Accident Brings Unexpected Blessing with Gift from Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope

Accident Brings Unexpected Blessing with Gift from Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope November 10, 2020

WILLS POINT, TX – Gospel for Asia (GFA World and affiliates like Gospel for Asia Canada) founded by Dr. K.P. YohannanDiscussing Rajalmati, the difficulties that poverty bring, and Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope that brought an unexpected blessing amid an accident that put her life and education in jeopardy.

Cars, rickshaws, and bicycles whizzed by Rajalmati as she made her way home from school. The 16-year-old girl didn’t mind walking through the maze of traffic to and from school every day, even when she saw her friends riding on bicycles or in cars.

Rajalmati’s parents tried their best to provide for her education, but they couldn’t afford to give her a bike. Rajalmati was grateful to be able to walk. Then, one afternoon, even that was temporarily taken away from her. In a moment’s flash, a car flew by, and white-hot pain seared through Rajalmati’s legs.

Not Letting Her Troubles Overwhelm Her

Discussing Rajalmati and Gospel for Asia Bridge of Hope that brought a blessing amid an accident that put her life and education in jeopardy.
Like these young women, Rajalmati uses her new bicycle to easily get to and from school to further her education.

Rajalmati had been hit by a car. With her legs injured, she couldn’t walk, and there was no way her parents could afford the medical procedure to quickly mend the damage to her legs. For a time, the young teenager feared for her future—would her legs heal? Would she be able to continue going to school? But Rajalmati didn’t give into discouragement; instead she decided she would face her current challenges.

Two years earlier, a friend had given Rajalmati a notebook she had gotten at a Gospel for Asia (GFA) Bridge of Hope center. An advertisement on the back explained how Bridge of Hope and other ministries served people in need. She found the phone number for GFA’s Bridge of Hope Program and picked up the phone. Taking a deep breath, Rajalmati hoped whoever answered could offer help.

Given a Bicycle, Given a Chance – Blessing from GFA Bridge of Hope

A few weeks later, with Rajalmati’s legs slowly healing, she sat at a Gospel for Asia (GFA) gift distribution with 35 other girls her age, waiting to hear their names called. One by one, each young woman walked up to receive a bicycle. Rajalmati’s phone call had helped make this event possible. After she told Gospel for Asia workers about her situation, they began an inquiry into the transportation needs of young women attending school or college in Rajalmati’s area.

“I never imagined that Gospel for Asia (GFA) workers would provide a bicycle for me,” Rajalmati said. “I am happier to know that because of my one call other needy sisters also got bicycles.”

Rajalmati’s parents were also very thankful for the bicycle.

“We did not have enough money to buy a cycle for her,” Rajalmati’s mother told Gospel for Asia (GFA) workers. “But thank you … for your concern for the needy in the society.”

When Rajalmati’s legs healed, she was able to travel much more easily with her new bicycle to school. Now, Rajalmati wasn’t just grateful to walk, she was grateful she can ride.

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Source: Gospel for Asia Filed Reports, Girl’s Accident Brings Unexpected Blessing

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