Five Ministry Commitments of Gospel for Asia

Five Ministry Commitments of Gospel for Asia July 2, 2019

Gospel for Asia Celebrates 40 Years of Service WILLS POINT, TX – When anyone starts an enterprise of any kind, it is unlikely that they can see 40 years into the future and all that those four decades will bring. When the Lord uses a man or woman to begin a ministry, the future is beyond imagination.

When anyone starts an enterprise of any kind, it is unlikely that they can see 40 years into the future and all that those four decades will bring. When the Lord uses a man or woman to begin a ministry, the future is beyond imagination.

On July 3, Gospel for Asia (GFA) gets to look back on the unimaginable things God has done since GFA’s inception 40 years ago. We now take a look at five of the ministries through which the Lord is blessing the millions of people in South Asia who had never heard of Jesus Christ and His love for us.

  1. Training and Equipping National Missionaries:
    This has been GFA’s vision from the beginning. To their own people, in their own culture, speaking their own language was the vision upon which the ministry of GFA was based. Today, thousands are ministering as the hands and feet of Jesus to millions who still need to hear.
  2. Raising Up Women Missionaries:
    In cultures where unwritten social rules often separate men from women, GFA-supported women missionaries can minister to Asia’s ladies more effectively than their male counterparts. These women missionaries are filled to overflowing with love for their Lord and eagerly pour out that love to other ladies around them.
  3. Clean Water Initiatives:
    GFA is one of the leading faith-based NGOs in terms of providing clean water to communities in need. Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters offer a healthy alternative to the potentially pathogen-riddled surface water that is, in many places, the only available source. Access to clean drinking water has restored health to individuals, families, and entire villages.
  4. Slum Ministries:
    Almost no one wants to go to the squalid slums. Most people who live there don’t want to be there, but they have nowhere else to go. The rest of the population avoids the slums and the people who live in them. But GFA-supported workers go courageously to these regions of abject poverty to minister to people’s physical needs and to show them the riches of Jesus’ love and the gift of everlasting life He offers.
  5. Education for Children:
    GFA-supported Bridge of Hope centers prepare school-age children for fruitful lives beyond the boundaries of poverty. Training, health checkups, and nutritious meals are provided free of charge in a loving, affirming environment that awakens the children to their potential. Many are going on to excel in college or careers neither they nor their parents had realized would be possible.

How are these ministries changing lives so effectively? Faithful GFA-supported workers have committed themselves to these— and many other—areas of ministry, and the Lord has blessed their commitment to serving Him.

These are but a few of the ministries launched by GFA-supported workers. We will highlight more in the weeks to come during this 40th anniversary year. Please pray for these areas of ministry, and look out for more articles about GFA’s ministries in the days ahead.

Source: Gospel for Asia, Pray for Specific Areas of Ministry

Learn more about Gospel for Asia’s 40th anniversary year, we can’t wait to reflect on all God has done in and through GFA. We also excitedly look forward to the future, believing the years ahead will be a time to move forward into a new era of passionately sharing the love of Christ.

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  • Rebecca

    Forty years! Praise God for His faithfulness in and through GFA. It is encouraging to know that although some of the exterior details may look different, the heart and vision to share Christ’s love with those who need to hear it has not changed.

  • Landis M

    Congratulations to GFA for the 40 years of service and spreading of the Gospel. It is also amazing to see how God has blessed this organization time and time again, allowing those within to spread His word in anyway possible. With these five commitments, it is easy to see a very promising and prosperous future filled with God’s love.