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J. Krishnamurti – The sacred Video September 22, 2018

Below is the video from the Jiddu Krishnamurti channel, titled J. Krishnamurti – The sacred. Enjoy! For more of J Krishnamurti’s videos check out the Krishnamurti video tag.

J. Krishnamurti – The sacred – Video

J. Krishnamurti – The sacred – Transcript

Beyond myth and tradition\sholy\sIbb: Wherever humanity lives whatever race or culture\sThere was a universal sense of something else.\sSince beyond the time of knowledge there have been some hints\sFor something broader and deeper\sSomething greater than an individual entity.\sThat sense of limitless took many forms\sThrough dance through art spoken or written word\sOf the world’s great religions.\sThe terms of fear and worship have been created\sTechnical and spiritual legacy\sWhich has been rooted in every corner of the globe.\sA deep imprint has been imbued in the human mind.\sWhatever the magnitude of that cultural heritage\sWe have those old legends and traditions that have prevented us\sFrom looking beyond the limits of our preconceived ideas?\sIs there anything beyond books drawings and sculpture?\sIs there anything beyond the scope of thought?\sKrishnamurti for the sacred.\sK: Is there anything sacred in life?\sNot an innovator by thought.\sBecause the human since an unspecified time\sHe was always asking this question.\sIs there anything beyond all this turmoil misery\sDarkness illusions\sFar from social institutions and reforms\sIs there something really real\sSomething beyond time\sSomething so enormous that this thought can not reach it?\sMan was asked about all this.\sAnd only it seems very very very few were free\sTo enter this world.\sThe priest since ancient times\sWhat comes between the researcher\sAnd that which he hopes to find.\sHe explains\sHe becomes the man who knows or thinks he knows\sIt deviates turns away lost.\sSo if we want to know what is holiest\sWhich is an indefinite and eternal\sIt is clear that one must not belong to a group\sNo religion no faith no faith no faith\sBecause faith and faith …\sCreed is accepted as a fact\sSomething does not exist or can not exist.\sThat is the nature of the doctrine: take it as Muslim\sAccept something to be a fact.\sWhen your query is self\sYour self-confidence your energy\sNot discovered be the doctrine.\sBecause in the belief there is a form of security\sComforts.\sBut a person who seeks only psychological comfort\sSuch a man will never reach that which goes beyond time.\sThis sanctity is not worshiped it is the observer who contemplates it.\sIt is not in the market to buy or buy ..\sSuch as beauty which can not be seen through its opposite\sBecause he has no antagonism.\sK: We must now talk about what religion is\sBecause religion seems since ancient times\sHas played an unusual role in life.\sEvery civilization regardless of its size\sShe has her idea of ​​religion\sWorship of the sun worship of trees\sWorship of thunder lightning\sMaybe that’s better than all the other things.\sSince the most recent days\sMan sought something beyond himself.\sThe priest comes – it is like all of us\s”I’ll help you” he says.\sHe becomes the interpreter\sFor in the old days the priest was the only person\sWho was able to read and write.\sIt is the interpreter that God calls\sThen invent all the equipment\sTo the same extent\s- The dress the hood you know a whole circus.\sSo we wonder despite all religions\sAnd this is empty words and rituals\sHis doctrines and his sheep\s- It’s really a network of myths -\sDespite all that what is religion?\sMany religions around the world have said\sThat there is a constant truth eternal\sBut just asserting a fact is of little importance.\sOne has to discover it by itself …\sK: I see pleasure pleasure joy and happiness.\sI see that pleasure is not related to the other two rejoicing and enjoying.\sIf thought gives direction and enhances pleasure.\sRight.\sNow the mind asks:\sCould there be no interference of thought …\sA: Yes.\sK: Not interfering with thought in pleasure?\sI enjoy.\sWhy should the thought in any case interfere in it?\sA: There is no reason at all. K: But he does.\sA: He does he does he does. K: Accordingly the question now arises:\sHow can the mind the brain\sStop the thought of entering that pleasure?\sI follow? A: Yes.\sK: Do not interfere.\sIs it possible to enjoy\sYou get the joy of that beautiful scene\sWithout thinking to him?\sIs this possible?\sThis is possible quite possible\sIf you are careful at that moment\sAre you fully aware sir?\sA: It has nothing to do with one’s self\sMuscle strain to focus on it.\sK: Just be there in your entirety.\sWhen you see the sunset see it perfectly!\sWhen you see the beautiful line of a car just watch it!\sDo not allow this thought to begin.\sThis means that at that moment they were highly attentive\sYour mind your body your nerves\sWith your eyes your ears everything is alert.\sThen thought can not interfere at all.\sTo see lust desire\sTo see content the structure of pleasure\sAnd that has nothing to do with enjoyment and joy\sTo see all this to see him\sNot theoretically but actually I learn\sThrough observation through attention through attention\sThrough a very accurate vision\sIt brings a great sense of intelligence.\sAfter all IQ is a sensation\sBe completely sensitive as you see.\sIf you call that “Higher Self IQ” or whatever\sIt does not make sense – I follow?\sA: As if you were saying at that moment you were liberated.\sYeah. That intelligence comes in observation.\sA: Yes.\sK: That intelligence works all the time if you allow him to.\sYou are not allowed to do so if you see.\sI mean I see I’ve seen all my life\sPeople who have taken control people who have been denied\sPeople who have denied who have sacrificed\sWho have controlled suppressed\sThey trained themselves to fight fiercely torturing themselves\sI say for what?\sFor God’s sake? For the truth?\sA mind has been created … tormented twisted savage\sCan this mind see the truth? of course no.\sYou need a perfectly healthy mind\sA whole mind a holy mind – in itself.\sOtherwise you can not see anything holistic holy.\sUnless the mind is sacred you can not see what is sacred.\sIs there anything that this mind can not touch\sAnd therefore it is incorruptible immortal eternal and holy?\sK: When the mind is completely silent\sWhat is that that has no limit?\sWhat is that? What is eternal?\sI do not mean this God and all the things that man invented\sBut to be true.\sNow silence in the deep meaning of that word opens the door\sBecause you got there all your energy\sNothing lost\sThere is no energy dissipation at all.\sThus in this silence there is an assembly of energy.\sA: Exactly.\sK: It is not the energy that moves not the projection of self\sSo sir it’s all very silly.\sBecause there is no conflict\sNo control\sNo Access – Reserve or Not Arrive\sSearch query question\sRequest waiting prayer – none of it -\sAccordingly there are …\s… all that energy that was wasted\sHave now gathered in that silence.\sThis silence has become sacred because … this is clear.\sA: Of course it has become so ..\sK: It has become so – but not that sacred invented by thought ..\sA: No it is not the sacred opposite of the sexist.\sAll but. A: No no.\sK: If just such a holy mind\sHe can see His Holiness\sWho is the essence of all that is holy which is beauty I follow sir?\sIf this is.\sGod is not something created by man\sOr innovated on his image and his longing and failure\sBut when the mind itself becomes sacred\sThen he opens the door to that which is the infinite holy.\sThat is religion.\sWhich affects daily life\s- how to talk how people are treated\sYou know my behavior – all that.\sThat is religious life.\sIf not then all the causes of harm will be found.\sSo sir it all comes from\sDeep inner sense of seriousness\sThat seriousness itself brings attention attention\sResponsibility and everything we discussed.\sIt is not that one has done all this but that he has seen it – knew it\sConsciousness itself is an act which is wisdom.\sA: I must express my gratitude to you\sform the deep of my heart.\sI hope you will let me.\sBecause throughout the whole process of our discussions\sIt has been transformed.\sK: Exactly.\sBecause you have enough desire to listen good to hear.\sMost people are not do not want to listen.\sIt took time trouble attention to listen.\sWe have unlimited energy\sIf that energy is not misused or wasted.\sTo find that which is sacred\sOne must have doubt\sDoubt.\sBecause that doubt skepticism questioning health\sYou can not doubt everything.\sBut in the process of doubt\sYou purify the brain of all those foolishness\sHis sheep his illusions.\sThe brain becomes exceptionally alive alert.\sIf meditation is not a control of thought\sOr practice a method or method\sBut freeing the brain from its own incarnations.\sThis is just the beginning.\sWhen there is that freedom\sThen we can ask what it is\sThe silent brain.\sBecause only through great silence you learn notes\sNot when there was a lot of noise.\sTo notice those hills\sAnd those beautiful trees\sTo notice your wife and children\sOr your husband and your relatives – to notice\sYou have to have a range and there is silence.\sBut if you are a talkative a preacher – you know -\sYou will not have a range or silence.\sWe need a range not just physically\sBut much more psychologically\sThat range is denied\sWhen we think of ourselves.\sVery simple – true? – because where there is range\s- a wide range psychologically -\sThere is great vitality great energy\sBut when that range is limited by one’s narrow ego\sThat powerful energy\sThey are completely contained within their limitations.\sThat is why meditation is the end of the ego.\sOne can listen to all that …\sIf one begins to realize\sWhen the thought is quiet watching\sThat there is something beyond all perception doubt and research.\sThis thing exists at least for the speaker.\sBut what the speaker of Isrian says to him on the other\sUnless I listened learned watched\sTo be completely free of all life fears.\sThe End of the Ego\sBe nothing.\sThat you do not have a picture of any kind no illusions\sTo be nothing at all.\sThe tree means nothing to itself\sIt exists.\sAnd that its very existence is the most wonderful thing.\sLike those hills they exist and will not become anything.\sDo you understand?\sThis is meditation.\sIt is the end of the research the truth.\sI’ve talked enough.\s

J. Krishnamurti – The sacred – Notes

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