Anonymous Memorials for Todd

Anonymous Memorials for Todd June 27, 2022
I posted about the death of long-time reader and commenter Todd Stadler (known here by his handle tODD).  Kirk asked if any memorials had been set up for him.  I wrote his wife, Julia, and she sent this reply, which further captures Todd’s personality.  I post it here with her permission:

Hi Dr. Veith,

I haven’t set anything up specifically. Some of his friends have also inquired, and I’ve pointed them toward two charities that he contributed to during his life, whose work was important to him.
Kingdom Workers (
Oregon Food Bank (
Despite some of his online bluster, Todd hated having attention on himself in matters that involved helping others (however, he loved having attention on himself while doing karaoke). He liked to give generously and anonymously. If folks want to donate, they should! But I’m not going to set anything up with his name on it, which is in accordance with how he gave to others.
Update:  Julia also sent me Todd’s obituary, which she said I could post here.  It too gives us a great picture of Todd :

Todd William Stadler was born on February 7, 1975, in Dallas, TX, to Leonard Stadler, Jr., and Phyllis (Isbell) Stadler. He was made a child of God through holy baptism on March 16, 1975. Todd was confirmed in the faith at Concordia Lutheran Church in Garland, TX, in March of 1989 and remained a faithful Christian until he was called to eternal glory on June 17, 2022, in Portland, OR, after four years of treatment for cancer.

Todd grew up in Richardson, TX, and graduated from JJ Pearce High School in 1993. Todd had a lifelong interest in performing and creating music and was a percussionist in his high school’s marching and symphonic bands. He enjoyed camping and hiking around Texas with his father and friends from an early age. Todd loved taking challenging classes in school, and rarely wasted an opportunity to do his best work at the last minute. He earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from Rice University in 1998. He moved to Portland, OR, where he married Julia Melton in 2005; they had two children together. Todd was an early adopter of all sorts of technology and enjoyed exploring creative possibilities that the internet afforded. He worked for Timber Press for over twenty years, using what he learned on the job about the natural world to build and beautify a garden for his family.

Todd was a creative, curious, and energetic man. He enjoyed exploring Oregon with his family, especially Oktoberfest every fall, singing karaoke with friends, and perfecting his homemade noodle recipe. He avidly read the newspaper, and no headline error escaped his razor wit. Todd developed many meaningful friendships online, where his drive to deepen the discourse sometimes ruffled feathers but many times strengthened friendships. He was caring son, a devoted husband, a loving father, and a steadfast friend. He will be deeply missed.

Todd is survived by his wife, Julia, and his children, Simon and Clara. He is also survived by his parents, Leonard and Phyllis Stadler of Portland, OR, five aunts, two uncles, numerous cousins, five nieces and nephews. A memorial service will be held at Grace Lutheran Church on July 1, 2022.


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