I Saw What Love Does

I Saw What Love Does February 14, 2016

A True Story about what Love Does:

The no big deal stuff:
I work at a high school that is two stories tall. There are stairs and an elevator. We have cheerleaders and jocks, nerds and class clowns, teachers and custodians…. Much like any other high school.

An important girl:
She is beautiful and popular, with strawberry blonde hair and a contagious smile. She drives an apple green VW bug with a big white daisy on the dash. Can you imagine her? Well, she was born with spina bifida and she uses a wheelchair. She can stand with support and can walk a few steps, holding onto something.

The opportunity:
We had a fire drill. All second floor classes must use the stairs. You know the rules- the elevator is not an option. There is a time limit for everyone to have their classes accounted for in the designated safe place. My room is right by the front door on the first floor. We were among the first to assemble on the front lawn.

How love does:
I looked up and saw our pretty strawberry blonde girl- she was coming onto the lawn with the rest of her second floor class. Laughing about a joke I wasn’t privy to. Being carried piggyback by a football player: tall and strong, his dark hair in close braids, smiling broadly at whatever he had just told his passenger.

I don’t know if he was chosen or volunteered to be her chariot in case of emergency during a second-floor class. I do know they looked like they were playing games at picnic instead of practicing a fire drill.

No look of burden on his part.

No look of shame because of need on her part.

Love does.

What does your love do?

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