I Shall Return!

I Shall Return! January 6, 2017

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally gotten my manuscript in to the publisher for Man of the House!

About 4 years in the making, and one false start behind me (the first publisher and I parted ways), it is now only 6 months or so away from release. Since I’ll be talking about it more and more in the weeks and months ahead, I won’t say anything about it now.

I’ll just leave you with this quotation from the Afterword to Man of the House by the venerable Allan  C. Carlson:

“C.R. Wiley’s Man of the House is a worthy and valuable heir to the great tracts on the foundations for a good life in this world as penned by the Puritan worthies, by reformers such as Martin Luther, by the Church Fathers of the early Christian centuries, and even by the Greek philosophers. Wiley properly states that this is not a history book, but rather a plan for contemporary action. In a deeper sense, though, this deceptively simple volume reaches creatively into the past to find and clarify ways for Christian families to survive—and even thrive—in a world that is falling apart.”

Needless to say, I’m very pleased that Dr. Carlson said this about my humble book.

I’ll be back with new content here next week!

Here’s a little teaser. The title of my first post upon my return will be: “Why I Don’t Hit Girls”.

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