Sanctified by marriage and children

Sanctified by marriage and children August 27, 2015

Rev. Bruce Timm reflects on how his wife and children have made him a better person.  That is, how they have contributed to his sanctification by acting as “law” in his life.  His thoughts are about the vocations of marriage and parenthood, but they have wider implications for how the Law functions within vocation and how God uses our multiple callings to form us according to His will.

From Pastor Bruce Timm, Sanctified by Marriage and Family | Steadfast Lutherans:

This was my Facebook status posted on Father’s Day this past June.

“On Father’s Day I want to thank my children Katie, Leah, Andrea, and Jared for being God’s servants to help me in my vocation. You have dragged me off myself (sometimes kicking and screaming) to help and serve you as your father. You have filled my prayers with petitions for safety and mercy and Godly spouses and student loans. You have made me an expert in automotive maintenance, moving, and building shelves for tiny dorms and apartments. You have helped me be a better father so that I strive (weakly) to live in faith towards God (for forgiveness, patience, and because you guys need so much more than I can give), and in love toward my neighbors (in this case, you, my children.)”

Not too many weeks later I turned to my wife on our way home from church and said, “Thank you, Val. You have made me a better man.” She, like my children, has served as God’s Law in my life. And I’m not complaining.

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