Debate post-mortem

Debate post-mortem December 16, 2015

So, what did you think of last night’s debate? Any winners or losers? Did your mind change about any of the candidates?

A few of my thoughts after the jump.

Cruz did very well.  So did Trump.  So did a couple who have been on the bubble:  Rand Paul and Chris Christie.

Rubio is certainly the big contender against Cruz.  But I don’t think he did so well this time as he has before.

Carson came across as a genuinely good person, though I’m not sure that will help him too much politically.  Fiorina did well, though, again, I don’t think it will help her fading candidacy.

Bush stood up against Trump, but didn’t stand out otherwise, and I’m afraid his candidacy is still going nowhere.

Kasich has good personal qualities, but he isn’t a contender.

I do think CNN did a good job running this debate.

What are the divisions on the issues?  Civil liberties?  Rand Paul and Ted Cruz with a strong commitment to civil liberties, vs. the rest, who are willing to play them down in the name of national security?  Immigration?  Rubio and maybe Kasich being relatively sympathetic, vs. the rest who are hard line on the issue?  The war against ISIS?  Rand Paul being the dove and the others being hawks?





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