A free-market solution to religious bigotry

A free-market solution to religious bigotry September 16, 2014

After telling about some universities that are “derecognizing” Christian organizations, Joe Carter proposes a “free market solution”:  He suggests that Christian students, alumni, and donors  should not “hand over our cash to schools that consider our beliefs so repugnant as to not even be worthy of recognition.”

From Joe Carter, Let’s ‘Derecognize’ Colleges That Discriminate Against Christians | Acton PowerBlog.

A free market solution is to refuse to support the business’ “product.” In other words, Christians should refuse to attend schools in which their beliefs are “derecognized.” Similarly, alumni should refuse to provide donations to support a college or university that considers our faith not welcome on the campus.

This is not to say that Christians should abandon the schools entirely. We should still treat the campuses as mission fields, worthy of our charity and evangelism. And we should continue to use whatever legitimate means are at our disposal to change their anti-Christian policies. But we can and should refuse to hand over our cash to schools that consider our beliefs so repugnant as to not even be worthy of recognition.

Christians on college campuses may be required to pay a price for their beliefs. But that price doesn’t have to include tuition and student fees. If a college wants to be free of Christians beliefs, then we can accommodate them by showing what it would mean for them to be free of Christians.


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