Sinner’s Guide to NFP – Round 2 & a Giveaway

Sinner’s Guide to NFP – Round 2 & a Giveaway November 1, 2013

I just finished reading Simcha Fisher’s A Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning this week, and I agree 100% with Sarah Reinhard’s review.

My credentials to help you understand how much I like this book: I took Family Honor’s online course this summer.  For those who aren’t aware, it is an excellent class, but it’s also basically 5 hours a week of Catholic Sex Ed bootcamp that lasts for, oh, two tours through the gulag.  (Actually: About 3.5 months.  Semester long college course).  We read Humanae Vitae.  We learned all the correct names for the hidden body parts that do the things that make the less-hidden body parts do the things you may have noticed.  We reproduced diagrams of hormone pathways.  We read Christopher West.  And Planned Parenthood, yes.  All that stuff.

Now I like Theology of the Body.  Even as late as July of this year, if you put a book on the topic in front of my face, I would have said, “Oh, that looks interesting!”

But eventually one reaches the point where the nightmares about not getting the paper turned in on time, so Greg Popcak comes and tells you you aren’t sufficiently bonded with your textbook, and you lost your thermometer, permanently . . . it makes it so you can’t open another book about NFP.

Except this book:

The Sinner's Guide to Natural Famiily Planning by Simcha Fisher


It is that good.

Loved it.  Read it in one sitting.  Enjoyed every minute.  Entertaining, inspiring, and gives all the obnoxious pseudo-NFP noisemakers their comeuppance.

Highly recommended.


I mention it now because I’m hosting a giveaway at my personal blog this weekend.  Come enter if you’re interested, contest closes Monday the 4th.

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