Love a Chemical Hijack – Sadhguru Video

Love a Chemical Hijack – Sadhguru Video October 9, 2017

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Love a Chemical Hijack – Shekhar Kapur with Sadhguru – Video

Love a Chemical Hijack – Shekhar Kapur with Sadhguru – Transcript

let me Yesterday I went through this amazing experience with you It was a collective experience and then I saw your relationship with the meditators who were the volunteers in this incredible course that we did and There was something that connected you now. I’ve heard stories about this I’ve heard that as jesus walked in there He spread this love and we always wondered How could you just spread love I saw that yesterday? But I saw tears in their eyes we could explain that but I saw tears in your eyes Because I saw a two-way relationship So let’s just keep with this idea of ague and tell me what is this two-way because I saw you Like you’re like a devotee. You know you will like them when you were talking when you went to them It was not just their emotion it was yours see here You are you’re using the word Devotee. I Don’t know whether they’re devoted or not my life is devoted to them Okay that’s for sure. Yeah my whole life is devoted to every human being on this planet every creature on this planet so The Devotion is just a deeper love affair when I say a deeper love affair Generally these days at least people are understanding a love affair is some kind of a transaction of give and take Devotion is a deeper love affair of just absolutely giving Where the tick is there or not just doesn’t matter and it doesn’t occur in your mind So for me my love affair is just with everything that I set my eyes upon Whether it’s a man woman child animate inanimate it doesn’t matter whatever I set my eyes upon I’m in a deep embrace with that so for me to come to tears I don’t even have to look at a human being if I look at a cloud I’ll come to tears if I look at three I come to tears four close my eyes. I’ll come to tears so tears is not even about love if you tell me I’m in love with People I wouldn’t feel That’s a great thing I feel you’re lowering the whole thing. I am not in love Because love is still a kind of a transaction This is a certain dimension of inclusiveness Actually in my experience there is nobody else in this planet. Nobody else in this existence. It’s just me In my experience I don’t see myself in somebody else. I just see myself so This is not even devotion. This is not even love This is just inclusiveness and this is not my idea. This is not my philosophy This is the way existence ease if you do not constipate your consciousness with by being identified with limited things like your own body your own mind your own culture your own religion your own family your own whatever if you your own species for that matter if you do not constipate your consciousness with that kind of limitations the Existence is all-inclusive. Well fans can play with you today. Isn’t it the more people see you even from a distance There’s a sudden outpouring of love complete outpouring of love So let’s talk about love This is one kind of a love is it what happens? Is there something is it a release that could be one thing with the sea you and Their own? Stresses and emotion release on the other hand is there some kind of energy that you’re transmitting to them is that energy? Possible only in a loving energy relationship even between you and the people or between people themselves What is that energy called love and then let’s relate it to man and woman because that’s a love most of us know love or hate whichever you like Let’s talk about love there is no such thing as An energy that is love Life is a certain energy. You are a certain life energy The many parts of this life energy is finding expression as thought as body physical action emotion and their other dimensions of course energy action If you can perform only physical activity in your life the Span and the scope of the activities that are limited Because you empower your physical activity with your mental activity depending upon the Keenness and the intensity of your mental activity your physical activity takes on a different level of as if it moves into a different dimension because the mental activity if you make a movie if you do all physical It’s one way there is a certain intellect involved in it. It’s another way. This is it an emotion involved in it It’s another way isn’t it so no one So that’s so with life also So these are different levels of intensity physically that one level of intensity Intellectual is another level of intensity emotion is a different level of intensity Generally people are looking down upon emotion as something less than intellect which is a very long thing they’re doing Which I think slowly people are realizing. They are talking about emotional intelligence now Because emotion is capable of being of a higher intensity than intellect in many ways Intellect has a certain coolness until it has a certain penetration but emotion can just embrace everything Intellect can no pieces of life emotion can no the wholeness of life So this is the reason why spiritual traditions always have made devotion the biggest thing Because a devotee looks like a fool to an intellectual person But what a Devotee knows in terms of life experience and what he knows in terms of perception of life in its totality an Intellectual person will never touch that So a devotee looks like a fool but the real fool is elsewhere So right now. What’s happening here when people are around me. He is neither intellect not emotion nor body It’s another dimension Which is which is just pure reverberation of energy If I reverberate in a certain way Some people will roll their eyeballs upward and simply sit there some people will cry some people will laugh some people Feel that they realized so many things being there in that space This is their expression of it. This is like if I give you electric connection Somebody makes light out of it. Somebody makes sound out of it somebody makes coolness out of it somebody makes heat out of it Different gadgets are making different things out of the same electricity so my thing is just to excuse that energy Somebody makes love out of it somebody makes Alertness out of it. Somebody makes awareness out of it. Somebody makes meditativeness out of it That’s left to that individual depending upon his level of evolution and his receptivity as to how he is So am I creating a love energy there is no such thing as love energy. There is just life energy There is only life energy. You can love is just one expression of life Intellect is another expression of life physical action another expression of life awareness another expression of life So life can find million forms of expression but People Allergic one over the other is a huge mistake all of them are needed Love without the needed awareness and balance is going to be horribly burdensome if a pencil So what you’re referring to is love Is basic basically the sweetness of your emotion you sit here? and you could feel about love you could feel love about somebody who is not even here so It’s got nothing to do with anybody once a human being becomes more and more aware of his own nature he understands to experience love to experience blissfulness to experience ecstasy Even to experience orgasmic ways of life. You don’t need anybody actually? If you just sit here you can make it happen within yourself because after all it’s your body. It’s your mind. It’s your emotion It’s your chemistry and you are the one who is creating all the experiences of your life Because people are not conscious of this that you are the maker of your life You are the one who is doing your life the way you want it Most people still believe that their experiences are being shaped by people and situations around them but that’s not true human experiences are 100% self created 100% you

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