Grow Mama Picks for December 2014

Grow Mama Picks for December 2014 December 22, 2014

We are wrapping up 2014 with our picks for December. Enjoy!

  1. We loved this juz’ Amma chart for encouraging kids to meet the goal of memorizing the smallest chapters of the Quran.
  2. This beautiful photo essay broadened our view of maternity leave around the world.
  3. These are super awesome ways to infuse mathematics education in natural and organic ways!
  4. Our siblings occupy a special place in this world. They share half our genes, and this article makes the argument that they maybe the secret to a happy life. Let’s rekindle those relationships this upcoming year, inshAllah.
  5. This is a great blog post about ending the struggle with your kids over limits on screen time.
  6. One veteran mom shares: “In our homeschooling ‘morning meeting’ and sometimes before bed, we are doing a word problem from Bedtime Math. It’s a great resource with questions for every age group, lots of fun, and laughs. My kids are now asking for it everyday.” Check it out here!
  7. Ferguson, and other recent events have important lessons for our kids. The Zinn education project is a great resource for teaching historical and current events to your middle and high schoolers.
  8. This piece gives a good breakdown of roadblocks that trip us up on the way to raising bilingual children in America.
  9. Who’s cooking your food? This video is sure to boost your motivation to get over the drudge and get back in the kitchen to use home-cooking as a way to improve your family’s life.

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