Male Coercion, Gendercide, & Abortion’s Violence Against Women

Male Coercion, Gendercide, & Abortion’s Violence Against Women March 27, 2018

Pro-abortion advocates wrap themselves in the mantle of “the woman’s right to choose.”  But many women don’t choose to get abortions.  Their husbands, boyfriends, or other men pressure them to do so.  Pro-abortion advocates make abortion a hallmark of feminism.  But they don’t say much about the large-scale “gendercide” taking place in many parts of the world, in which girl babies are systematically aborted because the parents prefer sons.

Lutherans for Life of Australia is circulating a brilliant, hard-hitting article from a few years ago by legal professor Augusto Zimmerman, published in the Australian intellectual journal Quadrant, entitled Feminism and Gendercide.  A sample:

A major four-stage research project carried out in Australia concluded that 60 per cent of all abortions taking place here are done under male coercion.[32] Such coercion against pregnant women, forcing them to abort their unborn babies, comes from their boyfriends, doctors and parents—including their boyfriends’ parents. In fact, the male partner plays a central role in the abortion decision in 95 per cent of cases, even although 70 per cent of Australian women believe that having an abortion is morally wrong.[33]

Regardless of this, feminists around the world have continued to fight for the right of women to “choose” ending their pregnancy. Ironically, non-Western women have used such a right and chosen not to give births to girls. Indeed, one of the greatest ironies of feminism is that all its ideological advocacy of abortion has unintentionally sanctioned the elimination of unwanted girls across the globe. “Son preference” is overwhelming among women in some non-Western countries such as Pakistan and Yemen, who say they want only sons, not daughters, by margins of ten to one.[34] The situation is not restricted to Muslim-majority countries. According to the Economist, distorted sex ratios constitute a reality in all East Asian countries, including Taiwan and Singapore, as well as former communist states in the western Balkans and the Caucasus, and even among entire sections of the American population (Chinese- and Japanese-Americans, for example).[35]

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