J. Krishnamurti – Choiceless awareness Video

J. Krishnamurti – Choiceless awareness Video September 29, 2018

Below is the video from the Jiddu Krishnamurti channel, titled J. Krishnamurti – Choiceless awareness. Enjoy! For more of J Krishnamurti’s videos check out the Krishnamurti video tag.

J. Krishnamurti – Choiceless awareness – Video

J. Krishnamurti – Choiceless awareness – Transcript

Beyond myth and tradition\sUnconscious awareness\sIb: What does it mean to be conscious\sTo be deeply alive at every moment?\sMost of us have a distinct awareness of what we love and hate\sThere is a sharp split.\sBut is it possible to be only conscious?\sTo leave love and hatred behind us\sAnd to see things simply as they are?\sThose are times where consciousness is\sFar more than just that focus\sKrishnamurti calls him an unconscious consciousness.\sAs he said when they are very pure\sThere is no need to choose.\sIt is a subject that has been repeated over and over again over the years.\sKrishnamurti on the unconscious consciousness.\sK: How does this wonderful scene look to you\sThe beauty of this place?\sWhat does it mean to you?\sDo you notice him unconscious without any choice\sWithout any desire urgency-\sJust note the beauty of the unusual place?\sOr do we always have a choice when we are conscious?\s’I prefer this land to another land\sI prefer this valley to another valley ‘\sSo there is always a memory and an option that works.\sCan one be conscious without any choice at all\sJust be aware of the unusual sensation of the blue sky\sThe blue sky through foliage\sAnd just go with it all?\sDo you understand?\sTherefore there is no division between the inside and outside\sIt’s like tides extending out and back inside.\sThat is the awareness of this world outside of us\sAnd the awareness of this world deep within us\sNo consciousness as subconscious.\sWhen one is really his depth conscious or conscious\sThere are no vestiges or caches of the unconscious movement.\sI do not know if you have gone through all this\sIf you have done so;\sNot just listening to a lot of words.\sIf consciousness is this movement of the outside and inside\sAnd to discover for himself whether there is a split\sBetween the outside and inside.\sWhat is the focus?\sFocus on a page on a picture\sConcentrate all one’s energy on a certain point.\sIn focus\sThere is always that who tries to focus\sIn that focus there is effort and control.\sIf there is a microcontroller and control it in focus.\sThere is a split between the controller and the controller\sThere is therefore an effort a feeling of division.\sWhere there is division there must be conflict\sBetween the controller and the controller.\sThat’s generally what we call focus.\sNow is there such a division?\sDo you listen attentively now?\sListen to the speaker what to say about attention;\sDo you really listen?\sWhen you really listen there will be no center like the “ego”\sWhich listens. Do you follow that?\sFor beauty to come into being\sThe mind’s awareness of its limitations must be optional:\sThere must be awareness\sWhere the comparison depends entirely.\sK: We generally consider fear as something outside of us.\sTherefore there is this question concerning observable and observable – observed and observed.\sNow can you see fear without notice\sSo you’re totally in touch with him all the time?\sBe conscious of fear without choice which means\sThe choice includes observable\sThe choice of whether this I do not like and this I like\sSo when the observer is absent\sThere is an unconscious awareness of fear.\sEh: Well. K: That’s right.\sThus the quantifiers prevent you\sTo be in total contact with fear.\sE: Yes. Words can be blocked obscured.\sK: Yes that’s what we say.\sSo the word must not interfere.\sQ: We have to go beyond that. K: We go over the word.\sBut is it possible to be far from the floor?\sTheoretically we say yes but we are slaves to the words ..\sEh: Too much yes that’s right.\sK: I mean it’s obvious – we’re slaves to words.\sTherefore the mind must be conscious of its worship of words\sThe mind understands that the word is never the thing.\sTherefore the mind is free from the word to see.\sAll this is implied.\sNow there is fear at the level of consciousness\sWhere one can understand it fairly quickly.\sBut there are deeper layers of fear\sCalled hidden parts in the mind.\sBe conscious of it.\sQ: Now you are talking about whether we can be clearly conscious\sFor the whole range of reason?\sK: Yes access to the whole mind content\sWhich is both consciousness as well as deeper layers\sTotal awareness.\sE: Yes. Can we be clearly aware of all this?\sI’m not sure. K: I’m saying that’s possible.\sThis is possible only when you are conscious during the day\sWhat you say words you use gestures\sThe way you speak the way you walk what your thoughts are\sBe fully and fully aware of all that.\sE Q: Do you think all this can be achieved before\sBe fully conscious? K: Yes sir definitely.\sWhen there is no conviction or justification\sWhen you are in direct contact with him.\sIf you are conscious during your day of your thoughts to your feelings\sConscious of your motives\sWhich requires a high sensitivity mind.\sQ: It seems to me that you are saying something as a key to doing so\sIt is a radical reversal in our view.\sAs if we were imprisoned in the rails for the light\sWe look for a glimmer of light that we see there\sWe wonder how we can go towards it\sWhile in fact the cell door is open behind us.\sOnly if we were diverted would we be able to walk out to freedom.\sK: Sure sir this includes\sThe eternal struggle the struggle\s- Man is stuck with his personal\sStruggling struggling hitting his head to be free.\sAgain we have accepted with the help of religions\sAll the rest of the group\sThat effort is necessary it is part of life.\sFor me it is the highest level of blindness of insight\sA finite man says he must live in an effort forever.\sE Q: ‘And you think’ that we should not be.\sK: It’s not ‘I think’ intellectually – sir where it’s not a matter of thought.\sThought is the most … eh: completely.\sLet’s delete these two words and just say ‘we do not have to’\sK: But living without effort requires the highest sensitivity\sAnd the higher level of intelligence.\sYou do not just say “Well I will not fight” and become like a cow.\sBut one has to understand\sHow conflict arises and this duplication in us.\sI remember traveling one time by car in India with a group of people.\sI was sitting in the front beside the driver.\sThere were three in the back talking about consciousness\sThey want to discuss with me what consciousness is.\sThe car was going very fast.\sThere was a goat on the road and the driver paid little attention\sAnd the beast of the poor animal.\sGentlemen at the back who were discussing consciousness\sThey never knew what happened.\sYou laugh but that’s what we all do.\sWe are theoretically interested in the idea of ??????consciousness\sVerbally verbally checking the point of view\sThey are so far unaware of the reality of what is happening.\sK: You could not notice\sQuietly without any choice\sNotice what happens inside ourselves?\sThe mirror in which we see our faces\sHow to clean your hair how to clean your teeth\sHow to fly or take care of your face and so on\sCan we observe with all our ability from near to identify\sIt is accurate without any interference?\sthat means\sWe must understand the movement of choice.\sPlease ask yourself:\sWhy choose psychologically internally\sShe says I will do this I will not do it this is true so wrong\sI am violent but must become non-violent\sI’m arrogant but I’ll be modest – do you understand? -\sIs this internal option continuing all the time?\sIs there an option at all when there is clarity?\sSo we wonder why there is this choice within us\sRegardless of the choice of things?\sCan we look at the order for a minute?\sHuman beings around the world have probably inherited\sOf monkeys and so on\sThey are violent people human beings as well all over the world.\sIt recognizes the consequences of violence\s- not only on himself but collectively -\sHe says let’s be nonviolent let’s practice nonviolence\sLet’s talk about non-violence\sLet us use that tool politically and so on.\sThat was one of the things that India produced non-violence\s- Not just India others talked about it a long time ago\sSo we you me you – violent – if I have anything violent -\sWe are violent and then we say “I will become non-violent”\sWhich is an option right?\sWhere there is a chapter in my thinking\sI can separate thought from action.\sI think of something and say something else\sI think of something and act differently.\sThat is the chapter which generates conflict hypocrisy.\sSo one can go into this question about the conflict very very deeply\sWhen you begin to understand nature and structure\sAnd its precise direction\sAs you watch it viewing itself without any choice\sIn that observation you will see the end of this conflict.\sThis requires a great identification of each idea\sFor each action for each path you feel internally.\sIf one wants to end this conflict\sYou must give it tremendous attention\sNot ordinary attention -\sNot after one day or one week\sBut to let that attention continue all the time.\sConsciousness is the silence and the non-optional observation of what it is.\sIn this awareness the problem simplifies itself\sIt is therefore completely understandable.\sK: Yes my friend you’re telling me “Be conscious of that”\sI’m blind. I think this is an “elephant”.\sHow do I …? Do you follow my question sir?\sI’m blind!\sI want to see the light.\sYou say “Be aware of that blindness.”\sI say yes. what does that mean?\sAnd t: awareness vigilance attention\sHow do you distinguish these three?\sK: I want to say sir …\sAnd t: These three: awareness vigilance and attention.\sK: I want to say consciousness\sWhich has no choice\sJust be conscious.\sThe moment the choice intervenes in consciousness there is no consciousness.\sAnd t: True.\sK: The selection is measurement splitting and so on.\sAnd therefore the awareness is without a choice – just be conscious -\s”I do not like it I like this room” – it’s all over.\sAnd t: yes true.\sK: attention that is to be present\sIn that attention there is no division.\sAnd t: This also means no choice.\sK: Let it be for a moment.\sThe attention involved – not division: “I am present.”\sTherefore there is no division\sThere is therefore no measurement and therefore no limits.\sOne can be conscious of what type of clothes you are wearing.\sOne might say “I like it or not.”\sSo the choice does not exist you wear it that’s all.\sBut attention\sAt that time there is no “present” – the person who attends -\sTherefore there is no division.\sAnd t: But the teachings of the Buddha of “Satipathana” are those\sIn the “Satipathana” meditation practice\sThere is no discrimination There is no assessment or judgment -\sThere is no admiration or hatred but only you see?\sK: If you’re completely present\sYour ears your eyes\sWith your body your nerves your whole mind your heart\sWith affection with love with love with total attention: What will happen?\sAnd t: Sure what will happen is an absolute internal revolution\sA complete revolution.\sK: No what a state like that mind\sWho is the total attention?\sYou see there is no property no center\sThere is no center and no borders.\sAh no this is a reality you can not just imagine it.\sWhen one has a deep awareness or awareness\sThere is no residue or concealment of the unconscious movement.\sThere is no division between the inside and the outside.\sK: If you’re conscious-conscious not saying ‘I’m conscious\sBut I do not like that shirt it’s very blue. ‘\sSo I was told this morning!\sSo are we aware of that meaning\sWithout any choice – awareness not optional?\sThen if you are actually conscious and not optional\sThen be careful do you understand?\sUnconscious awareness means attention\sIt is not a cumulative saying ‘I must be present!’\sBut to become aware of the trees the birds the balloons that rise\sFor the mountains for the light above the clouds for the evening\sFor moonlight and so on – consider and consider conscious of all that\sAnd your reaction to all this\sNon response and no choice\s- I like this and I do not like it this is me this is for you -\sJust be conscious.\sFrom this unconscious consciousness there is attention\s- Right? – Attend with your eyes with your ears\sWith your nerves with all your being.\sTherefore the characteristic of attention and the property of attention lack of presence\sAre different.\sWhere there is no attention\sThere is a choice no awareness lack of attention\sThen the registration process begins\sThe old custom has solidified.\sBut when there is attention the old habit is broken.\sYou understand that? Will you do it?\sThat’s fun not just listening to a lot of words.\sBut if you actually put it you know\sNot to turn it into action but to see the truth of it!\s

J. Krishnamurti – Choiceless awareness – Notes

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