Inclusiveness in Education _ Sadhguru Video

Inclusiveness in Education _ Sadhguru Video August 15, 2017

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Inclusiveness in Education _ Sadhguru – Video

Inclusiveness in Education _ Sadhguru – Transcript

Inclusiveness is not an idea Inclusiveness is not a philosophy Inclusiveness is not a compaign that you run it has to happen in individual experience we must understand an individual experience we must understand the words like society nation tribe this that that these are just words there are only human beings there are only individual human beings unless it happen in our experience it is not a reality to bring this dimension into education process to bring this sense of inclusiveness into the economic process to bring this dimension as a living process into our spiritual dimensions if this doesnot happen we will go on dividing the world because right know we are using only one aspect of our intelligence which is called as intellect because the nature of the intellect is such it is a knife you cannot use it to stitch things together if you stitch with a knife you will leave everything in the more effort do we make in this direction the more destructive we will become we need to touch deeper dimension of our intelligence which is naturally unifyng this doesnot need any belief this doesnot need a philosophy there are practical methods with which one can dig little deeper into one’s intelligence which is not divisive which is not about cutting and disecting which is naturally unifying because life is not happening from different sources it is happening from a fundamental source which is very basis of creation everywhere from the same planet every kind of life has origined and every kind of life falls back without any effort this is a clear demonstration that it is happening this way it is just that because we have become too intellectual that everything is divided for the sake of study initially we divide things after sometime we believe that’s how it is in the very nature of things this is not the way life works the nature of life is such without inclusiveness there is no possibility if one doesnot understand what i am talking about keep your mouth closed and hold your nose and become totally exclusive you will see in 2 minutes this will be gone it is only with some sense of inclusiveness its happening but the question is are you conscious about it or not if you bring or come to inclusiveness in a conscious manner it will find expression in the world otherwise it will be only used for survival process survival cannot happen without inclusiveness blossoming of the human being definitely cannot happen without inclusiveness our education system have to focus on this atleast to start with everychild before they become 10 years of age they must acquainted with the many cultures on this planet that many nations represent every child should be acquainted with the atleast few fundamentals of the five basic or major religions on the planet if we bring this aspects into every child life we can see in the next 20 25 years time we are much more inclusive may be i am dreaming a little bit may be in another 50 years as we say this year is 70 years of India independence may be in another 50 years we can start talking about independence of the world that it got released from the boundaries and became one not necessarily one administration one this thing but we can think of this because today we have come to a place atleast you cannot control the citizenery with in the borders of a nation even if you lock even if you build walls they will comunicate through facebook twitter whatever else and social media and variety of ways you cannot separate human beings anymore when this is happening on the social level it is only a question of time that it needs to happen politically in administrative terms above all atleast 50% of education on this planet must be common that means there must be global education another 50% can be of the nationality and culture but atleast 50% must be globally prescribed which is common education when we say common education it is not about putting everybody into one box it is just the orientation of the education can be fixed in a certain way content can be worked out in many different ways if we do not start working on this right now the way we empowered as human being we are never empowered like never before with this kind of empowerment division is dangerous one small little nation can destroy the entire world we can bomb the world we can tag every human being we can drone kill you we can do all kinds of things to you so its not far away that somebody will start using such things unless we breed inclusiveness into every child we have to bring this into our children mind if this has to come into their experience we have to live that way there is no other way lets make it happen

Inclusiveness in Education _ Sadhguru – Notes

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