Gospel for Asia Spotlight: Mountaintop Missionary

Gospel for Asia Spotlight: Mountaintop Missionary January 16, 2020

WILLS POINT, TX – Gospel for Asia (GFA)Discussing Pastor Malay, a national missionary, investing in the lives of people even on a mountaintop, that they may know and place their trust in Jesus.

Way up in the mountaintops of Asia, Pastor Malay’s heart overflows with love for those who have not yet met their Heavenly Father. He began to pray, investing in the lives of people, building relationships with them, and expressing his love through his words as well as his actions.

One of those people was Siraj, a struggling barber. Earning less than $10 (USD) a month, he and his family barely had enough to survive.

After talking with Pastor Malay, Siraj and his family decided to place their trust in Jesus. Seeing the family’s need, Pastor Malay began to pray for a way to help Siraj in his financial situation. Soon, through Gospel for Asia’s community development program, Pastor Malay was able to present Siraj with a barber kit. This talented barber is now able to provide for his family and is growing in the Lord.

Pastor Malay continues to share with the small group of believers at the top of this mountain, however, there are still thousands who haven’t heard Jesus’ name.

Learn more about the National Missionaries and their passion to help the people in their nations understand Christ’s love through various ways.

*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are Gospel for Asia stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

Source: Gospel for Asia Reports, Mountaintop Missionary

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