J. Krishnamurti – Love: The flame without smoke

J. Krishnamurti – Love: The flame without smoke August 24, 2018

Below is the video from the Jiddu Krishnamurti channel, titled J. Krishnamurti – Beyond Myth & Tradition 11 – Love – the flame without smoke. Enjoy! For more of J Krishnamurti’s videos check out the Krishnamurti video tag.

J. Krishnamurti – Beyond Myth & Tradition 11 – Love – the flame without smoke – Video

J. Krishnamurti – Beyond Myth & Tradition 11 – Love – the flame without smoke – Transcript

Beyond myth and tradition\sLove: A flame that is smoke free\sLove is the subject that we think we know about everything.\sWe are experts – poets write about him\sIt is the subject of most songs movies and plays.\sIt seems to be essential in our lives.\sDespite the tension jealousy and ownership.\sIs the ball the dark twin of love?\sOr is love in itself without contradiction?\sAnother is the equality of love by sex only\sPossession and desire.\sAs the song says “Is that all there is?”\sKrishnamurti’s nickname is “The Flame Without Smoke”\sLet’s remove the smoke and maybe we’ll find the flame.\sKrishnamurti about love.\sK: Do you love fun?\sDo you want love?\sDo you love thought?\sIs love the thing you hold on possess it?\sIs love is what you worship?\sDo you understand? Worship him\sPhoto material free landscape picture\sis this Love?\sThe symbol the idol the image of the intellect is the one who created it.\sYour prayers the thought is created.\sis this Love?\sPlease look at it yourself.\sIf we can negate through what is not love\s- Denial entirely from within one -\sCompletely completely\sAll that is not love?\sThen that shit will be there.\sThat chaff can not be destroyed\sPut aside all those things that are not love.\sThen love which is in line with empathy\sHe has his own intelligence.\sIt is not intelligence of thought\sNot the intelligence of the scientific brain.\sWhen one has that love that empathy\sThere is no regret no pain no sorrow.\sWhen there is love then you will never kill the other never!\sSo it is a huge thing to be guided.\sNo one can give it to the other.\sNothing can be given to you.\sBut if you are in the midst of you all that is not\sAll that thought was assembled\s- Rituals all that being special clothing -\sWhen you are with all your problems completely free\sThen the other thing is\sWhich is the most positive thing the most practical thing.\sLike the breeze coming from the ocean it is a breeze:\sYou can resist him or live with him.\sWhen you live with him\sIt is different after all.\sDo not trail him.\sThere is no path to truth\sNeither me nor you.\sThere is no path at all – Christianity Hinduism doctrines … my God\sIf one has to live it.\sYou can tell him\sWhen you understand the total psychological nature\sAnd structuralism of your self.\swhat is love? We use the Word of Love with carelessness.\sIt has just become sensual sexy.\sIt has been declared fun.\sTo find that crap one has to look at what is not love.\sThrough negation you can attain the positive not the opposite way.\sBy denying what is not love\sSo that is the height of truth which is love.\sK: What is love?\sIf he had a reason “I love you because”\sThen obviously it is not love.\sLet’s be clear about this right?\s”I love God because I hope that one day he will help me.”\s”I love my wife for it …” etc.\s- I do not have to enter into all this – or my girlfriend.\sSo if we are very clear that love has no reason\s- not for him. If he had then he is not love\sIt is comfort self-indulgence\sIt is for satisfaction for companionship for escape from loneliness\sAnd all those kinds of things.\sBut if it is real then it will have no reason!\sIf you are concerned with some principles\sSome beliefs a kind of faith\sIn this my strength my stability\sThen I talk about empathy\sI travel the world to China or India I help the poor people there\sIs this sympathy?\sOr is pity pity\sCompassionate generous\sAnd I call her sympathy?\sOr that empathy can not exist\sWhen there is any type of sclerosis\sWhen I was no longer a Hindu a Buddhist a Catholic etc.\s- Are you following? – Which means\sSympathy has its own intelligence.\sIt’s not smart to have a hardened security\sIn a God a symbol a faith.\sThis indicates a lack of intelligence.\sBut when there is sympathy\sHe has his own intelligence.\sIf that intelligence has no reason.\sWhere there is compassion and intelligence\sThat intelligence itself is an act.\sBut I do not own it.\sIt looks good in this tent\sBut when I leave it disappears.\sI have been motivational by the speaker.\sOr by someone else which is not here.\sThis is tragic.\sSo again what should I do?\sWho am I to pick up that torch?\sDo you see that love is not experience.\sAll experiences are sensual reactions.\sWhere love is not desire fun reward\sEscape from the misery of the person\sIf one sees it notice it\sAs a result of that observation the thing can bloom.\sLove and truth can not be found in any book church or temple\sThey come into existence with self-knowledge.\sSelf-knowledge is difficult but not difficult;\sIt only becomes difficult when we try to achieve a result.\sBut if we are aware of the moment\sTo one’s ways of thinking feelings and actions\sWithout conviction or justification\sIt brings freedom\sThe freedom through which the grace of truth can be found.\sK: Does love express desire?\sIs love satisfying sexual desire?\sLove is something that can be developed\sCan make to grow. When I have no love\sI think about him I do all the things for him\sWhen will I know how to love my neighbor?\sA: That would be a denial.\sK: So do you love the fun?\sAnd it seems so now.\sA: He seems to have become more laid-back.\sK: Actually it is it’s what we call love.\sLove of God.\sI do not know what God is and yet I must love Him.\sAnd so I convey my pleasure – knowing\sBy things by sex – to a higher level called by God\sBut it is still fun.\sSo what is fun for love?\sWhat is pleasure for love?\sWhat is the joy the unconscious feeling of joy?\sThe moment when I notice the joy disappears.\sWhat is the relationship of joy pleasure pleasure love?\sLove has been linked to sex – the practice of love.\sA: The composition itself is “exercise-love” the establishment of love ..\sK: It’s horrible.\sYou see sir I think that’s very important.\sWestern civilization has spread it all over the earth\s- Through cinema books pornography\sThrough all kinds of propaganda novels -\sThis feeling of love has been linked to sex\sWhich is fun basically.\sDo you love fun?\sI can answer B not only when I have understood the pleasure.\sThe understanding is not superficial but deep internal\sI see his nature his brutality\sHis divisive role because pleasure is always divided.\sPleasure never divides.\sJoy never divides.\sIt is only the pleasure that divides.\sWhen captured with a good meal sunset for the beautiful sun\sOr I see a wonderful tree a woman or whatever ..\sAt that moment if not finished become fun.\sIf the brain thought carried that pleasure\sHe wanted to repeat the following day\sIt will be fun it’s no longer a pleasure.\sI am delighted so it is the end of it.\sMy married friend who made several marriages\sHe thinks he still loves his current wife.\sDuring our conversation\s”I can not lose I must be patient\sBecause my life is empty without it. “\sYou know all this are not you?\s”I can not let her go.\sShe wants to make something completely different from me.\sHe may drive it away from me.\sIf I submit to her I will abide by my desire\sMy desire for something else\sBut I accept it and follow it.\sBut internally there is always a conflict between them and me.\sI have reduced the greatness of all love\sWhich is enormous which I do not understand\sTo something a little.\sWhich is that I am related owned I do not want to lose.\sIf I lose I will be unhappy. “\sIf he really sees that attachment is not love\sThen he goes to his wife and says to her\s”I love you but I’m not related to you”?\sWhat will happen?\sYou may throw me away with his fare.\sBecause her whole life is to be related\s- Bedding beliefs children husband.\sAre you following?\sSo what is my mutual relationship\sI who saw that love is not attached\sHe is not jealous\sNot ambition competition?\sTo me that is a fact.\sAnd not just verbal talk.\sWhat is the relationship that brings me together is completely different?\sCome on ladies and gentlemen it’s your problem not my problem.\sDo me I who understood this whole phenomenon\sIn all its depth\sDoes that kind of love empathy intelligence\sDoes her change happen?\sIf she can feel\sIf she could notice\sListen to what I say\sWe want to understand each other\sThen there is a possibility to change them.\sIf you put a wall like most people do\sSo what am I doing?\sCome on ladies and gentlemen.\sDo not look at me\sLook at yourselves.\sOnly when your heart is free of brain things\sThen there is love.\sThen you know the meaning of love without separation\sWithout distance without time without fear …\sLove does not know gradation there is only love.\sThere are many one exclusive\sOnly when you do not like.\sWhen you love there is neither “me” nor “you”\sIn that case there is only the torch without smoke.\sK: Do you want love?\sYou know what the desire is – can I explain it briefly?\sI see a beautiful house or garden or a beautiful painting or furniture\sOr a beautiful woman\sThere is a sense vision\sNote.\sObservation friction and then comes the sensation.\sThought takes sensation and makes a picture of it.\sI see you wearing beautiful clothes clean healthy\sBahi brain yoke etc … – I see it\sThe way you speak the way you do it and that and so on\sThen the thought says “I hope you like me or admire me.”\sAt that moment desire is born.\sSo what is love?\sCan love exist where there is hatred and fear\sWhere there is competition and comparison\sWhere there is submission consent or non-consent?\sLook at all this sir.\sOr does love have nothing to do with it?\sLove is something in the brain\sInside the skull?\sOr is it entirely beyond thought and time?\sWhere there is self-interest that love can not exist.\sThis is obvious sir you can see it all by yourself.\sLove is not your own or my love. is not it?\sI may be married I have sons sex and everything else\sIn all this there may be tenderness\sGenerosity kindness\sKindness acquiescence tolerance\s- All that is not love.\sIf empathy and love are not separated they are one.\sCan one live this way?\sDo you understand? Can one achieve this in his life?\sNot in abstract moments or in moments\sWhen you are sitting alone on the sofa or walking in the forest\s- Flashing Fragrant Shaza\sIt appears for a second to transform your whole being.\sCan we live our daily lives with this naughty?\sBecause this empathy for your own intelligence.\sThat total intelligence\sAnd that special whole of intelligence\sOnly by the end of sorrow and by love.\s

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