My Book on Vocation Is On Sale for Cheap

My Book on Vocation Is On Sale for Cheap July 1, 2019

I just heard from Crossway that they are running a special promotion of my book God at Work:  Your Christian Vocation in All of Life.  You can buy the e-book on Amazon for a mere $3.99.

This is the book that explores the key concepts of the Reformation doctrine of vocation.  It has been instrumental in the current rediscovery of that liberating, transformative teaching, which shows Christians how to live out their faith in the workplace, the family, the culture, and the church.

The key concepts are that God Himself works through human beings in their various vocations as they sacrificially love and serve their neighbors in their ordinary lives.  In the everyday offices, tasks, and relationships that God calls us to (such as marriage, parenthood, work, citizenship, congregational life), we bear the Cross, struggle against sin, experience forgiveness, and so grow in our faith and holiness.

If you haven’t read it yet, I think you would find it helpful.  At any rate, you can save $12 by buying it here.

The offer is good through July 6.

If you want to learn even more about vocation, you’ll also want to read the book that I co-wrote with my daughter, Mary Moerbe, Family Vocation:  God’s Calling in Marriage, Parenting, and Childhood.

Also the book commissioned by the Acton Institute on the socio-economic dimension of vocation: Working for Our Neighbor:  A Lutheran Primer on Vocation, Economics, and Ordinary Life.

Please excuse this commercial.  I didn’t make up this stuff about vocation.  This was a major emphasis of the Protestant Reformation and a big reason that movement had the impact that it did.  Strangely, even Protestants drifted away from these teachings.  I wrote these books to help recover this concept and to help other people benefit from it as I have done.  And they seem to be accomplishing those purposes.


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