Gunja Watched a Film That Changed the Course of His Life Forever

Gunja Watched a Film That Changed the Course of His Life Forever November 27, 2017

Gospel for Asia (GFA) News, Wills Point, Texas

What impact can a simple film make?

This question is being answered every day as many remote Asian villages get the chance to watch a film on the life of Christ. Many of these precious people have never seen a film before, let alone heard of what Jesus has done for them.

The message of Jesus’ sacrifice compels many to realize the vastness of God’s incredible love for the world. It opens up a new perspective—one that shows how everything the world has to offer pales in comparison to the love and life Jesus gives.

This is exactly what 17-year-old Gunja found when he watched a film that changed the very course of his life forever.

Finding What the World Can’t Give

From an early age, Gunja and his twin brother attended church with their parents. They watched as their mom and dad remained faithful to Jesus despite the hostile treatment they often faced from their relatives who wanted nothing to do with Christ.

This is Gunja, whose life was changed after watching a film on the life of Jesus.
This is Gunja, whose life was changed after watching a film on the life of Jesus.

Those relatives sowed seeds of doubt in the minds of the young impressionable brothers. They taunted the boys, telling them that if they choose to follow Jesus like their parents did, grave consequences would befall them. As the boys grew older they became confused and wondered why their parents worshiped Jesus while their relatives followed their ancestral religion.

The brothers decided they didn’t need Christ and started to live for the things of the world.

A Film Reveals Truth

But one evening, Gunja’s path took a turn when he joined a group of villagers to watch a film a GFA-supported film ministry worker conducted.

As Gunja watched the film that night, the Lord began to speak to his heart. Tears of repentance ran down Gunja’s face as he realized his need for a Savior. The Lord met Gunja there in the dark as he sat and watched the screen. As the film unfolded, he began to see that God’s Word and all the things he had been taught from a very young age were true. He was broken as he realized all the pursuits of his heart were leading him astray.

More Than Just a Film

The beauty of Christ’s love is that it meets us right where we are, just like it did for Gunja. Gunja could see the worthlessness of his pursuits of worldly treasures after he understood the power of Christ’s sacrifice.

Gospel for Asia’s desire is for the world to know they are loved by God. Film ministry plays a big part in this, as committed men and women travel to share touching films on the life of Christ. Many villages are truly getting a glimpse of God’s love as they gather to watch a film projected on a white screen or makeshift sheet.

Gunja’s story is one of thousands. God is moving through GFA’s film ministry and that is one of the things we rejoice in.

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