Top 5 heresies of 2016

Top 5 heresies of 2016 January 2, 2017

Andy_stanley_2499 years after the Reformation, 1691 years after the Council of Nicaea, theological disputes and charges of heresy are still going strong.  Emily McFarlan Miller of the Religious News Service looks back on the Top 5 Heresies of 2016.

Could you list some more?  Are some brewing that will come to a head in 2017?

After the jump, I’ll list the five.  But go to the link for explanations and details.

From Emily McFarlan Miller,  Top 5 ‘heresies’ of 2016: ‘One God,’ biblical authority and more | Religion News Service.  What follows are my words of summary.  Go to the link to learn more of what these refer to:

  1.  The Wheaton professor who lost her job for claiming that Muslims and Christians worship the same God.
  2. The Pope’s new teachings on marriage, which seem to open the door to divorced and remarried Catholics receiving Communion, creating alarm among conservative Catholics.
  3. “Complementarian” theologians, in trying to make the case that “subordination” of wives to their husbands does not mean they are unequal, have sometimes used the analogy of the Trinity, saying that the Son’s subordination to the Father does not take away their equality.  But that constitutes “subordinationism,” say some critics, violating the Trinitarian doctrine of Nicaea and Chalcedon.  Evangelical Wayne Grudem and others have been called on the issue.
  4. Megachurch pastor Andy Stanley said that since there is plenty of evidence for Christianity outside the Bible, we don’t really need to base our faith on it or be bothered if science undermines its authority.
  5. That same Rev. Stanley also said that it isn’t necessary to believe in Christ’s Virgin birth.   His resurrection is all that really matters.

Photo of Andy Stanley, 2011, by Robvilledan (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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