Talking Music

Talking Music May 27, 2022

Simon Khorolskiy is a Russian-American evangelical who lives in Washington State and makes music available only on the internet “for the glory of God.”  My daughter Mary Moerbe put me onto this haunting video:

I wanted you to hear it.

Which leads to this weekend’s topic. . . .

The old days of “top-40” music are over, as music has acquired so many niches and exists in so many categories that it’s hard to know what is out there today.

What new music have you discovered –from any genre–that you think the rest of us Cranach types might enjoy?

In the comments, embed a video, post a link, or just tell us about it.  (Note: Disqus algorithms, fearing spam, sometimes puts links in moderation.  If your comment doesn’t show up immediately, just wait.  I’ll try to monitor your contributions and approve them, though it might take me awhile.  The rest of us should keep checking back.  Feel free too to “reply” to the suggestions, giving your reactions to them.  Including this one.

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