played by my real-life husband). She kidnaps him and keeps him in her basement. I’ve been writing since I was a kid and just love creating stories. I’ve also published a poetry book through Black Bed Sheets and am working on three more comics and another book. I’m excited to be publishing my work and look forward to doing more in the future.

Q: Is horror just “good fun” for you, or do you see deeper meaning in terror?

A: Horror is good fun, but it’s also therapeutic to me when I have bad days. If someone pisses me off, I put on a horror film to get the frustration out of my system. Just watching horror can help people relax, I think. Plus, some films are good to watch to help you learn how to protect yourself; to learn to always look behind you when you’re walking alone at night or carry a weapon.

Q: Give us one fact about Miss Misery that your fans may not already know.

A: Lol, my all-time favorite film is Dirty Dancing!

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