What about Joe Biden?

What about Joe Biden? August 27, 2015

There are strong indications that Vice-President Joe Biden, in light of Hillary Clinton’s stumbles and legal problems, is seriously considering a run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Democrats, would you rather have Biden than Clinton?  What about if Elizabeth Warren is his running-mate, as is widely speculated.

Republicans, would you rather have Biden than Clinton?  As someone to run against?  As President of the United States?  Would you consider voting for him in the event that someone you really dislike gets the GOP nomination?  Would Elizabeth Warren as his running mate change any of this?

From Kim Lyons, 3 Signs Joe Biden Will Run For President, Including A “Blessing” From The Commander-In-Chief Himself | Bustle:

In recent days, Joe Biden’s consideration of a presidential bid seems to have moved from the “just flirting with the idea” phase to the “time to put a ring on it” stage. On Monday, there was yet another huge sign that the vice president is edging closer to making his campaign official: sources told CNN that Obama gave Biden his blessing to seek the top job as the president’s successor. While Biden doesn’t need Obama’s permission to seek the Oval Office, the President said he would not stand in the way, according to CNN, or advise against a Biden campaign.

This is far from the first strong signal from the Biden camp that he is planning to seek the Democratic nomination for president, in a challenge to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. (Which, of course, puts Obama is an awkward position — Bernie can be ignored, but would he endorse his former secretary of state, or his ex-vice president? Decisions, decisions.) Politico reported on Monday that Biden had hired Kate Bedingfield as his communications director. She was a former spokeswoman for John Edwards’ 2008 campaign, who has, according to Politico, “campaign chops.” But there are plenty of other signs as well.

CNN reported on Saturday that Biden and Warren recently met privately and talked about economic policy. A source told CNN that the discussion lasted two hours and the presidential campaign “was not a particular focus of the discussion.” The meeting, of course, led to speculation that Biden was trying to persuade Warren to join his campaign, possibly as his running mate.

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