Muslims and the #BlackLivesMatter Movement: A Roundup

Embed from Getty Images The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of news and many of us are still reeling from what is turning out to be a particularly bloody and disturbing summer. We've been witness to terror attacks throughout Ramadan, the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, the shootings of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, the attacks against civilians in France and Germany, the protests in Kashmir, aerial bomb attacks against civilians in Syria, and … [Read More...]

14 Muslims to Follow on #BlackLivesMatter

It has been difficult to process the recent barrage of breaking news abroad and domestically, but it's still critical for American Muslims to focus on the crisis of anti-Black racism in our own society. Not only do Black and African American people comprise one-third of the American Muslim population - and we are daily affected by anti-Black racism - but we know our faith to be inherently, explicitly, and unequivocally anti-racist.I've curated a list of some of the most notable American … [Read More...]

American Muslims Are Not Your Soundbite in the War On Terror

For a foreign policy wonk like me, last night's Democratic debate was particularly interesting to follow. Clinton and Sanders engaged in rigorous debate over Henry Kissinger, the Domino Theory, Nixon opening China, Iran's first democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh, and many more s … [Read More...]

Mr. Obama Goes To A Mosque

I was traveling abroad last week when President Obama visited the Islamic Society of Baltimore. This was not his first visit to an American mosque, but it was the first during his presidency*. I finally had the chance to watch his full speech and read some commentary about the mosque visit. I ro … [Read More...]

Religion and Culture in a Caribbean Mosque

  This essay is part of the #MyMosqueMyStory seriesBy Saffiyya MohammedI started attending my mosque in my mid-teens during Ramadan. I had heard my friends sharing their mosque stories about the Hafiz who recited Quran too quickly to finish before a certain day in … [Read More...]

A Woman’s Place

This essay is part of the #MyMosqueMyStory seriesBy Laura PAs I entered the women’s building of the mosque and took off my shoes, I could hear the imam over the loudspeaker saying that Islam had honored women by lifting the requirement for them to go out from their homes. I offered two rak … [Read More...]

Are my rights as an American linked to whether I can help eliminate ISIS?

We have birthright citizenship in this country. That means that when I was born on a wintry, late November night to Sudanese parents living in Michigan on student visas (go, Spartans!), I was granted automatic US citizenship. Days later, my parents had their first ever Thanksgiving meal with … [Read More...]

Unveiling Fear in a Time of Islamophobia

My Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of friends and acquaintances wondering if they should replace their headscarves with hoodies. Muslim women afraid that they will bear the brunt of violent Islamophobic backlash to the San Bernardino shootings, as we have borne the brunt in most Islamophobic … [Read More...]

A Thanksgiving Prayer for Peace

*These remarks were given on November 22 at the annual Thanksgiving Interfaith Prayer service hosted by the Community of CongregationsThank you St. Giles Parish and the Community of Congregations for the invitation to speak at your annual interfaith Thanksgiving service. Thank you to all of you … [Read More...]

The Story of American Resilience

The story America likes to tell about herself is full of rugged individuals. A family of pioneers heading west to make a new life for themselves. Two young men road tripping across the country searching for God. Wearing rags and dreaming of riches. Pulling bootstraps. That's our mythology, anyway, … [Read More...]

A New Mosque in Town

This essay is part of the #MyMosqueMyStory Friday seriesBy Laura PThat moment when you realize you would leave your current mosque without a second thought and not go back, if there was an alternative. That moment when you discover there is going to be an alternative.I was minding my own … [Read More...]

A Mosque The Prophet Would Recognize

After a recent performance in a different part of her city, an internationally renowned artist needed to pray Maghrib. She looked up the nearest mosque and upon reaching it, she found the doors to the women's section locked. Buzzing the intercom to the main office, she prayed that someone would … [Read More...]

Questioning the Mosque

This essay is part of the #MyMosqueMyStory Friday seriesBy Alia SarfrazIf we are to confront the topic of mosques, we must first address these questions:What's in a name?Growing up, we would often refer to the Muslim house of worship as a 'mosque,' instead of using the Arabic word … [Read More...]

Mosque Status Quo

This essay is part of the #MyMosqueMyStory Friday seriesBy Julie SiddiqiJust before this Ramadan started, I attended a talk at my local mosque called ‘Preparation for Ramadan.’ The speaker does regular sessions at that mosque and it said ‘men and women welcome’ so I decided to go. Women wer … [Read More...]