Live commentary on the Republican debate

Live commentary on the Republican debate December 15, 2015

Let me make this prediction before the debate begins:  The candidates will be asked some version of the question that kicked off the first debate:  Will you support the Republican presidential nominee?  Back then the question was designed to see if Donald Trump would support the others.  Now it will be designed to see if the others would support Donald Trump.

But it could have other ramification also.  Both Trump and Ben Carson have said they would consider running as Independents if they don’t get the nomination.  If those two, upon being asked my predicted question, refuse to commit to the eventual nominee, the GOP establishment could use that as a pretext to keep them from participating in party events, possibly even the convention.  The other candidates, if they are canny, will just say that they have already made that commitment in the first debate, whatever they think of Trump as the nominee.  But they are hoping that the question gets asked and that Trump and Carson will say “no.”

Intrigue.  Strategy.  Wheels within wheels.  This kind of thing is why politics makes such a good spectator sport.  Whatever the ramifications for our poor country.

But let’s attend to the debate.  Please comment!  Don’t make me do all the work!

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