Sewing Machine Provides Dignity for Widow and Her Children

Sewing Machine Provides Dignity for Widow and Her Children January 2, 2018

Have you ever felt helpless? Rajasi, widow and mother of two, wanted to provide for her children, but she had no way to earn an income. She was completely dependent on her angered father-in-law for their future.

There appeared to be little hope for Rajasi’s dreams for her precious children to come true. But Rajasi was not helpless. She readily used the only tool she had: prayer.

Failing Kidneys, the Agony of Loss, and Blame

Even though Rajasi was only a young woman of 25, sorrow and difficulties were no strangers to her. Though her and her sickly husband Mahasvin, found Jesus at just the right time, life did not grow easier when they decided to follow Christ. In anger, Mahasvin’s father turned against them and began to oppose them.

But the words against them in anger did not stop them. Instead, Mahasvin and Rajasi grew strong in their faith. But Mahasvin’s health deteriorated quickly. His kidneys were failing. Rajasi listened closely as her dying husband shared his last requests with her: Never forsake Jesus, but go to church at any cost.

After Mahasvin’s death, Rajasi was heartbroken. She suffered through severe mental agony and pain. To make matters worse Rajasi’s relatives blamed her for the death of her husband. “All these [problems] happened in your life only because of your faith in Jesus,” they said.

These wounding words stung Rajasi’s lonely, grieving heart. But even though so many had forsaken her, Rajasi was not alone. Her church family stood with her during her bleak hours. They visited their sister in Christ and encouraged her to follow Jesus. Rajasi was strengthened by their words and upheld the plea of her husband to continue steadfast in the faith, even in the midst of opposition.

Worrying About Her Children’s Future 

After Mahasvin’s passing, Rajasi was completely dependent on the income of her father-in-law, Farhat, to meet her and her young children’s needs—but so was the rest of the family. He worked in a small grocery shop, and many of her relatives became dependent on the income Farhat brought in.

Rajasi grew concerned about her children. She wanted them to have a good education, but her father-in-law would not give her extra money to send them to a good school. This troubled her deeply. Rajasi brought her worries before the Lord and her church family. Together, they all prayed for her need.

An Answered Prayer 

By God’s grace, Rajasi’s prayer was answered through a Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported gift distribution. On the happy distribution day Rajasi received a brand new sewing machine! The gift was such an incredible blessing in Rajasi’s life. She quickly got to work by setting up a personal tailoring shop.

Sewing machines help bring families out of poverty - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia
Sewing machines help bring families out of poverty.

Within a few months, Rajasi was doing so well and received such a good income that she was able to buy a second machine to expand her business. Rajasi found a good school for her beloved children and is able to provide for their future.

Rajasi, a despised widow, was given a precious gift that went far beyond a sewing machine. She was given dignity. Rajasi now has a way to provide for the future of her children from the labor of her hands.

Rajasi’s story is one we rejoice in. God knows the story of each precious life who receives a income-generating gift. The beautiful fruit is reason to praise the Lord for the compassion He has for the poor and the broken.


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