Grow Mama Picks for October 2014

Grow Mama Picks for October 2014 October 29, 2014
  1. These great reminders for ways to help new moms are spot on.Festive autumn variety of gourds and pumpkins with wood background
  2. The school year is in full swing, but are you feeling overwhelmed with all the additional time commitments that come along with it? Read here from some tips to achieve a better balance between your (and your  children’s) expectations and abilities.
  3. Try taking a personality test with your spouse and then sharing the results together. It could be a great conversation starter and might even give you insight to some of the issues you might be facing.
  4. We loved this article on making space for children in the masjid, and a lot can be applied to other public spaces too.
  5. A handy kitchen tool like this food chopper could be a great way to have your little big kids help out in preparing healthy meals (while under supervision, of course!).
  6. Are you preparing for a natural birth? This is one exercise you must not do without.
  7. Wondering what to say to your kids this Halloween? This old GrowMama post could be just the thing to help facilitate that conversation.
  8. Lots of us are parenting on our own islands, but some are taking initiative to build a parenting village. If you are one of them, please share your tips for ways to raise children in a communal way!

Thanks to Layali Eshqaidef for providing some of this month’s picks

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