Muslim Devotional Music From Around the World

Muslim Devotional Music From Around the World July 16, 2013

Muslims around the world sing songs of devotion to God and celebrate our Prophet (PBUH) through song and music. While there are many people who believe that musical instruments are sinful, devotional singing is an unnecessary innovation, and that women’s voices should not be heard in public, I am not one of those people. I’ve collected many of my favorite devotional Muslim music from around the world and since my original list heavily reflected my personal affection toward North African and Turkish praise songs, I asked my friends to suggest some of their favorite devotional music. What has resulted is a beautiful collection of music, from the United States to Uzbekistan, from Pakistan to Paris, sung in many different languages and reflecting the geographic, linguistic, ethnic and sectarian diversity of the Muslim faith worldwide. Where I could, I found videos that offered English translations.

I hope you enjoy listening to these songs as much as I enjoyed creating this playlist!


Ahmed Ya Habibi – (Sudan)

Allah – Nass Marrakech (Morocco)

Allah Ya Moulana – Nabila Maan (Morocco)

Allahouma Salli Ala Mustafa (Morocco)

Chamsse Lachiya – Al Andaluz Project (Morocco)

Chleuh Ramadan – Groupe el Bouraq (Morocco)

Goumou – Khaira Arby (Mali)

N’Kosi Sikelele Afrika – Desert Rose Choir (South Africa)

Madayih Nabawiya – the youth of Mata Mawlana (Mauritania)

Muhammad Nabeena – Hamada Helal (Egypt)

Salam, Salam (Sudan)

Salat and Salam in praise of the Prophet – (Sudan)

Salawat Madeea (Sudan/Egypt)

Salawat on Taha – Shaykh Salih al-Ja’firi (Egypt)

Soufisme Andalou – Ali Alaoui & Moultaqa Salam (Morocco)

Ya Moulana Ya Allah – Hasna El Becharia (Algeria)


Allahu – Raihan (Malaysia)

Assalamu alaikum – Shahzoda (Uzbekistan)

Bulleh Shah – Abida Parveen (Pakistan)

Dama Dum Mast Qalandar – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Pakistan)

Jaane Ya Ali – Rahet Fateh Ali Khan (Pakistan)

Sab Ka Hussain – Ali Waris (Pakistan)


Allahu Allah – Umutzen (Turkey)

Al-Madha – Shaykh Abdal hakim Murad & Sidi Ali Keeler (Spain)

Ben Alarim – Sejla Kadic (Bosnia)

Burda – Mesut Kurtis (Turkey)

Dosta Mi Je Allah Moj – Macbeth (Bosnia)

Malgre Les Epreuves – Kery James (France)

Talael Badru Alayna – (Bosnia/Turkey)

Ti Me Rani – Hor Kewser (Bosnia)

The White Moon Rose Over Us (Tala’ al badru alayna) – Yusuf Islam (UK)

Veysal Karani – Abdulrahman Onul (Turkey)

Ya Nabi Salam Alayka – Maher Zain (Sweden)

Ya Rasool Allah – Sejla Kadic (Bosnia/Turkey)

Ya Rasulum Ya Habibi – Muzaffer Gurler (Turkey)

North America

Allah Only – Muhammad Khalil aka Jazz Griot

I Love You More – Amir Sulaiman (United States)

If You Didn’t Know – The Reminderz (United States)

La ilaha illa Allah – Dhikr (United States)

Lady Mary – Kareem Salama (United States)

Silent Sunlight – Dawud Wharnsby (Canada)



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