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M M Keeravani with Sadhguru Video October 10, 2017

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M M Keeravani with Sadhguru – In Conversation with the Mystic – Video

M M Keeravani with Sadhguru – In Conversation with the Mystic – Transcript

M M Keeravani: Sadhguruji shall I continue in English? Sadhguru: We should leave the lizard’s business to the lizatd. because the very nature of life is such that one life consumes another life. This is how life is designed. This is not my idea or your idea. This is the nature of life. Just because my little bit of brain or cerebral development happened recently you know just some time ago we were all monkeys. Just recently this brain developed a little bit. So we little over excited about our own intellect that we started thinking everything in fragments. Our idea of well-being is all in fragments. We think we will save the moth but we did not think about the lizard. Then we thought let him eat. It’s not for you or me to even think whether he should eat or not. He will eat. If he cannot eat he will die. This is the nature of life. In human societies we create situations because to sustain life in a certain way to protect life in a certain way because we are not physically as empowered as even a lizard or a bird or an animal or a tiger or an elephant we are not empowered like that. We have an intelligence we have a consciousness which is beyond them but we don’t have physical prowess like them. So human societies need to be cultured where both the strong and the week can exist. But nature is not made like this only the strong survive the weak must go. But this is not even about strong and weak what you are talking about. This is the natural cycle of life. And if we interfere with that it is because we have wrong ideas of life. We have a set of moralities which are not life which doesn’t fit into life which just nourish life. If you have a morality or an ethic which does not support life I think unknowingly you are becoming death oriented. So you will see this happening to people who have taken on to big moral values and ethics they can’t even smile for nuts. If they smile their face will crack up (Laughs) because they have created an unnatural sense of life within themselves. All this problem is coming because of a kind of a natural level of self-significance that human beings have assumed about themselves. The worst idea that was put into human mind by religious groups is ‘You are made in gods own image and all other creatures here are here to serve you.’ No no if you pay I have paid enough attention to ants and birds and animals and insects I find they have a full-fledged life of their own – an entire system of life – a society a family everything within themselves. Why are we thinking ‘We are the only life and all of them are here to serve us.’? This is the most disastrous idea. We must understand every life has a right to live here as you and me have a right to live here. As much right not any less right (Applause). The ant and the elephant have equal right to exist in this. This is how nature is created. It is only in human mind we think elephant is big ant is small. That does not exist in nature. Elephant may be big ants have democratic numbers (Laughter) – if we hold a vote ants will win (Laughter). So if we go by human values and hold a democratic election in the jungle ant will become the king of the jungle (Laughter/Applause). M M Keeravani: Next time I will leave lizard’s business to itself Sadhguruji (Laughter). Sadhguruji if the farmer is informed about the rains and other whether conditions in advance may be a two days or be it one week or one month sometimes. He is being benefited in farming. Similarly a fisherman is being benefited when he is informed about the cyclones or Tsunamis to come in advance. They are forecasting and predicting – if this is right why can’t astrology be useful for mankind in many ways by giving information in advance by experts not anybody by proper astrologers proper scholars and eminent astrologers. I saw a video of yourself somewhere condemning where did you condemned Sadhguru: (Overlapping conversation) Condemn? Did I condemn anybody? I have not hanged anybody yet. M M Keeravani: No no you said there is no need for astrology why do you want to depend on planets lifeless planets but can’t we depend to an extent by availing the great science all Rishis developed since ages. Sadhguru: See the choice is this – see this is a popular question everybody became quite (Laughter). We must understand this there is material in this world the five elements the water the wind the earth the fire the space and there are products which have come out of these five elements. From a simple plant the simplest plant life to animal life to human beings. All these are a products of that. It is just that the products went on evolving. See there was a time as civilizations grew – if you if you look for ancient civilizations most of the time you look for pottery pieces yes pieces of pottery. What pottery means is you dug the earth and made pot out of it. You made this kind of pot (Gestures) you made this kind of pot you made that kind of pot whatever kind of pot. That is the best they could do thousand-two thousand years ago or five thousand years ago or whatever number. Today you are digging the same earth and make a computer out of it. Same earth or no? The same soil with which you made a pot today you are building a space craft isn’t it? So this is what life has also done with the same soil with the same elements what with which it created an amoeba today it has made a Keeravani (Laughter/Applause). All right? So can you treat a pot and a computer the same way? M M Keeravani: We cannot Sadhguru: (Overlapping conversation) No no no If I keep a pot here If I keep a pot here we know pot will stay only here if you don’t handle it right it’ll break otherwise it’ll stay here. All right? Keeravani: Yes guruji. Sadhguru: But today you can make a computer which will walk which will talk which will go all over the place. But it goes to a program but now what a human being means is we have evolved a consciousness. That means we can go beyond the natural tendencies of the materials with which we are made. That’s what it means. We can go beyond whatever directions the wind it may be blowing this way there was a time if wind blows this way all the ships went that way. Today it doesn’t matter which way wind is blowing they will go where they want to go. Isn’t it so (Applause)? So this is because of human consciousness human ability and human will to do what. So similarly – all of you have a horror-scope (Laughs)? All of you have a horror-scope (Laughs). Just one or many versions come on (Laughter). Those of you married I am sure you have at least two (Laughter/Applause) – one was made to match the alliance another was made at birth (Laughter). Those in the business know these things okay. Now why I am calling it a horror-scope is I am asking you a simple question – if there is a truly intelligent human being in this hall can you predict what they will do tomorrow? They may do something that’s never been done on this planet isn’t it? But if you see a fool you can say what he will do tomorrow. And what he will do the rest of his life. So if it can be written down on paper and given it to you that this is what you will do I am sorry (Applause). Now does it mean to say the planets the elements and various other influences have no influence on us? Definitely they have. They have influence on us. But the question is this do you believe that inanimate things in the world the planets stars and whatever else are superior or human consciousness is superior? You must decide. Which should determine the destiny of which one – should we decide the destiny of the planet or the planet should decide the destiny of who we are (Applause)? So if you do not take life into your hands then planets will decide what should happen to you to some extent. But if you take life into your hands planets cannot decide. You must know this the best astrologists in the world in the country at least if you tell them ‘I am on a spiritual path’ they will say no we won’t make predictions for you because you have taken life into your hands we can’t make predictions for someone who has taken life into their hands (Applause). I am I am interested I am interested to see that every one of you take your life into your hands (Applause). What it means is if you have mastery over your physical body fifteen to twenty percent of your life and destiny will be in your hands (Applause). If you have mastery over your mind fifty to sixty percent of your life and destiny will be in your hands. If you have mastery over your life energies one hundred percent of your life and destiny will be in your hands (Applause). M M Keeravani: Sadhguruji I totally agree with you and satisfied. But still disagree with you in a way. Let me tell you. I know pretty well that you love to drive a car good car. There are sign boards on the way ‘Accident prone zone.’ That doesn’t mean every car passing through that zone will meet with an accident. But it is more prone than the other areas. So that you will be cautiously driving while you are passing the Sadhguru: (Overlapping conversation) First of all first of all no government has any business to say ‘Accident prone zone.’ Unfortunately they are saying it. They have no business to say it. They must tell me what is the grade of the road what is the degree of turn and I will decide how the hell I should drive (Applause). If If there are If there are any surprises on the road if there are any surprises on the road there is a broken bridge there is a deviation there is a diversion they must mention that – why the hell are you telling me it’s accident pone (prone?) just because some fool went and crashed (Applause)? See there are many people who will buy a car new car before they bring it out of the showroom they will take a coconut and break it on the car and create a dent on the car and then drive it because they are shit scared of driving (Laughter). If I If you give I (Laughs). I don’t get to buy a car what people give I drive – otherwise if I buy I will swing it out of the showroom on the first day. I won’t sit and do Puja in front of the car because I’m I know how to drive (Applause). M M Keeravani: For now agreed Sadhguruji for now (Applause). I wish I will have one more conversation with you somewhere else on the same subject (Laughter). Sadhguruji what is the Sadhguru: See no no lets understand this. See this is all it is There are many uncertainties. I may be very good driver but still I can hit something or something can hit me always this chance is there do you understand? This chance is always there with every aspect of life not just with road. So the problem is because you don’t have the courage to handle it you want to know what will happen tomorrow. If you want to know what will happen tomorrow one thing that will happen to you is you will not play today’s game well (Applause). Yes. And essentially you are a match fixer (Laughter). That is you want to know the result before you play the game. You are a match fixer isn’t it? Right now it is you for a match fixing in India there is a ten year imprisonment (Laughter). So before you get married you want to know whether you’ll live joyfully or not – arey! You have to get married you have to take responsibility for each other and see that it works. There is no magic to it (Laughs). M M Keeravani: Sadhguruji what is the quality you find in an Indian woman when compared to the world women other countries what is the best and beautiful quality one single quality Sadhguru: Are you trying to get me into trouble? (Laughter/Applause) M M Keeravani: How she is different and how she is greater than when compared to the other women all over the world Sadhguru: See I don’t know why we are putting only women on the focus (Laughs) (Applause). We are always putting women on the focus because we believe either they can be right or wrong. And of course men are right (Applause). So because we are always right we are looking whether this is a right kind of woman or the wrong kind of woman. the nature has given a larger responsibility for the women in terms of bearing a child and having a profound influence on the child in the early part of child’s life – and when we talk about a child don’t think this is about reproduction – you and me are here because of that. So our very existence began in a woman’s body that is if you are normal birth. I am normal birth (Laughs). If you are normal birth our life began in a women’s body. And today the simple biological factors of being male or female we are exaggerating it too much. I am saying when you are walking on the street why should you be bothered whether somebody is a women or a man? Why are you bothered what is in somebody’s pants? It’s not your business (Applause). Only in bathrooms and bedrooms it should matter – nowhere else. In the working places on the street wherever else we are why should it matter whether somebody is a man or a women why can’t you just treat it treat them as human beings? I think we are excessively focused on this which is creating a very unhealthy atmosphere – that means we are constantly over infatuated with body parts that is why we are going on recognizing people as by their gender (Applause). You are not recognizing people by their intelligence by their capabilities by their competence only by their gender (Applause). It is not a fair way of looking at the world. For certain aspects of our life gender is important but for rest of the life how much brains you got is important how much capable you are is more important. Gender is only valid in certain relationships. In rest of the relationships gender shouldn’t even come into the picture. Only then there will be equality. There is no need (Applause) There is no need to go on talking about women’s rights. We must say human rights and women are part of it that’s all (Applause). So about the Indian women (Laughs) – should I still talk (Laughter)? In this country for a long time we have nurtured many wonderful things. But these wonderful things because of many misunderstandings have also taken on very horrendous forms. When I say it it’s taken on horrendous forms many simple things which were done for the protection of the women for the well-being of the women have become discriminatory over a period of times and taken on very horrendous forms of exploitation. We must look back and see why this little things were created. If we don’t address these things the western world is in on a binge because they want to make male and female equal. It is not necessary to be equal. Equal opportunity is fine. It is not necessary to expect a woman to do the same things that a man is doing. Then what is a point of the gender differentiation that nature has made. It’s important the feminine in the world is as important as the masculine in the world (Applause). If But today in the name of equality women are coming to a place where they are beginning to act like men because they know that’s a only way they can succeed in the world. The only way they can succeed is they have to act like men. You see even women doing like this (Gestures) these days. This is not necessary because if you destroy the feminine then you truly have enslaved the women (Applause). If you do not value the feminine in the world all the gentleness will go away you will have a market place at home also. Your marriage also will be a market place. It’s already happening big time. Before people marry they are making an agreement ‘When we break who will get what in this house.’ Yes. Pre-nuptial agreements are being made before we get married already an agreement ‘If we break my bank balance is mine yours is yours.’ How can two people live like this? But here still we have the joy of two people becoming one and enjoying that may be after sometime you will fight (Few laugh). But still at least you have the joy of weaving two lives into one. When you go at it like this suspiciously in the name of equality you will never know the joy of knowing each other mingling with each other being one with each other nothing will happen – home will become a market place this is because of wrong ideas of equality. Equality you should not even talk about. We should talk about responsibility for each other (Applause). M M Keeravani: Very beautifully explained Sadhguruji. Thank you very much. And the next question is M M Keeravani: These are not copied question sir Guruji these are mine only. M M Keeravani: I just wanted to save your valuable time. So I just written this (Laughter). Guruji Ayurvedic science medicine will identify the three major properties of human body. Satva Rajas and Tama which is not recognized by the allopathic science. So my question is when you recognize these three qualities in a body human body and differentiate accordingly how different it will be for a tamasic food consumer be it non vegetarian or masala whatever. Generally in general a tamasic food consumer how difficult for him to cope-up with the other people in doing like spiritual practices like Yoga and other meditation and all. Will it make any difference for the tamasic food consumer and saatvik food consumer? I am putting it that way. Sadhguru: When we say tamas rajas and satva what it means is those kind of food substances which create lethargy in the system. Dullness increases sleep. Sleep means death. You are dead for eight hours a day or ten hours a day whatever. Or one third of your life you are anyway dead (Laughter). Rajas means you are active in the world. Activity without the necessary awareness after some time you will get frustrated with activity because suddenly one day when you stop and look you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing. Tamas means you are conscious. It brings consciousness. It’s not just in food. This is in us. We are also recognizing foods which support this that’s all. It is not that food will cause these qualities in you. You have these qualities some food support that some foods don’t support that. That’s about it. Food is not a deciding factor. You can eat garbage and still be a Buddha. But why eat something which doesn’t support you and go against it? See it like you bought a diesel car and you put kerosene in it. You buy a petrol car and you put diesel in it. It will still go. But it will not function at its optimum. So we should see what kind of food are we designed for. If you look at this fundamentally there are various aspects which will tell you certain stories about what you should eat. Now it is not only about human beings. It is about the individual human being. Right now what is the nature of your quality accordingly you should eat. If you leave it to your senses your senses know what to eat how much to eat. How much of what to eat. But because (Laughs) too much education sense is gone. Everything is by information. ‘What to eat’ they will google and see (Laughter). If you initially you said ‘If a farmer can be told about metrological predictions if a fisherman can be told about metrological predictions how things will happen.’ I want you to understand even now the best fisherman in the world never look at the meteorological predictions (Applause). I have been on fishing boats with some people of the African coast and Mediterranean coast. They put their nose up in the air (Gestures) and he says ‘In two hours there will be a strom storm we need to go back.’ Okay. He never looks at the thing (Applause). Because every other creature knows there is going to be a storm. If you observe the fish they are all behaving – you know when Tsunami happened in Southern India we were the first people to be there in less than twenty four hours we were there with medical vans and I was personally there. What I noticed was there were lots of dead bodies human dead bodies. Cattle which were tied down they had died. None of the lose cattle had died. Even the donkeys did not die. Even the fish not a single dead fish on the beach. All of them knew its coming. Only human beings did not know it’s coming. Not only that in Andamans we have a air force station. They have the best metrological stuff. They did not know it’s coming and the entire air force base got really washed up. Why I am telling this to you is because when we say we are the most evolved life on this planet what it means is we have the most complex and sophisticated neurological system. If we have the most complex and sophisticated neurological system we must be able to sense more things than anybody can sense isn’t it (Applause)? No no don’t clap you are not sensing anything (Laughter). But now because of a little cerebral activity our thought and emotion has overtaken us in such a way what you think and feel has become paramount. Your psychological drama has become bigger than the cosmic drama. Yes. What you are thinking today isn’t it more important than what’s happening in the entire cosmos? So because of this fallacy because of this misunderstanding because you are too engrossed in your own psychological drama you can’t sense it otherwise I must tell you this – I was living on a farm in a remote place outside of Mysore many years ago – I had one guy whose hearing was very bad. Because his hearing is bad he looks like a fool because he doesn’t understand what people say. So in the village everybody makes fun of him. They call him names and things and you know treat him badly. So I said you come and live on my farm so he lived on. He will simply sit like this (Gestures). Because he can’t have conversations. If I have to have conversation with him I have to shout at him he will understand half the sentence. So he simply sits. Suddenly one day he gets up and starts preparing the plough and the bullocks. I said ‘What are you doing?’ He says ‘No tomorrow we will plough.’ I said ‘ Where is the rain?’ He says ‘No it’s going to rain tonight.’ I look at the sky it’s all empty sky. ‘How is it going to rain today?’ ‘No swami it will rain today.’ And it will for sure rain today. And tomorrow morning he is ploughing at five thirty in the morning. Then I thought ‘Oh this dumb idiot he knows something that I don’t know’ (Few laugh). So I went there and sat just like him squatting where he used to sit same place and I put my hand out like this (Gestures) like this trying to feel the moisture temperature smell of the earth this this this. I took eighteen months every day I sat because I was insulted ‘This dumb idiot knows something that I don’t know. I can’t take it’ (Laughs). So I sat there felt it watched the leafs watched the insects watched the birds then today I will tell you if I say there’s going to be rain ninety percent there is going to be a rain (Applause). This is not some magic this is not some yoga this is just observation. That’s all. M M Keeravani: Sadhguruji one of my family friend’s son his name is Vishwak and he is just seven years old. Ever since he was born all his interests were about seeds or plants and trees. He is obsessed with only them. No Chocolates no biscuits no cakes no sweets no toys no video games no playing outside. He is completely into meditatively into thinking and obsessed about knowing about trees planting them nurturing them and collecting many seeds and all. When I mentioned this to one of my friend another friend he commented this must be something he attained from previous incarnation. He is a prodigy. Because we rarely we don’t see one in one crore also we don’t see a child like that – completely obsessed with plants. So my question is Sadhguruji do you believe in incarnations to come and the previous ones. Because in certain beliefs certain religions they don’t believe. What is your thought? What is your call on that? Sadhguru: It doesn’t matter incarnation or no you got to put that boy in my car (Laughter/Applause). Because very few lives have that much sense as to how life happens. Others never paid attention to anything. There is need for so much entertainment in the world simply because people have no attention for life. If you pay attention to life you will see it’ll engage you in such a way there is no time for any entertainment. If you just observe one plant growing it will keep you engaged for an entire lifetime because it’s so fantastic. Simply you see ‘Ah plants are growing’ you are a tourist on this planet (Laughter). Because all the time all you are doing is take a selfie plant – selfie tree – selfie elephant – selfie Sadhguru – selfie (Applause). You are a tourist (Laughs). A tourist will not know Hyderabad as a Hyderabadi will know Hyderabad isn’t it(Applause)? So you must decide whether on this planet you are a tourist or you are a life that’s born out of it carries the earth within you lives it and dies into it (Applause). So one boy after (Laughs) of many millions that are born every day one boy put him in my car (Laughter). M M Keeravani: He got your blessings Sadhguruji wherever he is now he is very lucky to have your blessings and speaking with you I just realize one thing that I forgot that I am a singer. Sadhguru: Please sing sir. M M Keeravani: I am recollecting when you are talking about selfie I am recollecting one of the most popular Tamil song M M Keeravani: Because of the man’s evil intentions and selfish intentions it happened sir. It’s the song it says man’s nature but my question Sadhguruji you are talking about selfies. Wherever you go you go you are obsessed with selfies and you are self-obsessed. So this self-obsession in what kind hundred years back would have been in mankind? Because there were no cell phones there were no selfies but the nature this nature this self-obsession nature should have been there definitely. It’s a hypothetical question. Can you kindly guess what kind of obsession that man Sadhguru: Oh I thought you thought I am more than hundred years so you are asking me how was it (Laughter) hundred years ago. Well I look it may be so (Laughs). See people have always been the same. It is just that it’s like this even thousand years ago people were digging the soil. But today we got earth movers. So we dug it up seriously because we have the tools. Even then they have been trying to divert little bit of river water to their land with their pick axe. Today we are doing with big machines. So it looks like a disaster. Even then they were self-obsessed. They decorated themselves they tattooed themselves they did all kinds of things to themselves. Now you have technological tools so it looks very enlarged. They’re same people same problems. Just that with technology it has taken on a different turn and a different color. Even then people were looking at the mirror now they are looking at the phone. You know when there was no mirror people were shining their brass plate and looking at the brass plate how they are looking. So today they have got a phone which does all kinds of these things for them so it is going out of control. The self-obsession the tools for self-obsession hundred years ago were very minimal. Today there are too many a whole industries thriving on your self-obsession. So it looks very enlarged. But fundamentally human beings are same. I don’t see any difference. I have been around for more than hundred years you can see (Laughter). M M Keeravani: Sadhguruji my friend Smita told me that Isha foundation in Coimbatore is a wonderful place to Sadhguru: Don’t believe what she says (Laughter). M M Keeravani: I believe I believe in her and she also educated me about the various courses you conduct there to benefit the body and mind and soul. My question is I am used to I mean know about the colleges right from olden times all the colleges and schools they practice the admissions to conduct in two kinds one is donation whoever can afford. And the other one is by merit. Now my question is what is the merit you see in a devotee or in a applicant to be able to join Isha Foundation courses without paying any nominal fee. It’s not a complaint but there must be some merit for some people what is that merit I want to define the merit. Sadhguru: See if you want to get into an university you are looking for a certain kind of competence. If you want to want to get into a school a certain different kind of competence. But you want to get into a spiritual process so you must understand this when it comes to individual bodies they are differently capable. When it comes to individual minds they are differently capable. When it comes to the inner dimension all of us are equally capable. So because everybody has merit they have to pay donation (Laughter). Now (Laughs) Now the thing is there was a time when I experimented ‘No donation’ programs. No donation just come free we will do it. Even now there are many programs which are free. But now we have acquired a certain reputation so people sit but even now just see those few people are walking up and down they are leaving just now okay. If they had paid five thousand rupees they wouldn’t be leaving (Laughter/Applause). This is just a gossip session between you and me so it’s okay they can go half way through the gossip no problem. But when I want to deliver a spiritual process it costs my life. If I don’t throw out my energy it’s not going to happen with words it’s not going to happen. Ask people who have been through the programs they get blown away. They are not getting blown away by nothing (Applause). Because it costs life. You have to throw your life into it. I don’t want to throw my life at irresponsible people. And I have seen (Applause) I have seen unfortunately unfortunately it’s still true for most human beings if they say ‘I am going to come for this program for three days’ their word unfortunately is not good enough. In between if they get a message ‘Sadhguru I need to go’ they’ll say. So make them pay fifteen thousand rupees they don’t go (Laughter/Applause). M M Keeravani: There must be a cost. There must be a I mean Sadhguru: Yes for all our initial programs first two levels of programs they must pay. But the third level of program all the advanced programs there are no fees. By then they have matured. By then they are trust worthy. Once they say they will be there they will be there. So after the second level of program none of the programs have any fee (Laughs). M M Keeravani: Sadhguruji I have a dream (Laughter). Sadhguru: You do You lo You beginning to look like Martin Luther King (Laughter). ‘Yes I have a dream’ tell me. M M Keeravani: This dream is an India where all the marriages are happening either inter-caste or inter-religion. Sadhguru: Aye yai yo why (Few laugh)? M M Keeravani: Mandatorily so that after one generation or two generations people will get confused or totally forget and totally leave it off to be able to know a person’s caste. Because unfortunately an xyz is a sportsman or a sportswomen gets a medal from an Olympics or something. Immediately you go to google and the maximum number of searches is ‘Xyz which caste?’ Sadhguru: Really? M M Keeravani: It’s a fact guruji. Sadhguru: I don’t think so. M M Keeravani: It’s a dire fact. The more number of searches will be looking for her or his caste. So to Sadhguru: Mhmm May be they want to marry them M M Keeravani: So this is my dream Sadhguruji. People should get confused. Everywhere it should be tangled with all inter-caste things. Is it right? Will it happen? Sadhguru: I don’t like anything inter-caste because first of all when I meet people it never even occurs to me what caste they are. So I don’t know how to do inter-caste. I only see human beings (Applause). So when you you must understand this this is a misunderstanding which has led into a discriminatory process. This is just a differentiation we did in the society at one time – when there were no schools when there was no university then when there were no engineering colleges IIT’s and business management schools all this now if you are born in a blacksmiths house the only school is your father and your uncle who are doing tong tong tong every day. That’s your school. That’s where you learn your skill. So when you want to get married suddenly if you marry a goldsmith’s daughter okay she doesn’t know what to cook for you she doesn’t know how to manage this house for you she do

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