J. Krishnamurti – Change Video

J. Krishnamurti – Change Video September 8, 2018

Below is the video from the Jiddu Krishnamurti channel, titled J. Krishnamurti – Change. Enjoy! For more of J Krishnamurti’s videos check out the Krishnamurti video tag.

J. Krishnamurti – Change – Video

J. Krishnamurti – Change – Transcript

K: Unless I fundamentally change the future will be what I am now.Right? See the truth of this simple fact.Not that I am persuading you not that you’re being toldor pressurized or computerized.This is a simple fact.If I am vicious cruel brutal todayas I have been in the pastI’ll be that tomorrow.You can’t get away from it.If I’m quarrelling with my wife or husband and so onI’ll do it tomorrow too.So tomorrow is now.And to break this chain in which we are caughtthere must be a mutation now.EB: The noted author educator and philosopher J. Krishnamurtiquestioned if it is possible to moveout of the shadow of myth and traditioninto the light of a different way of living.Throughout his life he suggested that to understand the presentwe must remove the blinders of old patterns of thinkingwe must be willing to look listen and changewe must move beyond the past move beyond myth and tradition.This implies radical change in our lives.Krishnamurti suggested that lasting change must take place nowin the immediate present.He challenged the idea that outward changes in societyin political or religion systems could transform humanity.Krishnamurti on change.K: What is the energy the drive the intensitythat will make us change?Outside pressure obviously has not done it.Right? That’s very clear. Is that clear to you?By changing society you’re not going to changebecause you have created the society.Is that clear?We have made the society what it is- wars killing each other for some national prestigehonour for a piece of land. You understand?What will make us change?More knowledge about yourself?More knowledge of the world outside of usknowledge that we must not kill – and we kill?We have accumulated thousands of years of knowledgewhich has helped us to kill people.And also we have knowledge that we shouldn’t killso where does it lead us?So what will make us change?Not change – what will make us transformwhat will make us end this terrible confusion sorrowpain anxiety loneliness – all that – end?Tears?We have cried enough.Sorrow? Nothing outside.I wonder if we realize that:no gods no saviours no external force agencyis ever going to change us.We are much too clever for all thatmuch too cunning.K: The way we live let’s change it!S: Well we can say that many people have said it.K: I know many people have said it.S: But without very much effect.K: Why? S: That indeed is the question.Are we so completely trapped in the ancestry of the past?K: Or so heavily conditioned that it’s impossible to be free.S: Well there are two possible kinds of conditioning:one is the genuine biological conditioningthat comes from our animal heritagewhich means that we inherit all these tendencies.K: Let’s accept that.S: Now that is undoubtedly extremely strongand goes right back into our animal past.The other kind of conditioning is the kind of argumentthat I’m putting forward perhaps:this has always been so human nature is like thisthere have always been wars and conflictand therefore there always will be.The most we can do is try to minimize these.There will always be psychological conflictswithin families and between people and that the most we can dois try at least make them liveable with.K: Accept the condition modify it but you can’t fundamentally change it.S: Yes this is a possible kind of conditioningthe belief that we can’t really change it radicallyis another kind of conditioning. I’m a victim of it myself.So I don’t know if it’s possible to get out of it.K: That’s what I want to discusswhether it’s possible to change the human conditionand not accept it.S: But one of my points to go back to the conditioning pointis that a lot of this conditioning is deep in our biological nature.And if we start off with a heritage which is built into usinherited which comes from our biological pastand we also start with these societies that also have bad effects- to varying degrees -and we just try to change the societythe other part the inherited part is still there.K: Why do you divide if I may ask society and me?As though society was something outsidewhich is influencing me conditioning me.But my parents grandparentspast generations have created that societyso I am part of that society.I am society I am the world.I’m the result of all these influences conditioningwhether in the East or in the West or in South or Northit’s all part of conditioning. S: Yes.K: So we are attacking the conditioningnot where you are born or East or West.S: Oh yes. The problem would be conditioning of every kind- our biological conditioning our conditioning from society.K: Yes that’s right that’s right. S:Yes.K: So I’m asking: I’m conditioned that way;is it not possible to be free of it free of my conditioning?If you say it’s not possible then it’s finished.A: Mr. Krishnamurti I was very taken with a recent statement of yours.You said that it’s the responsibilityof each human being to bring about his own transformationwhich is not dependent on knowledge or time.K: What place has knowledge in the regeneration of manin the transformation of manin the fundamental radical movement in man?What place has knowledge and therefore time?Is that what you’re asking? A:Yes. Yes I ambecause either we accept that a change- that is a genuine change -means the annihilation of what proceededor we’re talking about a total transformationof something that abides. K: Yes.So let us look at that word for a minute.Revolutionin the ordinary sense of that word means doesn’t itnot an evolution a gradual evolution – it’s a revolution.A: Right I agree.K: Revolution is generally meant if you talk to a communisthe wants to overthrow the government.If you talk to a bourgeois he’s frightened.If you talk to an intellectualhe has various criticisms about revolution.Now revolution is either bloodyor revolution in the psyche- outward or inner.The outward is the inner. The inner is the outward.There is no difference between the outer and the innerthey are totally related to each other.A: That’s what you mentioned earlierthat there’s no division even though intellectuallywe make a distinction here between the I and the we.K: That’s right. A:Yes of course.K: So when we talk about changewe mean not the mere bloody revolutionphysical revolutionbut rather the revolution in the makeup of the mind.A: Of each person. K: Of human beings.A: Right.K: The way he thinks the way he behavesthe way he conducts himselfthe way he operates he functions – the whole of that.Now whether that psychological revolution- not evolution in the sense gradualness -what place has knowledge in that?A:What place has knowledge in something…K: In the regeneration of man which isthe inward revolution which will affect the outer.A: Yes which is not a gradual progress.K: No obviously – gradual process is endless.A: So we’re talking about an instant qualitative change.K: When we are discussing change we must be I think fairly clearthat we mean the change in the psychein the very being of human beingsthat is in the very structure and nature of his thought.A: A change at the root. K: At the root.A: At the root itself.K: And therefore when there is that changehe will naturally bring about a change in society.It isn’t society first or individual firstit is the human change which will transform the society- they are not two separate things.Human beings have created this society!By their greed by their anger by their violenceby their brutality by their pettinessthey have created this society.And they think by changing the structureyou’re going to change the human being.This has been the communist problem this has been the eternal problem.That is change the environment then you change man.They have tried that in ten different waysand they haven’t done it succeeded in changing man.On the contrary man conquers the environment the structure.So if we are clear that the outer is the inner the inner is the outerthat there is not the division the society and the individualthe collective and the separate human beingbut the human being is the whole:he is the society he is the separate human individualhe is the factor which brings about this chaos.Therefore he is the world and the world is him!A: Therefore if he changes everything changes.If he doesn’t change nothing changes.K: That’s right. If we accept that if we see thatnot intellectually but feel it in your heart in your mindin your blood that you are that then the question:is it possible for a human being to transform himselfinwardly and therefore outwardly?From that arises the question:can the human mind which has been so conditioned for millenniacan that human mind which has acquiredso much knowledge in so many directionscan that human mind changebring about a regeneration in itselfand be free to reincarnate now?A: Now. K: Now.A: Yes.A: That is the question. Exactly. Reincarnate now.K: Can we be a light to ourselvesnot dependent psychologically on anyone.An action that will not breed conflict regretsorrow pain inwardly?You understand?Can we understand ourselves so completelyor is that not possible?We have never tried.We have tried everything else- we have gone to the mooninvented the most marvellous machinesextraordinary surgical instrumentsthe brain has got extraordinary capacitybut that capacity we have never applied to ourselvesbecause we have always asked for someone else to help us.That’s what you are doing here now.The speaker is not helping you he is not teaching you;we are saying: look at yourself.We have got the capacity the energythe sufficient intelligence to go into ourselves look at ourselvesface ourselvesnever escaping from ourselves- we’ve got all the energy to do that.Think what energy is needed to go to the moon – you understand sir? -enormous cooperative energy drive.But apparently when it comes to us we kind of become slackwe witherand we hope somebody will give us waterthat will bring us again to health.Nobody’s going to give it to you.That’s one absolute fact irrefutable factbecause we have had leaders we have had teacherswe have had saviours we have had every kind of outside agencyinfinite information about ourselves from othersand all that has not freed us from fear.And so out of our laziness out of our indifferenceout of our callousness we invent gods and all the rest of it.And the misfortune is because we don’t know ourselveswe are destroying other human beingswe’re destroying this marvellous earth.K: Culture is different from civilization.Culture implies growth.K: Now growth in the flowering of goodness.A: Lovely phrase lovely phrase.K: That is culture real culture.The flowering in goodness. You understand sir?A: Yes. K: And that doesn’t exist.We have civilization- you can travel from India to America in a few hoursyou have better bathrooms better this and better thatwith all the complication that involves- that has been the Western culture which is absorbing the East now.So goodness is the very essence of culture.Religion is the transformation of man!Not all the belief Churchesand the idolatry of the Christians or the Hindus- that’s not religion.So we come back to the pointif one sees all this in this worldobserves it not condemn it or justify it just to observe itthen from that one asks:man has collected such enormous information knowledgeand has that knowledge changed him into goodness?Into a culture that makes him flower in this beauty of goodness?It has not! A: No it has not.K: Therefore it has no meaning!So we come back again.A: Yes let’s do.K: Personally I am tremendously concerned with this question:how to change man.BecauseI go to India every year for three months or five monthsand I see what is happening there I see what’s happening in EuropeI see what’s happening in this country Americaand it’s something I can’t tell you what shock it gives meeach time I come to these countries -the degeneration the superficialitythe intellectual concepts galorewithout any substance without any basis or a groundin which the beauty of goodness of reality can grow.Now so saying all that:what place has knowledge in the regeneration of man?That is the basic question.\s

J. Krishnamurti – Change – Notes

Please note that this video titled J. Krishnamurti – Change is from J Krishnamurti’s Youtube channel. More information about J Krishnamurti is available on his website at www.jkrishnamurti.org. The transcriptions on this page are automated transcriptions. In case you find any errors please leave a comment below. If you would like to watch this video on the Youtube channel of Jiddu Krishnamurti then please search for J. Krishnamurti – Change on Youtube

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