J. Krishnamurti – Mirror of relationship Video

J. Krishnamurti – Mirror of relationship Video October 13, 2018

Below is the video from the Jiddu Krishnamurti channel, titled J. Krishnamurti – Mirror of relationship. Enjoy! For more of J Krishnamurti’s videos check out the Krishnamurti video tag.

J. Krishnamurti – Mirror of relationship – Video

J. Krishnamurti – Mirror of relationship – Transcript

Beyond myth and tradition\sMirror of mutual relationship\sAB: This time Krishnamurti deals with the relationship.\sWhat is our role\sIn this deeper interaction with the other?\sLooking deeply can we see ourselves and our actions clearly?\sLonely in your room is probably ideal\sBut things become more complicated when there is a husband\sA friend a child your compatriots and neighbors from the world enter that life.\sIn 1985 Krishnamurti said\s’Just as you notice your face in the mirror\sNotes your reactions without any distortion\sThis can only be done in relation to the other. ‘\sThen the relationship becomes the mirror\sBy which you can see yourself exactly as you are.\sLook at the mirror of mutual relations.\sK: Life is a path in the relationship.\sYou may meet in bed however\sEach one seeks a different direction\sLike two parallel lines that never meet\sThis is called the relationship\sWhich does not exist where the actual meaning of love.\sSo why humans very smart technology\sWith such extraordinary power and energy\sWhy humans have not solved it\sThe most important question the problem.\sYou can meditate\sYou can seek enlightenment\sYou can follow the latest teacher\sThe last term Whatever you follow\sBut if you do not solve this problem\sEverything you have achieved spiritually\sYour technical achievements are of no value at all.\sBecause our lives are mutual.\sSimilarly\sIf this question is not resolved\sThe essential the basic relationship\sWhich are now isolating us from each other\sThis isolation will inevitably generate\sAll kinds of misery\sDisturbance hatred anger.\sSo it is possible to have a relationship\sWhere there is no conflict at all?\sMutual relationship is the mirror in which we see ourselves as we are.\sAll life is a walk in relationship.\sEven the hermit is linked to the past to those around him.\sThere is no escaping the mutual relationship.\sK: To understand the full meaning of the relationship with each other\sNo matter how close however distant we must begin to think\sWe must begin to understand why the brain creates images\s- I hope we follow together -\sWhy do we have pictures about ourselves\sImages or perceptions about others.\sIf you have a picture that you are Swiss British or French\sThese images not only distort our vision of humanity\sBut also work on the separation?\sThus where there is separation division\sThere must be conflict;\sThere is also a conflict taking place in the Middle East\s- The Arab against the Israeli the Muslim against the Hindu\sChristian against all the rest of the world.\sIs it possible to never create a picture?\sDo you understand?\sWhich means that the event is not recorded\sWhich may be enjoyable or painful in that particular relationship\sDo not register\sDo not insult or compliment\sEncouragement or frustration – do you follow\sAll this happens in our daily relationship -\sCan I not register at all?\sAre we meeting?\sBecause the brain is constantly recording\sEverything happens to him psychologically\sThen he is never free to be quiet\sYou can never be silent peaceful.\sIf the machine works all the time it is exhausting itself\s- This is obvious\sThis is what happens in our relationship with each other.\sIs it possible not to create a picture of each other?\sBecause that image\sRemembering things from the past which is the picture\sDivide people.\sIt is not only the picture\sBut if you are ambitious\sMyself\sSeeking to be Chief Executive Officer\sOr to become psychologically something or other\sMy wife is doing something else equally on other trends\sHow can we have a relationship? Do you understand my question?\sFew of us seem to be free of any form of imagery.\sFreedom from the picture is real freedom.\sRight?\sBecause then in that freedom\sThere is no split from the pictures.\sLove in the mutual relationship is a purification process.\sThey reveal the paths of self.\sWithout this revelation the relationship is of little importance.\sQ: You are my father\sI understand through watching you\sThat if I am intelligent you will love me.\sB: The child you are talking about depends on the picture\sThat his father loves him. DS: That’s true.\sConsequently everything ends when his father no longer loves him\sEverything is over. Right? DS: True true.\sB: So it hurts. DS: That’s true.\sK: Do you impose a picture on the child?\sYou must do this because you have a picture.\sDS: You are working on it and the child took it\sOr could not pick them up. All but!\sBecause you have a picture about yourself\sYou must create a picture in the child.\sDS: That’s true.\sK: Do you follow? You have discovered. DS: Yes.\sB: If the continuation of the process of building the image did not exist\sThen there will be no basis no structure will be hurt.\sIn other words the cause of the pain is all\sTo some psychological factors\sAnd some thought he grew up to say\s’I suffer this pain.’\sWhile I was already enjoying the fun of saying\sMy father loves me ‘I do what he wants’.\sNow comes the pain:\s’I do not do what he wants he does not love me.’\sDS: If you’re like that I’m with you\sIf not as such …\sK: But society does it with every human being.\sThe church does it churches religion politics\s- Everything in a culture around us creates this image.\sI am a Catholic I am a Protestant I am a Hindu I am a Zen monk\sI am this I am so – they are all pictures.\sDS: That’s right.\sIf there is a picture of this kind how can you love in all this?\sDS: We do not have the money. K: We do not have it!\sB: Let’s assume that parents and children have pictures of each other\sThe relationship is governed by those images.\sNow the question is whether this is really a relationship or not\sOr whether it was somehow imagined to be a relationship.\sK: As long as you have a picture of yourself\sYou have no relationship with the other.\sDS: All we know in one way or another is the pictures\sMaking pictures and thought – that’s all we know.\sK: But we never moved Can you stop?\sDS: Never moved could you stop? That is right.\sK: Never transferred by God to you\sIf not stop we are going to destroy each other.\sThe Arab has a picture of him the Jew the Hindu the Muslim the Christian\sCommunism it is this enormous division\sImages icons and so on.\sIf not stop you will get such a troubled world.\sDS: How can I stop this?\sK: Not how.\sThen enter the question-systems mechanical process\s- which are part of our image making.\sIf I tell you how then\s’Tell me the order the way the practice\sI’ll do it every day ‘and I’ll get the new picture.\sK: Now I see the reality of what’s going on in the world now.\sDS: I understood that. I’m with you yes.\sK: Reality. And not effective responses\sNot romanticism fantasy theories ‘what should not be.’\sIt’s a reality as long as there are pictures\sThere will be no peace in the world no love in the world\sWhether it is the image of Christ Buddha or Muslim\sThere will be no peace in the world.\sI see it as a reality! Right?\sHe was kept with this reality.\sThere can be love in the true sense of that word\sWhen the relationship is merely a conceptual fictional unrealistic relationship?\sThere can be a relationship only when we accept the situation as it is\sNot as it should be.\sI tested something yesterday and left a mark.\sThose are the knowledge\sWith that knowledge I have the experience.\sSubsequent experience was acquired based on the previous\sSo that experience will never be new.\sA: You say that\sThe experience that I had yesterday is the one that I recall …\sI gather it when I meet something new\sWhich shows that they have some relationship to it.\sI am a relative of the thing on the basis of my chastity with my previous acquaintance as a mirror\sWhich determines the nature of this new thing\sWhich I encountered. K: Exactly completely.\sA: Yes. This could be a pretty crazy mirror.\sK: All in all it is.\sIf you see that’s what I mean:\sWhere is freedom when it relates to knowledge?\sOr is freedom something other than continuity in knowledge?\sA: It must be something else.\sK: Which means\s- If one is looking so deeply -\sThis means the end of knowledge.\sA: Yes.\sK: What does that mean?\sWhat does knowledge mean?\sWhereas I lived entirely on knowledge.\sTake this very simple reality: You insulted me or praised me\sThat remains as knowledge.\sWith that picture with that knowledge I meet you.\sI never met you the picture that met you.\sA: Exactly.\sK: So there is no reciprocal relationship between me and you.\sYes because this has mediated our income.\sK: Clear. A: Yes.\sK: So how can that image end do not you ever record?\sA: I can not rely\sSomeone else has to finish it for me.\sK: So what should I do?\sHow is this mind who registers all the time\s- The function of the brain is recording all the time -\sHow can you be free of knowledge?\sWhen you have done some harm to me\s- personally or collectively -\sYou have insulted me you have flattered me.\sKiev brain can not record it?\sIf it is recorded then it is a picture\sIt’s a memory\sSo the past meets the present.\sWhat is the status of knowledge in the human relationship?\sKnowledge in the sense\sPrevious experience tradition portrait.\sA: Yes.\sK: What do you notice?\s- All that is remarkable -\sWhat is the status of the observer in the human relationship?\sDoes the observer have any role in the relationship at all?\sI say no.\sThe moment it enters into the relationship\sThere is no reciprocal relationship.\sA: There is no relationship.\sK: None – that’s true.\sA: It is not something that exists in that irrelevance.\sWe are talking about something is in fact does not even exist\sK: This division is the cause of real violence and hatred.\sRelationship is always present in the pension\sNot in the dead past of memory\sFor memories of pleasure and pain.\sRelationship is now effective:\sBeing linked means only that.\sK: Security means permanence\sIs there anything permanent in life?\sSo we seek in the relationship of safety and permanence.\sThat’s just a concept\s- Please listen to this for a minute -\sThat concept itself demands safety and permanence\sIt is called a suspension.\sThere is therefore a deep attachment to the other.\sIt may be for a month a week or fifty years.\sDuring suspension\sAll kinds of conflict are jealous\sDoubt fear profit or loss\s- You know all this do not you know?\sSuppose you do not have this sense of security\sAnd permanence it does not mean anything\s-I assume-\sSo what is the mutual relationship?\sDo you understand?\sPermanence and attachment with all the pain and pleasure\sAnxiety and fear it is not love.\sIn the absence of this – in a holistic deep and radical -\sThe other remains which is like a flower that blooms.\sLove is not thought.\sLove is not a desire.\sLove is not fun.\sLove is not a movement of images.\sAs long as you have pictures about the other\sThere is no love.\sK: Perhaps you hold on to the other’s hand\sEmbracing the other walking together\sBut inside you\sYou are separate from each other.\sThat is the reality. Face it.\sThus there is an eternal conflict between the two.\sIs it possible\sLiving in a relationship with the other without conflict?\sIs our relationship based on memory?\sIf they were memories\sIf the pictures are different\sIf all this is the product of thought.\sSo one wonders: did you think love?\sPlease ask this question to yourselves\s- Not because I am asking you to do so.\sCan there be peace among human beings\sWhatever their color their race their language\sAnd their alleged culture?\sTo find that peace\sThere must be peace between you and the other\sPink and between your wife and your children.\sDo you understand?\sCan there be peace?\sWhich means no conflict.\sWhere there is no conflict\sThere is something much greater\sOf thought activity.\s

J. Krishnamurti – Mirror of relationship – Notes

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