DISCUSSION: My Picture September 29, 2023


DakotaLutheran complained in a comment about my picture.  He challenged me to put up some other pictures of myself and let readers vote on the one they wanted to see on this blog.  So, always up for a challenge, though cringing at having to look at myself and having others look at me, I’ll do that.

I’m not quite sure what picture DakotaLutheran was talking about.  Is it the one on the “About” page of this blog?  Or the one on this blog’s Facebook page, which I also use for my Disqus comments?  At any rate, I’ll put up some pictures and let you decide.  If there is a clear consensus and more than just Dakota Lutheran voting, I’ll change them all accordingly.

Vote for a picture by stating your pick in a comment.  Voting closes at 6:00 a.m. Monday morning.  I’ll tabulate the results on Monday.

A.  This is the standard “head shot” taken by a professional photographer that I’ve been using, even though it’s from a few years ago:


B.  This is on the “About” page taken from the video of an interview:


C.  A candid shot:

D.  Someone actually drew a portrait of me for a feature in World Magazine:

E.  This is the most recent, taken for this occasion by my wife Jackquelyn, a closeup of me blogging:



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