Ramadan 2012 Picks

Ramadan 2012 Picks August 9, 2012
As we begin the last ten days of Ramadan, here are some links to give you a boost and help you increase your blessings and productivity in this blessed month. We pray that we all come out on the other side of Ramadan with shining faces and pure, forgiven hearts.
1. Check out some great content, audio and written, at the new 40 Hadith Nawawi website.
2. Don’t forget to reach out to your neighbors! Ramadan and Eid provide the perfect occasion to reach out to those around you with a friendly message about Islam. This post from Growmama’s archives has some ideas for making gift boxes and notes for neighbors.
3. Excellent words of advice to mothers of young children who feel that they are missing out this month. A must read.
4. Older children, and their parents of course, may enjoy listening to MAS Youth’s In the Shade of Ramadan, in its fifth season. This one on helping others is especially relevant to younger listeners.
5. Teach your child the dua of going to the mosque as you ride in the car each day. This one is easy for the youngest of children to remember.
6. If you find it difficult to concentrate during the long tarawih prayers, this article is for you.
7. Three components of Happiness, stated simply and eloquently in this blog series on Umrah Life Lessons.
8. This creative, well-designed Ramadan lapbook is a timely project for lapbooking newbies.
9. One more audio resource to give you inspiration in the last ten days: Imam Azeez’s series, posted daily, on the 99 Names of Allah.

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