J. Krishnamurti – Meditation Video

J. Krishnamurti – Meditation Video October 6, 2018

Below is the video from the Jiddu Krishnamurti channel, titled J. Krishnamurti – Meditation. Enjoy! For more of J Krishnamurti’s videos check out the Krishnamurti video tag.

J. Krishnamurti – Meditation – Video

J. Krishnamurti – Meditation – Transcript

Beyond myth and tradition\sMeditation\sAB: Over the past decades the subject of meditation\sHas gained great popularity in the Western world\sWhile in the East it has long been essential in life.\sWe have all seen paintings and statues of the Buddha\sAnd “Bodhisattva” in deep meditation.\sThere are countless ways techniques and methods\sPracticed throughout the world.\sKrishnamurti’s approach begins with freedom\sNot with the burdens of yesterday.\sHe sees beyond myth and tradition that you want to tell us ‘how’\s’All the ways that have been based on what others have experienced’ he says\sOnly bind us more tightly to the old the past ‘.\sBut in the beginning with ‘I do not know’\sWe are free to step into the beauty of the unknown.\sKrishnamurti on meditation.\sK: So what’s meditation?\sNot how to meditate.\sWhen you ask ‘how’ there is someone to tell you what to do right?\sIf you do not ask ‘how’\sShe says ‘What is meditation?’\sThen you have to make your own personal experience\s- No matter how limited – you have to think! is not it?\sIf you say ‘Tell me what meditation is’\sI’ll enter in some sort of silly dream.\sThe word ‘meditation’ means full reflection\sMore insight be concerned with.\sAlso it means – the root meaning – is: measurement\sIn Sanskrit Latin Greek and English-metrology\sWell internally we always measure.\sI’ve been I’ll be. is not it?\sI’m this I’ve been this I must be so.\sWhich is not only measured but compared\sMeasurement is a comparison.\sMeditation is the understanding of a word\sMeasurement and its meaning\sAnd ending the measurement psychologically – which is to become such\sEnd it -\sAnd to see limited thought.\sThe thought is finite.\sHe may think of limits but that is still limited.\sIf it comes to an end.\sThat brain which was chattering all the time was infallible\sSuddenly becomes silent\sWithout any compulsion without any adjustment\sBecause he sees reality sees his truth.\sIndeed as we have said above time goes by.\sSo the thought comes to an end.\sWhere there is scope and silence\sOnly then is there something new\sWhere it is free from time where thought can come be ..\sThis may be the most complete and most sacred.\sMaybe.\sYou can not give it a name; it is perhaps indefinite.\sWhen this occurs\sThen there is intelligence empathy and love.\sThe contemplative mind is silent.\sIt is not the silence that thought can perceive.\sIt is not a quiet evening silence.\sIt is silence when thought with all its forms\sHis words and perceptions have completely stopped.\sThis contemplative mind is the religious mind\sReligion is not about the church the temples the songs.\sThis religious mind is a burst of love.\sThis love does not know separation.\sOnly from this silence does the contemplative mind work.\sK: There is meditation for Zen Buddhists\sThen there is the Buddhist meditation which is very complex\sThere is also Hindu meditation.\sThen some people from Tibet also brought their way of meditation.\sAnd spiritual teachers who devised their own meditation.\sThe word “Guru – the spiritual teacher” – in Sanskrit means weight\sWeight weight.\sAnd also that word has different meanings\sWhich is ‘one who helps to eliminate ignorance’.\sDo you understand?\sIt is not one who imposes his ignorance on others.\sI’m glad we can laugh.\sFor the speaker all this is not meditation\sBecause all this is the result of circumvention circumvention is not it?\sSo gradually if you practice all those things\sYour brain will inevitably become dull.\sConscious contemplation is not meditation.\sIntentional contemplation is like any other form of achievement in business:\sTo start from being poor to become a rich man.\sWhat is the difference between a man who seeks money\sTo power to the post\sAnd another colleague says ‘I will meditate to achieve Nirvana’\sOr paradise or silence?\sNothing at all – both achieve what they want\sThe first calls it spirituality and the other calls it a business\s- We accept the two.\sTherefore there is meditation that is unconscious not deliberate.\sIn that contemplation there is complete silence.\sIt is not the silence of thought.\sThat silence is not the product of thought.\sThat is why it is very important to understand the thought\sThinking and all that.\sAnd when the brain is completely calm\sThen you will discover …\s- Then that is indefinite\sThat which can not be described which can not be classified\sThat is not the Savior that is nothing\sIt is completely different.\sSo there is the “order” that goes beyond time\sBecause the whole time has stopped.\sThat is real meditation\sThat is really the real religious mind.\sMeditation is beyond the realm of knowledge\sAnd freedom from him to enter the unknown.\sK: The meditator is different from meditation.\sAs long as there is hope there is no hope.\sSo we say meditation entails full liberation\sOf each comparison and measurement\s- I know this is difficult.\sBecause meditation is something\sIt’s even more wonderful if you know what to do\sNot you meditation.\sMeditate is different from meditation\sAs long as there is hope there is no hope.\sDo you understand all this?\sBecause the meditator is interested in himself\s- how is its development what to do\s’I hope it will be better tomorrow’ why worry – that’s what he cares about …\sIn meditation there is no meditation at all.\sWhen you see it sir by yourself\sHis beauty his depth his riches.\sTherefore the practice of meditation is not meditation.\sSit on the seat and look .. As you know\sMaking the mind more and more blinding\sShe says yes ‘I’ve spent a wonderful hour’\sAnd you prostrate to him touch his feet.\sBy the way please do not touch my feet\sThat is the most inappropriate thing in man.\sYou can hold my hand in as much as you want\sBut it is not my foot – it is not human it is not fitting.\sRight.\sTherefore meditation is something that can not be exercised\sThey also play violin piano.\sIn singing you exercise.\sThat means you want to reach a certain level of perfection.\sIn meditation there is no level nothing has to be done.\sTherefore it is not meditation conscious intent.\sI wonder if you have understood all this.\sThere is a hope that is not entirely directed\sTotally – if I can use the word – unconscious.\sIt is not a deliberate process.\sIf we wonder if the term contains time\s- Yesterday tomorrow – it is not a range.\sSo is there an end to time?\sWhich means is there an end to thought?\sWhich means is there an end to knowledge?\sIs there an end to experience?\sWhich is a complete liberation\sThis is meditation.\sIn real meditation there is great beauty.\sThere is a great sense of joy.\sThere is a sense of great determination.\sOnly the contemplative mind knows what love is.\sK: Personally – if I may speak a bit about myself -\sI saw I attended\sI went to certain groups of different species just to look.\sI say: ‘This is not it’ I immediately ignored.\sIf we can honestly remove all that\sAnd ask what is meditation?\sA: Well. K: Not how to meditate.\sBy asking that question what is meditation\sWe will start by discovering …\s- We will begin to meditate on ourselves. I do not know …\sA: Yes your words are very clear. We go back to discrimination\sBetween activity and the target that falls outside of this activity\sDifferent to the activity ending what is essential to itself.\sK: If we can start by saying I do not know what meditation is.\sA: Yes yes I’m on the verge of starting from there.\sK: It’s really wonderful that I started from there\sIt brings a great sense of humility.\s’I do not know’ it’s a huge confession\sFree from the existing knowledge\sExisting traditions existing methods\sExisting schools and practices.\sI start with something I do not know.\sFor me that has a wonderful beauty.\sThen I’m free to move\sI am free to flow or swim in exploration.\sIf I do not know.\sAnd then from that we can begin.\sIs meditation separate from everyday life?\sFor everyday behavior\sAbout daily desires in inquiry ambition greed envy\sFor daily competition imitating spiritual compliance\sAbout daily delirium sensuality sex\sOther forms intellectual and so on\s- Is meditation separate from all this?\sMother meditation …\sIn all this\sAll of this includes all that?\sOtherwise meditation does not make sense!\sIf he is separate from life then meditation is meaningless\sIt is just an escape from life\sEscape from all our troubles\sTragedies pain confusion\sThus it is not even worth its approach.\sA: Yes. Right.\sK: Though not separate – which is not so for me -\sWhat is meditation? Are you following?\sIs it an achievement a goal\sOr it’s perfume\sBeauty permeates all my activities?\sIt is therefore of great importance.\sMeditation is of great importance.\sThe next question is:\sIs this a search result?\sJoin the “Zen” group then to other groups – do you follow?\sOne by one one by one\sPractice these and exercise those do not exercise\sA vow of celibacy of poverty or of no talk at all of fasting\sIn order to get there.\sTo me all this is totally unnecessary.\sA: Yes.\sK: And meditation must be or is\s- When you reject all of these\sCurriculum methods teachers references -\sIt becomes a religious question.\sA: Yes a very religious question. K: Very religious.\sMeditation encompasses the whole range of existence.\sMeditation involves emancipation from style approach\sBecause I do not know what meditation is.\sI start from that.\sSo I start with freedom not with those burdens.\sA: That’s great – start with freedom and not with those burdens.\sThis work that holds us apart\sFrom that perspective is only a fact\sType of press. K: Sure.\sA: Yes of course yes. K: Propaganda.\sSo I ignore all that. So I have no burdens.\sTherefore reason is free to discover what meditation is.\sWhen you have understood all this\sOnly then will that mind be quiet quiet.\sIn this silence there is no experiment at all\sBecause such a mind is alive pure it is a light unto itself.\sIt transcends all experience. All this is meditation.\sK: Is there a way to live?\sOur daily lives without control?\sRight? It is part of meditation.\sThis is a question one has to ask himself.\sIs there in our daily lives a way of life?\sWithout ever having any form of control\s- Religion philosophy your teacher your family your mother – control!\sBut we have never explored who is the controller?\sThe controller is formed in the past\sThe past is knowledge – which is thought -\sThought has separated itself as a controller and controlled by it.\sThe focus is all that.\sAnd in understanding it we ask\sThe most fundamental question that is\sCan one live in this world – with a family and all the other things -\sWithout a shadow to control right?\sPersonally I have never read about all this.\sIt will not be honest it is meaningless.\sBut to get insight into the window – do you understand? -\sFor an immediate sight of all the religious institutions\sAll of them\sSo you are outside.\sTo see immediately that the observer is noticeable.\sSo there is no effort!\sThere is voltage when there is a split. Are you following?\sSo does not that mean that our brains have become too dull?\sBecause we have been trained trained are you following? -\sSo he lost his intuitive nature\sHis ability to see directly\sWithout all interpretations and words words words.\sBut unfortunately one has to go into this\sBecause our brains can not absorb immediately\sFor example truth has no trail.\sDo you understand?\sTo see the breadth of that saying\sThe beauty of that saying which obliterates all ways.\s- Asian Western North South East West -\sSo your brain becomes exceptionally effective.\s

J. Krishnamurti – Meditation – Notes

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