The Books of Samuel come to television

The Books of Samuel come to television March 3, 2016

A new television series, Of Kings and Prophets, will premiere on ABC next week on Tuesday, March 8, at 10:00 pm. ET.  It will dramatize the lives of David and Saul and, presumably, if the series is renewed, Solomon and the other kings of Israel.  Those are absolutely compelling stories from the Bible.

That’s the good news.  The bad news is that the writers say that they will push the envelope “as far as we can” when it comes to sex and violence.  It is true that the Biblical accounts of the kings are unflinching when it comes to telling about their sins.  The Bible, however, is able to refer to the sex and the violence that are part of their story without being prurient.  I somehow doubt that this show will achieve that.

I wonder if the writers will also push the envelope when it comes to acknowledging the God of Israel, who is the main figure in all of these stories.  I somehow doubt that, as well.

See the trailer after the jump.  Are you going to give it a try?

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