Give To Caesar

Give To Caesar May 28, 2012

Matthew 22 was the text for this morning’s sermon.  I was taught something new, and I love that.

The story was familiar. The Pharisees were trying to trick, trap, and kill Jesus.  One question they asked him was this:

“So tell us honestly: Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?” Matt. 22:17 MSG

Jesus asked if anyone had a coin. He wanted to see it. So he was handed a silver piece.

“This engraving- who does it look like? And whose name is on it?” Jesus asked.

They said, “Caesar.”

Jesus replied “Then give Caesar what is his, and give God what is his.” Matt. 22: 20-22 MSG

Here is the part I had never thought about until this morning.

Jesus determined what belonged to Caesar by the image engraved upon it.  Then he said to give God what is God’s. But what is God’s? If we use the same standard of judgement, we should give God the things that bear his image.

Genesis 1:26 tell us that YOU and I bear the image of God.  He created us with such a fierce love, that he stamped his image in each of us so there is no question whose we are.

Will you give God what is his? He is asking for you.  And if there is any question, just look-  you will see that you already belong to him.

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