Top 10 Cranach posts of 2016

Top 10 Cranach posts of 2016 January 3, 2017

Cranach's sealI know you are sick of holidays and want to get back to normality, but I can’t resist New Years retrospectives.  Other blogs are looking back at their top posts of last year, based on the number of page views, so I did too.

The most popular posts are from years ago, but somehow they got into Google’s algorithm.  Now, if anybody in the whole world wonders, “Why do some people say ‘Merry Christmas’ and others say ‘Happy Christmas’?” Google takes them to Cranach.  The same with St. Patrick’s prayer.  And I think my post on Hector & Achilles must be linked on a study guide somewhere.

Otherwise, the election, particularly the Republican primaries, dominated our readers’ interests.  I’m glad my review of the memoir by Tom Oden, who died later in the year, got quite a bit of attention.

Pageviews on a particular post go up because they are linked to on other web sites and because they are widely shared on social media.  So I’m glad our discussions here can have a reach beyond our blog.

See the top 10 posts after the jump.

Top 10 Cranach Posts of 2016

(1) Merry Christmas vs. Happy Christmas

(2) Christ within me, Christ behind me, Christ before me

(3) The two kinds of warriors: Hector & Achilles

(4) Republican debate tonight

(5) Why so many evangelicals are for Trump

(6) Republican debate tonight

(7) Confessions of an ex-liberal theologian

(8) The Murray Gell-Mann Amnesia effect

(9) What Trump will do in his first 100 days

(10) Pope gives Mary Magdalene same status as Apostles in church year



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