GrowMama Roundup: What’s in your trunk?

GrowMama Roundup: What’s in your trunk? May 23, 2013

As we were cleaning out the car trunk last night we discovered that, if need be, we could potentially live out of our car for few days. There’s a lot in there! We thought it would be interesting and funny to know what mom’s store in their home away from home. So we asked our readers: What’s in your car trunk? 


My minivan trunk  is like a mini department store. We have 2 bike helmets, 2 scooters, 2 basketballs, 2 soccer balls, tire chains, roadside safety kit, medical kit, large waterproof tarp, extra jackets, a couple of magazines, trash bags, a mini shovel, umbrella,  a box of thank you cards, bug repellant, 2 flashlights, 3 pairs of sunglasses, a couple of empty bottles (makes for a great boys urinal on the go)  and a bag of lollipops!  I’m surprised I still have room for groceries!

 Sarah, California

A booster seat I need to return because it does not fit in between two other booster seats in my car. I guess three kids in the back seat of an average size car is asking too much.

Kids rain boots because his school is practically a swamp after a drizzle and we must always be prepared on rainy days.

Tennis shoes and an umbrella stroller for the day I finally decide to take the baby and exercise by brisk walking in the park. That day is coming ….soon….I hope.

Books I borrowed from someone last year! Lord mercy on my soul.

Decorations for an event my mom had at Sunday school.

Baby’s jacket. The weather has been crazy this year and even in May it was chilly down south. Strange.

Poetic vision tour posters and packing tape. Just for fun. Lol.

I could go on but I don’t want to scare you. It’s surprising how much stuff a person can fit in a trunk.

 Zainab, Washington, D.C.

In my trunk I found a pair of jumper cables which have come in handy more times than I imagine, a neck pillow, science journals, water bottles, extra clothes for the kids, a stroller, a few dolls and teddy bears that were casualties from the last quick clean up I did, reusable shopping bags, and a fair share of junk! Now I’m looking forward to spring cleaning.

Dalal, New Jersey

What is in my trunk typically depends on the season. At the moment, my trunk has a duffel bag with bungee cords, a map book, first aid kit, and flashlight. I also have an empty gas can, a stroller and an Ergo baby carrier.

Bhawana, California

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