Learning From Ancient India’s Economy

Learning From Ancient India’s Economy September 25, 2017

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Learning From Ancient India’s Economy – Sadhguru – Video

Learning From Ancient India’s Economy – Sadhguru – Transcript

When I close my eyes for months on end and sat Everybody wrote me off you know I Went and sat in a small farm in a remote place closed my eyes and simply sat Who didn’t come very often so I lost a lot of weight I was very muscular and strong when I was a student Then I closed my eyes and sat food doesn’t come by itself you have to go behind it So I lost a lot of weight and simply sat there Of course my parents were super disappointed My teachers one by one they started coming and said we thought you will do something but you you’re gone you finished I said I have never been this great in my life I might have lost weight maybe I don’t have money but I have never felt life was this fantastic as it is right now So what’s fantastic about you who? Because you are Your friends have become engineers doctors IAS officers. What’s fantastic about you? I said I don’t care what they have become I know something fantastic has happened within me Will this will the world value this or not who cares In terms of life I have found something super fantastic and that’s all that matters they thought I have lost my mind also At one time they really thought I need psychiatric evaluation Simply because you are not trying to be better than somebody over the entire world seems to be. But this is the ethos of this nation we Never looked at how somebody else is doing. There are beautiful stories like this. On this side of the river There is one village and on that side of the river another village They can see the people they can hear them talking. They see the cooking smoke but They never went across the river and met those people . Said they seemed to be living well we are fine here Why should we go and see? They never went. People will say oh these have these people have no exploration sense Well all the explorers went into India Africa Asia Australia what have they done slaughter in the end? We never had such a need because this was a land of seeking Seeking and knowing was the highest value conquering and Establishing something was not the highest value Establishing the human being was the biggest value not establishing others edifices and structures in the society this People thought is a disadvantage But at the same time we became the most vibrant economy on the planet. For many centuries We were the only real economy. Everybody wanted to come to India Not because they were in love with you because this was the richest land that is why everybody wanted to come here One was Vasco da Gama reached here many drowned in the ocean But still they wanted to come because this was the richest land on the planet like right now. Everybody wants to go to America Because it’s a richest nation on the planet So with without a sense of conquest We became a very vibrant economy. This is a very unique achievement which we need to bring back to this world because today our Mode of economy itself is a conquest and it’s a destruction. The way we have structured the economy in the world is such today The living earth statistics say if all the 7.3 billion people on the planet Have to get what an average American citizen has We need four and a half planets But we have only half a planet One half has been taken If really economies succeeds on this planet as we are planning it right now. This is the end of the world Really it keeps going into recession to save us This is like the proverbial story Where a man is sitting at the wrong on the wrong end of the branch and cutting it when he succeeds he falls We have taken to this mode But we operated this country in a different way our success would not make us fall our success would not be a detriment to somebody else We have to bring this back it’s we are part of the modern economic system now it’s not easy but still Individually we can all cultivate this that our success is Not just about this and that and what people think about us but how we are How we are as a life how I am within myself this is my success. Isn’t it? For this I don’t have to look at somebody who’s little worse than me or better than me Wherever I sit or stand this feels fantastic. This is a successful life. Isn’t it?

Learning From Ancient India’s Economy – Sadhguru – Notes

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