DISCUSS: What You Want to Discuss

DISCUSS: What You Want to Discuss November 11, 2022

This weekend we will have open discussion threads.  That is sort of like the open topics we have had here before, when you raise different topics of interest.  But the difference is that this time you bring up things you’d like to discuss.  That is, things you’d like your fellow Cranach readers to weigh in on.

For example, you might want to hear what your conservative comrades think about whether Donald Trump should run for president again.  If you are of the other party, you might ask what Democrats should run.  If you are sick of politics, you can discuss religion (e.g., To what extent should the church conform to the world in order to reach it?), ethics (e.g., Do you think the ends ever justify the means?), sports (e.g., Should Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady retire?), entertainment (e.g., What did you think of the Ring of Power series?), practical problems (e.g., How do you get kids to clean their rooms?), or whatever you’d like  input on, leading to mutual discussion.

Raising a topic will create a “thread.”  Hit “reply” to the comment, throw in your two bits, whereupon someone else will hit “reply” to say something more.  Repeat.

Assuming the threads are properly nested, the rest of us can scroll through the various discussions and only read the topics we are interested in.

See how that works?  So, what are you trying to think through?

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