J. Krishnamurti – Freedom and authority Video

J. Krishnamurti – Freedom and authority Video September 15, 2018

Below is the video from the Jiddu Krishnamurti channel, titled J. Krishnamurti – Freedom and authority. Enjoy! For more of J Krishnamurti’s videos check out the Krishnamurti video tag.

J. Krishnamurti – Freedom and authority – Video

J. Krishnamurti – Freedom and authority – Transcript

Beyond myth and tradition\sFreedom and Power\sK: Freedom and power can not exist together.\sFreedom and intelligence come together\sThis intelligence has its own teaching innate natural and easy\sEducation in other words\sNot by forcing controlling and tightening and all that\sBut education as an act of learning continues.\sIbb: During the course of his life one of the greatest subjects\sWhich Krishnamurti dealt with that was about freedom\sI touched her times and times and connected them with power\sThey spoke about freedom and power together\sIn a way that is not psychologically noticeable\sRather than socially or politically.\sBack in 1929 he said his goal was\sIs the absolute emancipation of mankind.\sThe phrase he used in this regard was: Be the light for yourself\sDo not lean on the insight and facts of others\sWhatever the rhetoric of those teachings\sNo matter how great the teacher is.\sOur myths and traditions were facts yesterday.\sHe asks us to reconsider again from moment to moment.\sHe asked why do we accept that easy\sReligious or psychological competence\sBut we resist political and social constraints?\sKrishnamurti on freedom and power.\sK: If please since the speaker is phrasing in words\sTest what he says to yourselves\sBecause doubt\sDoubt\sIs a great filter ..\sMost of us accept things easily\sEspecially in religious matters\sIn the so-called spiritual things.\sPlease do not accept anything the speaker says\sBut try to discover this for yourselves by listening carefully\sIf you are interested\sIf you do not treat it as fun\sIf they listen doubt ask and ask ..\sYou doubt those things that you have created yourselves.\sYou doubt your personal thoughts\sIn your personal conclusions\sIn your personal experiences in your beliefs in your beliefs\sYou are skeptical so that you can discover the truth in yourself.\sTruth requires a free mind\sMind is completely free.\sDoubt requires a sense of distinction:\sIf you are skeptical about everything then on the contrary it will become stupid\sBut doubt is subtle\sWith a mind alert with acumen\sAnd then that uncertainty brings clarity energy\sWe need energy to look at all those problems\sIn order to solve them.\sWithout accepting what the speaker says at any time and under any circumstance.\sThere is no authority-reference neither you nor even the speaker has authority\sTogether we check watch see learn.\sK: Scientists politicians educated people\sThe clergy they are responsible\sBut I do not know anything about it I just follow.\sThat is the general trend in the whole world.\sA: Yes ah yes ah.\sK: I’m making myself irresponsible.\sBy delegating responsibility you become irresponsible.\sWhile now we say: no one is responsible except you\sBecause you are the world and the world is you.\sYou created this jamming and you alone can achieve clarity\sAccordingly you are fully responsible in whole and in part\sAnd no one else!\sNow this means that the light must be for yourself\sNot the light of the professor or analyst or psychiatrist\sOr the light of Jesus or the light of the Buddha\sThe light must be for yourself\sIn a world that has become totally dark.\sThis means that you must be an administrator.\sNow what does this word mean?\sIt really means: total response\sAdequately for all challenges.\sYou can not respond adequately\sIf you are rooted in the past.\sBecause the challenge is new otherwise it is not a challenge;\sThe ordeal is new otherwise it is not a plight.\sSo sir responsibility means\sFull commitment to the challenge\sRespond adequately and fully to the plight.\sThe word “responsibility” means that the response.\sI can not fully respond if I am afraid\sAlso I can not fully respond if I am looking for a desire.\sI can not fully respond\sIf it is routine\sIf it has been traditionally restrictive.\sIf a complete response to the challenge means\sThe I who is the past must be terminated.\sFreedom from power – the reference is that you have died everything from yesterday\sThen that mind is always renewed always harmless innocent\sFull of enthusiasm and passion.\sIt is only in this case that one of us can observe and learn ..\sK: Violence is not only physical but largely\sMuch more psychologically.\sWhen I stick to a model\sWhen I am able to be programmed\sIs this a concept?\sWhen you tell me what to do\sTake care of spiritual or psychological health\sAnd become power-reference.\sSo when I accept power-reference there is violence.\sis not it?\sPsychic power of course\sThere is computer power\sThe power of law the power of the policeman\sWhich says Keep left or right.\sIf you are driving in Orurba you keep on the right\sIf you are driving in Britain or here who is?\sthe left? Yes left. No right? Right!\sI have not been recently.\sYes I walk down to the left and walk up to the right\sThat is absolutely true.\sViolence inevitably exists\sIn a state of confusion and turmoil he created power.\sIs this a concept? I’m confused\sI’m upset I want certainty\sThen the spiritual teacher the priest\sPsychological world others and they become power.\sIt has created them as a result of confusion and confusion.\sWhen he realized that as long as there was self-authority\sIt is either the experience I have the memory of that experience\sWhich become power – they followed all that -\sOr power to someone who says\s’I know I’ll tell you all about it’\sThe teachers of hatred and evil do all this to collect money.\sThey are one of the richest people in the world.\sEvangelists churches enormous organizations\sThey have said ‘Have faith doctrine acceptance’\sI am so afraid to say ‘yes’ and naively I accept it.\sFrom a turbulent state power has been created.\sIf there is discipline there is no authority\sBecause I act as it should.\sNot according to the model.\sSo one of the causes of conflict disorder\sIs the psychological acceptance of power.\sThat is to say can one live even without even as one top\sOne reference authority\sAt that time one is living with great discipline now\sNot tomorrow?\sIt is not a matter of acceptance or rejection\sBut is to verify within you\sWhich does not require any form of power.\sOn the contrary it requires not to follow anyone\sSo the light must be for yourself.\sK: You are almost like a consumer.\sDo not forget that you are not.\sYou are almost like a shabby kind of people.\sYou are trying to find something that is original\sGod is not. Truth is the origin\sIt has not been seen before by all the priests in the world\sIs the origin.\sSo you must have an original mind\sWhich means free mind.\sNot original in drawing a new plate\s- That’s all folly – but a free mind.\sThe free mind that can work within the scope of knowledge\sThe free mind who can see he observes learns.\sNow how can you help the other\s- or that it is not possible – to be free?\sDo you understand?\sLook I do not belong to anything\sI do not have any church I do not have any belief all that.\sThe human who really wants to know if there is something eternal\sWhich is beyond all thought\sOf course everything must be set built on thought\sThe Savior the teachers the spiritual teachers the knowledge all fades away.\sAre there people who can do this?\sCan anyone take this trip?\sOr you’ll say well you told me about all that old man\sI’ll sit comfortably and then you tell me.\sA: Yes yes that’s what happens.\sK: I’m saying I will not describe it I will not tell you anything about it!\sFormulating them in words means destroying them.\sSo let’s see if you can not be free.\sWhat are you afraid of?\sAfraid of power afraid you are wrong?\sBut you are completely wrong in your way of life\sA complete stupidity will keep you on the path you take.\sDoes not make sense! I follow sir?\sI reject spiritual authority of all kinds.\sWhat are you afraid of?\sTo be wrong spiritually?\sThey are wrong and you are not wrong because you only learn.\sThey are the founders of sin.\sA: Beautiful yes.\sK: And why do you follow them why do you accept them?\sThey are corrupt.\sCan you be free of all this?\sSo that your mind through meditation\sWhich we will discuss – perhaps at another time -\sI see what it means to be free\sWhat does it mean to erase all those things?\sWhich these people put in you\sAnd then be innocent and your mind will never be hurt\sNon-vulnerable.\sThat is what innocence means.\sFrom this we learn\sLet’s take a trip – from there follow up sir?\sFrom that sense of denial to everything\sThought was compiled by the intellect\sBecause thought is time thought is an article\sAnd if you live in the scope of thought\sThere will be no freedom ever follow my friend?\sUnless it is said and I repeat it to them they …\sYou can talk to endless books\sThis comes first then you can read the books.\sIn yourself lies the whole world\sIf you know how to see and learn\sThen the door will open and the key will be in your hand.\sNo one on Earth can give you the key\sAnd not to open the door for you except you.\sK: So one has to ask what is freedom?\sThis movement from one angle to another angle in this domain – range?\s- Do you understand? – Domain – Scope is my consciousness\sThis whole world is my domain – my domain\sI move from one corner\sIn this psychological field to another angle\sI call it freedom.\sOr choose to move south rather than north\sI call it freedom. If I call the option Freedom.\sI am a Democrat and I choose to become a Republican\sBut it is the same path.\sWe fools enough not to see it.\sSo is this freedom?\sDo you follow all this?\sCan the option achieve freedom?\sOr where there is an option there is no freedom.\sSo what is freedom?\sPlease sir the question is connected.\sWhat is freedom?\sMoving from trap trap to trap?\sMoving from one kind of misery to another?\sFreedom clearly means that you are completely free\sOf the entire awareness content.\sis that clear?\sThe problem of that angle is different from the other angle\sBut in the same area.\sWe distinguish between problems\sBut it’s one problem is that a concept?\sAll the problems are overlapping this is clear:\sMy problem with nationality is my problem with securing a living\sMy problem with God is that they are all one movement\sFor this eternal search for something or other\sBy the way.\sSo freedom is the complete termination of your being something.\sWhat is the importance of power?\sThe word “authority-reference” as you know means. The one who founded – -\sA: The author. K: The author. A: Yes.\sK: These priests spiritual teachers\sLeaders spiritual preachers\sWhat did they establish?\sThey repeat tradition do not they?\sA: Ah yes very accurately.\sK: Traditions whether they are Zen-Buddhist traditions\sChinese or Hindu traditions are dead thing!\sThese people are dedicated to the dead thing.\sWhat is behind the acceptance of authority?\sIs it fear?\sFear of going wrong spiritually\sOr not doing the right thing\sIn order to achieve enlightenment knowledge\sHigher consciousness whatever it is?\sIt’s fear?\sOr is feeling despair\sA sense of absolute unity absolute ignorance?\s- I use the word ignorance in its deeper meaning – that makes me say\s”Here is a man who says he knows I will accept him.”\sDo not argue do you follow sir?\sI’m not saying “What do you know?”\sWe accept where there is ignorance\sWhere logic does not work\sWhere “intelligence” is absent.\sAnd you need all that – freedom intelligence logic -\sTaking into account the real spiritual matters.\sOtherwise what?\sA spiritual teacher will come and tell you what to do\sDo you repeat what he did?\sDo you follow sir how devastating it is\sHow corrupt is it? That’s what happens!\sIf so sir – that raises a very important question -\sCan we know there could be education\sWhere there is no authority – reference whatever?\s

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