DISCUSSION: Gay Conservatives

DISCUSSION: Gay Conservatives February 17, 2023

After I wrote today’s post, which draws on an interview with Spencer Klavan, I wanted to learn more about him.  I discovered that he is an open homosexual, who is married to Joshua Herr, general counsel for The Daily Wire. 

Klavan is otherwise impeccably conservative, as is The Daily Wire.  Furthermore, Klavan is a committed Christian–he tells about coming to faith here–and, indeed, is a Christian apologist.

Doug Mainwaring at LifeSite News writes about Klavan as one example among many of the growing acceptance of homosexuality in conservative and conservative Christian circles.  He is concerned about that.  He writes,

“Spencer Klavan is brilliant. A gifted teacher, his podcasts explain what is often impenetrable prose of classic writers that is easily digested by non-academics, while not losing an ounce of the beauty, truth, and gravitas of their messages. As I’ve listened to Klavan’s podcasts and read his commentaries, I confess, I’ve fallen in love with his work. He’s right about so much, but he’s wrong about homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.”

So how can one claim to be a Christian, a conservative, and a classicist?

How would you answer that question?

I would add that there are lots of gays on the extremist alt right.

My sense is that the moral state of a writer does not, in itself, invalidate his ideas.  And that Christianity is for sinners, though not for those who deny that they are sinning. Still, continued exposure to the law and gospel will have its effect.

At any rate, it’s clear that some Christians and cultural conservatives have same-sex attraction.  I don’t think they should be ostracized for that.  But it isn’t something to celebrate either.

How should congregations and conservative organizations deal with this issue?

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