J. Krishnamurti – The Violent self Video

J. Krishnamurti – The Violent self Video October 27, 2018

Below is the video from the Jiddu Krishnamurti channel, titled J. Krishnamurti – The Violent self. Enjoy! For more of J Krishnamurti’s videos check out the Krishnamurti video tag.

J. Krishnamurti – The Violent self – Video

J. Krishnamurti – The Violent self – Transcript

Beyond myth and tradition\sThe violent self\sAB: When we look at the issue of violence and its many categories\sAnd classifications from Alarab in the courtyard of the school to domestic violence\sTo various predictions of war;\sCan I do that can I do that?\sIs there something deep in the self naturally calm\sOr suppressed but at any opportunity\sAn angry phone may be raging with murder beating\sIs violence only physical or is it psychologically pervasive?\sDoes violence have a special national flavor or is it universal?\sAs an American we are unfortunately monolithic with our own heritage\s- Treatment of Native Americans slaves\sDetention Camps Vietnam.\sOther countries have their own history – Germany Japan England\sRussia China – we all have something to answer.\sWe look outside ourselves to see violence in others\sThose different who are not like us\sThose are the enemies.\sIs self ourselves the cause of violence?\sKrishnamurti for violent self.\sK: Violence must exist as long as there is\sExternal and internal split.\sConflict is itself the essence of violence.\sLook at him as if he is not separated from you.\sGreed is not separated from you\sSuffering is not separate from you\sWorry loneliness frustration – all that is you.\sBut our traditions teach us\sYou may be said to be separate from that.\sis not it?\sIf where there is a separation where there is a binary\sThere must be conflict\sLike the Jews the Arabs. I say this\sYou may understand this better -\sIn the conflict between two major powers\sDivision and so on.\sSo it’s you you’re that.\sYou are not separate from it.\sThe observer who says “I am violent”\sWhat is noticeable is violence.\sTherefore the observer is observed. (Observer is Observer)\sThe thinker is thought.\sBe with the thing as it is\sWhich means you give it all your attention.\sThe analysis the inspection all this is loss of energy\sWhile if you give all your attention\sWho is giving all your energy to feel\sThen that feeling will end completely.\sThe floor is separated\sBut the real feeling is me.\sI am my nose my eyes my face\sMy name is my typo – that’s me.\sI am not separate from all this.\sAccordingly they have been radically eradicated\sThe cause of the conflict.\sWhen it is.\sSo I stay with him.\sAnd when you stay with him hold onto him you are from it\sThis gives you tremendous energy\sAnd that energy dissipates ending that violence definitively!\sThe source of violence is “I” ego self\sWhich expresses itself in very different ways\s- In the split trying to be or become someone -\sThus dividing himself into “I” and “I am not”\sTo the unconscious and to the consciousness and the “I” are determined\sWith the family or not with the family\sWith society or not with society …\sIt is like a stone throwing in a lake\s- The waves are spreading and spreading around the center which is “I”.\sAs long as the “I” remains whatever form\sToo thin or too huge there must be violence.\sAnger simulation\sSubmission submission\sThis is all part of the violence.\sIt has happened that I was violent – presumably -\sI see by looking at it very carefully\sthe reason of that\sLittle by little I see him.\sI do not know how to deal with him\sEliminate the cause\sSo I invent nonviolence.\sAs leverage for the elimination of violence.\sis not it?\sIf I escape from reality to reality.\sSo I stop that move when he realizes I’m running away.\sThen I see that I am violent.\sIs violence separate from me?\sUm I’m violent. Are you following?\sViolence is part of me anger is part of me greed is part of me\sSuffering is part of me\sThe worry the pain the frustration the loneliness is me.\sBut the thought has separated I from violence\s- I do not know if you know this.\sIf I am always an act of violence.\sHis wisdom\sI find him excuses\sBut when he realized that the thinker was thinking\sThe observed is noticeable\sThen the division reaches its end.\sWhere there is definitely division there is conflict.\sIf – please follow this – I have completely removed the conflict\sMind ceases to act\sBut he stayed with him and did not flee from him.\sSo when you stay with something completely completely\sWith all your attention that will completely fade.\sWe ask if the tremendous energy of violence is\sCan be used differently.\sTo be violent you need energy.\sCan that energy be transformed into another?\sK: Freedom from the power of reference includes freedom from fear.\sFreedom from fear includes\sStop all forms of violence.\sH.S: If we stop violence then our fears recede?\sK: Ah no sir? The issue is not the decline of fear.\sLet’s run it the other way.\sHuman is violent\s- In terms of language and psychologically\sIn his daily life he is violent leading in the end to war.\sH.S: There are many of them around us.\sK: The man has accepted the war as a way of life\sWhether in the office whether in the home or in the sports field\sOr anywhere has accepted war as a way of life\sWhich in itself is the essence of violence.\sH: Yes.\sK: And hostility and everything related to it.\sTherefore as long as man accepts violence\sLiving in a lifestyle that is violent\sIt perpetuates fear and thus violence\sAnd also accepts the power of reference.\sH.S .: If these three are kind of vicious circle\sEach of them plays against the other? OK\sK: The churches say “Live in peace be friendly\sLoved Your Neighbor “which are all just nonsense.\sWe can not overcome it unless one is free of it\sNot intellectual or theoretical but actual liberation\sOf all forms of references\s- Not expert reference\sBut the feeling of relying on reference.\sH.S: Well.\sK: So is it possible for the human being\sTo be completely free of fear?\sNot only at the superficial level of one’s consciousness.\sBut also at the deeper level which is called the subconscious.\sOtherwise you are obliged to accept the reference for anyone who has been.\sEach form of escape distraction alienation promotes violence.\sIf one realizes this\sThen the brain experiences “what it is” and nothing else.\sK: You’re violent violence is not separate from you.\sIs it realistic that there is a different sign of violence?\sBe careful not to answer me look at him carefully.\sThe anger is me. I am not angry.\sis not it?\sI am the violence\sNonviolence is not me\sSo it is only conceivable.\sThe reality is that I am violent. That is the reality.\sNonviolence is not reality.\sBut we seek the unreal\sBecause we do not know how to deal with “what it is.”\sis not it?\sThat is I invented nonviolence.\s- This country is so full of nonviolence\sAt least they are talking about it -\sBut the reality is they are violent.\sThat is the reality.\sReality does not have a binary.\sUh check it out! I discovered it right away.\sDo you understand? Reality has no antithesis.\sI’m angry – that’s the reality.\sBut when I say “I should not be angry”\sBinary arise.\sSo – it’s very interesting if your brain goes through all that.\sAnd so I’m angry that’s the reality.\sWhat should I do?\sI will not say “I should not be angry” and then I will be in a conflict.\sDo you understand?\sI do not want to hold him back.\sThere is no restraint there is no escape\sThere is no skipping ..\sSo what happens?\sKeep up my gentleman what is happening\sWhen there is no departure from reality?\sStay away from him there is a conflict\sThere is a binary.\sAnd volumes that had been written about the duality by intelligent Indians.\sThe speaker says there is no binary from the beginning\sBecause there is only reality.\sBut when I want to go beyond reality I create bilateralism\sIs not it true sir?\sSo what happens? How do you stay with reality?\sAnd not to stay away from reality.\sAny departure from reality is conflict and bilateral.\sSo when you stay with reality what’s going on?\sThey did it.\sI will save him but you must do it.\sWhat happens when you stay with reality?\sWhich means what?\syou are…\sI can tell you you will say “Yes yes” and you go.\sYou are not applying it!\sWhen I move away from reality it is a loss of energy.\sis not it?\sSo when there is no departure from reality\sAll the energy will be there\sWhich means that there is full attention\sOf reality.\sWhen there is full attention then like a light\sHigh-energy light is lying on the ground.\sAt that time it reveals its full content.\sDo you understand?\sPhysical violence killing each other hurts each other\s- my body a word a nod a look\s- Is not it – we hurt each other.\sIt is also part of the violence\s- Word gesture\sThe punch the bayonet the bomb.\sSo what is the right action\sWhich will include the entire course of violence?\sis not it?\sWhat is the right action?\sWhich is no-do\s- I do not know if you are following this.\sAny act of violence is violence.\sAn aggressive country\sYou react aggressively to that country\s- That’s what happens.\sThis is a positive act – it was assumed to be a positive act -\sYou hate me and I hate you in return.\sHowever seeing the nature of the violence as a whole is closely observed\sThere is only a case which is not-done.\sI wonder if you understand this?\sWhat was assumed was a positive act regardless of violence.\sIt is fashionable accepted in the traditional sense to avenge – retaliate.\sis not it? That is our tradition.\sWe own that spot of land which is miles away\sEven if one of them is aggressive\sSend all my warship there.\sThis is happening all over the world.\sInterview aggression aggression.\sThis was assumed to be a positive and realistic act.\sAs such the history of mankind\sFor thousands of years.\sThus when one surveys the whole problem of violence\sAny move from violence is still violence.\sIf one can understand that.\sThus when there is violence there is no response to that violence\sWhich is the most positive act.\sThe most important question is:\sCan this tremendous violence be ended in one’s own self?\sK: Please ask yourself\sWhy do we choose psychologically internally say\s”I” will do this and I will not do that that’s right and that’s a mistake\sI am violent but I must be non-violent\sI’m arrogant but I’ll be modest – is that a concept? -\sThat internal option works all the time.\sI did not understand the nature of the violence\sBut I want to run away from it\sSo I created the ideal-example.\sSo after creating something that is not\sThen there is the conflict between “what it is”\sBetween what I think “must be”\sThat’s what we do.\sIf I say to myself\sBefore realizing the other thing – which is nonviolence -\sI must first understand what violence is.\sViolence is not just my body\sBut by far much more myself:\sWhen I act as a model-model\sWhen I am OK to be programmed\s- Do you understand? -\sWhen you tell me what to do\sTaking care of what is good for my soul or for myself\sAnd you become the reference authority.\sAnd so when I accept the reference there is violence.\sDo you understand? I’m confused\sI am confused I want certainty\sAnd you come – the spiritual teacher the priest\sAnalyst others – and become the reference authority.\sI am the one who created them as a result of my confusion my turbulence.\sIf I realized\sAs long as there is reference personality\sWhether the experiences I own\sThe memory of those experiences which become a reference\s- Follow all this -\sOr the authority of reference to one who says\s”I know I’ll tell you everything”\sBad teachers the wicked do all this gather the money.\sThey are among the richest people in the world.\sYour missionaries churches\sThe enormous organizations\sThey will say: Let you have faith belief acceptance.\sI am very afraid and say yes and naively I will accept it.\sTherefore I create a turbulent reference result.\sSo one of the causes of conflict disorder\sIs the psychological acceptance of the reference.\sWhich means one can live\sWithout any example\sAny reference\sAnd then one lives in great balance now\sNot tomorrow?\s

J. Krishnamurti – The Violent self – Notes

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