A view of America from the International Space Station

Medical Warriors and the Torture Report

It's been a tough week for people of conscience. Americans are still reeling and protesting over the grand jury decisions in Ferguson and New York - decisions that have laid bare the truth about ugly racial fault lines that still scar the collective national soul. On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee released the result of their investigation of the use of torture on terror suspects by CIA. Among the myriad morally reprehensible and information found in the report (rectal "feeding", … [Read More...]

Jason de Caires Taylor's underwater sculptures in Grenada honor fallen African slaves

Africa Weeps

She wails, bitter and sore Souls lost forevermore Souls missing from her western shoreBell tolls, muezzin calls, shaman sways For you, sister For you, brother She praysShe does not offer her children To till the soil of a land stolen To be sacrificed for a civilizing missionCotton, diamond, sugar cane For these coffers For this profit This shameShe does not offer her children To live a life of exclusion To die without recognitionHibiscus flower, indigo weave Wilt … [Read More...]

1001 Notifications and the Art of Storytelling

I only realized the irony of consistently being asked to explain why my name was funny and why we spoke a different language at home to my fellow students at Robina Lyle Elementary School, who, while white and nominally Christian and had names like David and Lisa, nonetheless also owned … [Read More...]

Remosquing in Ramadan

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the  Public Square 2014 Summer Series: Conversations on Religious Trends. Read other perspectives from the Muslim community here. Earlier this year, ISNA, a national Muslim umbrella group has identified addressing challenges to mosque inclusion and the promo … [Read More...]

7 Questions to Ask Before Asking if Muslims Condemn Terrorism

In the last few days, several people have put their two cents in about whether Muslims are condemning ISIS, why these condemnations aren't reaching those who need to hear it, and what Muslims can do to reach the media. A tumblr page has been created documenting instances of Muslims condemning … [Read More...]

The Challenge of Being Unmosqued in Ramadan

Even though I'm Unmosqued*, Ramadan is the time of year when I wholeheartedly immerse myself in a constant Muslim community. Sometimes, that community is not mosque-based, like when I experienced Ramadan and Eid with Chicago's convert community 2 years ago. But typically, I will visit the same … [Read More...]

Are Millennial Muslims Doomed To Become Unmosqued?

Unique among Western and industrialized nations, the US boasts a high rate of people who say they believe in God. Not all of these people regularly go to church, synagogue , mosque or temple, but over 90% of adult Americans say they believe in a Divine Being. The US is the most religiously diverse … [Read More...]

Digital Duas and Real World Action #BringBackOurGirls

This week has seen an uptick in activism - social and on the ground - and awareness raising of the situation of nearly 300 school girls who were abducted by the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram last month. Protests have been planned in capitols around the world, a hashtag campaign … [Read More...]

Remosquing: Imams, Our Expectations and Their Salaries

I came across this article (2012) which is about the salaries American imams receive as compared to their Jewish and Christian counterparts and read it with eyes that had recently watched the new documentary Unmosqued*. The film dives into the deeply discomforting question of why Millennials, … [Read More...]

A Smile is Charity: Happy Muslims & All That Jazz

Last week, an anonymous British Muslim group, The Honesty Policy, released a video of diverse Muslims in London clapping, dancing, shimmying, laughing and smiling in their own version of Pharrell's viral hit, Happy. Unsurprisingly, there was a social media backlash to the video (which has since … [Read More...]

A Christian Response to Islamophobia

Early last week, the mosque down the street from my house was shot at by persons unknown during early morning prayers. Approximately 40 worshipers were in attendance, and thankfully none of them were hurt during the attack. I've written before about local resistance to the building of this mosque. … [Read More...]

Linksies: Misogynies, Fauxpologies – We Deserve Better Than These

The Muslim social media world is abuzz this week about a certain British religious teacher's deeply misogynistic "jokes" about International Women's Day, his morally repugnant responses to the people who took offense to his attempt at humor and his organization's decision to close ranks and support … [Read More...]

The Adab of #MuslimMaleAllies

One night during my freshman year of college, a friend of mine and I were discussing the bitter breakup of Prince Charles' and Princess Diana's marriage. My memory is hazy as to the beginnings of this conversation, but I clearly remember confidently saying to her that religious Muslim men would … [Read More...]

As American as Bean Pie: Muslims & Black History Month

I was asked to share my thoughts for a Huffington Post Religion piece that came out this week, on the diverse spiritualities of African Americans. It's an engaging piece and I was honored to share my thoughts for it. I identify as black, African and American, so I don't feel completely out of place … [Read More...]