10 Questions Atheists CANNOT Answer

10 Questions Atheists CANNOT Answer October 28, 2019

I never like to open my blog posts with an apology, but you and I both know that it’s called for. I’m sorry. I know I’ve answered these ridiculous questionnaires for atheists before and we’re all pretty settled on the fact that the askers aren’t interested in our answers anyway, but what the hell do you expect me to do when I come across them? I found these questions in a YouTube video and not three seconds into the damned thing, I was already yelling at my computer. There are just so many things to say, and I am not about to keep them to myself, and so you, my darling loves, must also suffer with me. I am so sorry. Onward. 

Here’s the video that proposes ten questions us heathens CANNOT answer:

The first question is a fair question, I think: 

1. Do you really believe that science is the only answer to all of life’s questions? 

When people ask this question, it’s evident that they don’t understand what science is, because the question itself is nonsensical. 

Science isn’t an answer. Science is a method by which we discover answers. The reason why we turn to science is that science has a mechanism built-in to iron out personal bias. Science cannot answer everything as yet, but it’s okay not to know things. The solution to not knowing isn’t to make up a story to fill the gap in our knowledge, it’s to keep looking until you find the answer. I don’t think we will ever exist in a universe where humans have all the answers, but why would we want to? If we have all the answers already, there’s no mystery or wonder left. There are no more frontiers, no more exploration and discovery. 

So, no, science is not the answer to all of life’s questions, it’s merely a potential route to the answer.

2. Why do atheists care if people worship god? 

I can only speak for myself, but the answer is that I don’t care. If you’re not telling me I need to share your beliefs, and you’re not pushing for your god belief to affect policy, and you’re not knocking on my door trying to steal my finite time with front-stoop Bible study, then I do not care. The key here is to keep it to yourself. Not everyone shares your god belief, and even the people who do believe in god may not identify with your particular brand of theism. You don’t get to expect us to live by your theistic rule book. As long as you’re okay with other people having values you may not agree with, and you don’t push your god belief on us, policy or children, then we’re good. Believe away. 

3. Can nothing create something? 

I don’t know. I also don’t believe this happened. When it comes to the beginning of the universe and what set the Big Bang in motion, my answer is that I do not know. Until I do know, with evidence, I maintain that position. 

4. How do you know that god doesn’t exist?

I don’t. However, until I know one does exist, there’s no sense believing in god. 

5. What is the origin of life? 

Dunno, homeslice. Neither do you.  

6. Where does our morality come from? 

Our morality comes from many places. For instance, our conscience, and the real-world consequences we have to deal with as a result of our actions. Our compassion and empathy play significant roles in our ethics. Of course, our accepted societal norms are also a driving force behind it. This is why what is considered moral in one part of the world may not be considered moral in another part of the world. 

Even if there were a source of objective morality, we live in a world where it is obsolete and useless. Every, single, solitary human on Earth has a different moral makeup than everyone else. We live with subjective morality and must develop our ethics within that reality.

Morality is a product of evolution as it lends itself to our survival as a species. We developed the capacity for empathy because recognizing the pain and hurt in others stops us, for the most part, from harming them. Unless our empathy is broken in some way, it helps us avoid killing each other and allows us to value life. 

7. If you had evidence of god, would you become a Christian?

No. I would accept god’s existence, but I would not worship such a hateful and vengeful creator. 

8. If evolution is real, why are there no transitional forms in the present?

This question is also nonsensical. It tells me that you have a feeble understanding of what evolution is. See, the thing is, technically every single living thing is a transitional form. You can learn more about what evolution is, so you can form your questions better next time, by visiting this page.

9. Do you live according to what you believe or do you live according to what you lack in belief? 

There is no way to live your life according to what you lack in belief. I lack a belief in all gods. You lack a belief in all but one. Do you live your life by your lack of belief in Thor? 

10. If god exists, will you not lose your soul when you die? 

This question means nothing to me because I do not believe in a soul, nor do I believe in your version of god and the afterlife. Let me ask you a question. If Hinduism is correct, and you live your life as a Christian and a meat-eater, are you prepared to boil in Kumbhipakam?

I guess it turns out atheists can answer these questions, after all, hey church boy? The question now becomes: will you accept my answers?

I’d love to know your answers to these questions. Let me know in the comments and sorry, heathens, for subjecting you to this questionnaire nonsense yet again. 

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