“Positive propaganda as the main theme”

“Positive propaganda as the main theme” January 3, 2017

10462887174_2e3a2c0d99_zRussia does it with RT.   Arabs do it with Al Jazeera.   Now, as of New Year’s Day,  China has launched the China Global Television Network.

I am impressed with how honest the still-Communist regime is in explaining its purpose:  to promote “positive propaganda as the main theme.”

Watch for CGTN on your cable or satellite TV system.  And watch for Americans to swallow it whole.

Having grown up during the Cold War, I find it hard to imagine a Communist propaganda network on our televisions, but then again we only had four channels.

From  China’s CCTV launches global ‘soft power’ media network to extend influence – Channel NewsAsia:

China Central Television (CCTV), Beijing’s largest and most important TV network, said it will launch a new global media platform at the stroke of New Year’s Day to help re-brand China overseas.

The new multilingual media cluster will have six TV channels, a video newsletter agency and a new media agency and will see the original CCTV News channel renamed as China Global Television Network, the network said on its website on Friday night.

China has been extending its global influence with “soft power” tactics such as launching new English language media and auditioning international public relations firms to tailor its branding strategy.

President Xi Jinping said in February state media must tell China’s story to the world better and become internationally influential, adding that onshore portals must follow the party line and promote ”  must follow the party line and promote “positive propaganda as the main theme”.

For more details, go here.


Picture from Pedro Ribeiro Simões, Chinese Propaganda Posters at the Service of Politics, Creative Commons License

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