DISCUSSION: Funny Stuff December 1, 2023

This weekend, to lighten the mood and cheer ourselves up, let’s not have a serious discussion.  Instead, I invite you to post funny stuff.

That is to say, jokes, memes, anecdotes, quips, parodies, snark, videos, links, satires, dad jokes, mom jokes, pulpit jokes, comedian lines, passages from P. G. Wodehouse–whatever makes you, and thus probably your fellow Cranachers, laugh.

Just keep it within the bounds of morality and good taste.

"Why? And why should I pay an extra $25k so you feel good about my ..."

Monday Miscellany, 2/26/24
"Whether its weather...."

Monday Miscellany, 2/26/24
"I don't know, I saw Kurosawa's Roshomon so I have a different perspective. :)"

Monday Miscellany, 2/26/24
"Graduate schools are only expensive in certain fields-medicine, law, business. My engineer son went to ..."

Monday Miscellany, 2/26/24

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