New edition of our book on classical education

New edition of our book on classical education August 27, 2015

The book that I did with Andrew Kern some time ago is back in a new, expanded, updated edition.  Its title and subject: Classical Education.

The editorial description on Amazon:

Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America examines the decline of American education and offers a solution. It is not more spending or a new and innovative program. Rather the solution, according to authors Gene Edward Veith Jr. and Andrew Kern, is classical education. Whether you are a parent anxious about your child’s education, a family considering homeschooling, or a young person contemplating a career as a teacher, this book will help you think through what a true education involves.

After a brief survey of where education in America has gone wrong, including a glance at controversial efforts like Common Core and Race to the Top, the authors describe the alternative to today’s failed fashions in learning: a classical education.“Classical education,” they explain, “cultivates wisdom and virtue by nourishing the soul on truth, goodness, and beauty.”

Succeeding chapters sketch how this approach has been applied by a wide variety of educators, including Christians (Protestant and Catholic), Great Books enthusiasts, and social entrepreneurs who serve poor and minority students at home and abroad. Chapters are also devoted to homeschooling and higher education. In an epilogue, the authors honestly confront the weaknesses to which classical educators are prone and offer hope for an even stronger future for this growing movement.

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