Marion Zimmer Bradley: Monster

Marion Zimmer Bradley: Monster July 27, 2015

moiraDo you refuse to read Orson Scott Card but not Marion Zimmer Bradley?

Then you’re a damn hypocrite. And you have terrible taste in literature.

Orson Scott Card is a very nice guy and a talented writer who has never hurt a fly. Unfortunately, he has an opinion you don’t like, you poor baby.

Marion Zimmer Bradley was a monster.

No, that’s not hyperbole: she was an actual monster in human skin. This is a woman who tied her daughter to a chair and threatened to pull out her teeth with pliers.

Everyone in fandom knew that her husband, Walter Breen, was a pervert and sexual predator with a long history of sexually assaulting children down to the age of three. I have a lot of friends who were authors and they all knew about Breen.

Last year, Bradley’s and Breen’s daughter Moira Greyland talked about her twisted and terrifying childhood, filled with physical and sexual abuse at the hands of both Breen and Bradley.

Now Greyland is filling in more details, and her latest guest post–at the wonderfully-titled AsktheBigot by Katy Faust–is even more appalling. Given our current debates about sexuality and Bradley’s reputation in the lesbian/pagan community, Greyland’s revelations about their warped beliefs is bombshell stuff:

…both parents wanted me to be gay and were horrified at my being female. My mother molested me from ages 3-12. The first time I remember my father doing anything especially violent to me I was five. Yes he raped me. I don’t like to think about it. If you want to know about his shenanigans with little girls, and you have a very strong stomach, you can google the Breendoggle, which was the scandal which ALMOST drummed him out of science fiction fandom.

More profoundly, though was his disgust with my gender, despite his many relationships with women and female victims. He told me unequivocally that no man would ever want me, because all men are secretly gay and have simply not come to terms with their natural homosexuality.

The beliefs of her parents may seem to deranged to some, but I’ve encountered them before:

My observation of my father and mother’s actual belief is this: since everyone is naturally gay, it is the straight establishment that makes everyone hung up and therefore limited. Sex early will make people willing to have sex with everyone, which will bring about the utopia while eliminating homophobia and helping people become “who they really are.” It will also destroy the hated nuclear family with its paternalism, sexism, ageism (yes, for pedophiles, that is a thing) and all other “isms.” If enough children are sexualized young enough, gayness will suddenly be “normal” and accepted by everyone, and the old fashioned notions about fidelity will vanish. As sex is integrated as a natural part of every single relationship, the barriers between people will vanish, and the utopia will appear, as “straight culture” goes the way of the dinosaur. As my mother used to say: “Children are brainwashed into believing they don’t want sex.”

And then there’s this:

I also know a number of victims of my father who would not testify because they love him. As a personal note, I can understand why: of my parents, he was by far the kinder one. After all, he was only a serial rapist. My mother was an icy, violent monster whose voice twisted up my stomach.

Then Greyland drops the other shoe:

This March I met Katy Faust online: one of the six children of gays who filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court opposing gay marriage. We corresponded, and I left CA. I am still reeling from the death of my last bits of denial. It IS the homosexuality that is the problem. It IS the belief that all sex all the time will somehow cure problems instead of creating them that is the problem.

So I have begun to speak out against gay marriage, and in doing so, I have alienated most of even my strongest supporters. After all, they need to see my parents as wacky sex criminals, not as homosexuals following their deeply held ethical positions and trying to create a utopia according to a rather silly fantasy. They do not have the willingness to accept the possibility that homosexuality might actually have the result of destroying children and even destroying the adults who insist on remaining in its thrall.

Now for all well-meaning people who believe I am extrapolating from my experience to the wider gay community, I would like to explain why I believe this is so: From my experience in the gay community, the values in that community are very different: the assumption is that EVERYONE is gay and closeted, and early sexual experience will prevent gay children from being closeted, and that will make everyone happy.

If you doubt me, research “age of consent” “Twinks,” “ageism” and the writings of the NUMEROUS authors on the Left who believe that early sexuality is somehow “beneficial” for children.

Read the rest. She believe her parents’ attitudes and behavior with a logical extension of their sexuality, and one that’s not at all uncommon. Greyland’s horrifying childhood isn’t going protect her here. She’s now an enemy of the new order.

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