J. Krishnamurti – Bombay (Mumbai) 1984 – Talk with Young People Video

J. Krishnamurti – Bombay (Mumbai) 1984 – Talk with Young People Video December 8, 2018

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J. Krishnamurti – Bombay (Mumbai) 1984 – Talk with Young People – Video

J. Krishnamurti – Bombay (Mumbai) 1984 – Talk with Young People – Transcript

Krishnamurti: Would you kindly put on all the lightsbecause I can’t see the audience.One wonders why in a place like thiswe are being educated – for what?What is the relationship between this institution and the world?What place has knowledgewhether it is scientific biological or physics and so onwhat relationship has that knowledgetowards the world?And throughout the worldwe are all being educatedalong various lines and with their disciplinesand we human beingshave very little place in this world.So one must I feel ask whythese elaborate years of studyacquiring a great deal of knowledgegreat effortand where is it all ending up?What place has your scientific and other disciplineshave actual relationshipwith the existing world?The existing world the world in which we live our daily lifewhether in AmericaRussia Europeor in India or Japanthat very life is being threatened by war.Not only conventional war but also by nuclear war.Some scientists we were toldtop scientistsgathered and wrote what they thought would happenif there was a nuclear war.They said that the whole earth will be coveredby a thick layer of dust and smokeand so the sun cannot possibly penetrate thatand the temperature will fall to five degrees below zero.So at the end of a nuclear warnot a living thing will exist on the earth.That is one activity of human endeavourhighly technologicalhighly concernedeach technician with his own particular lifewith his own particular disciplineand totally disregarding what is happening to human beingsthroughout the world.And also as one observesthere is this vast technological advancement- tremendous so rapidand it may lead to extraordinary results.And also our human brains- not that the speaker is an expert in the study of the brain -but if one watches one’s own activity in daily lifeone sees therethe various activities in the brain.There is this technological worldwhich is progressing with abnormal speedin the last two hundred yearsand added to that the computerwhich probably will take over all the activities of human beings- most of it.Perhaps it will not be able to write great musicof Beethoven Mozart or Bach classical western musicbut it will do most of the thingsthat human beings are now doing.And what is going to happen to the human brain?That is the technological world and the human world.We have given tremendous importance to the technological world.That is why you have this institutionscientific and various other forms of study with their discipline.And we seem to neglectperhaps totallythe whole human way of livingwhat is happening to man.That is what is happening to youas a student or as a professorwhat is your relationship with all the worldwith all the things most terrible thingshorrible things that are happeningand also all the excellent things like in the world of technologyrapid communicationsurgery medicine and all that side.And also they are inventingall the instruments of warthat can destroy the whole of humanitywith one blow.This is not an exaggeration on the part of the speakerbut this is a fact.If one lived in Americathey have been talking a great deal about what will happenif there is a nuclear war.Ten million people in New York will be evaporatedcompletely goneand a hundred million people within a radius of hundred milesor more or less.Technology is developing all that side.And human miserythe hovels that you see in this countryespecially in towns like thishuman beings live in those hovelsbreeding children living in dirtsqualor misery- on the other side.What relationship has knowledgenot only the scientific knowledgeevery kind of knowledge that human beings have acquiredduring the last 45000 yearsthat they have been on earth as human beingsand we end up like this:war which has been going on for last 5 to 6000 yearsdestruction hatred miseryutter confusion and sorrow.And on the other sideman trying to find something beyond himselfbeyond his own miseryhis own selfishnesshis utter insufficiencyhis lack of affection.They invent gods.Especially in this countryI believe there are over 300000 godsand all that superstitionvast sums of money spent on all that.We were told the other day that a temple in south Indiaevery third day it has a million dollars.So we are askingwe are asking youprofessors with their knowledgeand you acquiring their knowledgeand searching for a vocationwhich will be imitation- and what has all that got to do with your daily living?The word and the deed are so far apartand one wonders if we are aware of all this.Or you are enclosed in your own institution enclaveso that you forget the world.So we are askingwhat place has all your knowledge- we are not against knowledge -we are asking enquiringwhat place has knowledge which you are acquiringwhich may be necessary in a certain areawhat place has that in your relationshipwith the rest of humanity?Please the speaker is not giving a lecturehe is not doing any kind of propagandaor trying to convince you of anythingbut we are trying to observe togethersee exactly what is happeningwithout any biaswithout the speaker’s or your prejudicesto see exactlywhat is taking place and facing itanswer what is our response to all this.We are enquiring together what place has knowledgein the world of human relationship.What place has all your scientific informationgathered stored in the brain as memory?And memory is always in the past.Knowledge is never completewhether in the future or in the pastknowledge is never completebecause experience from which knowledge arisesis also limited incomplete.There can be no complete experience.So from experience knowledgewhether it is scientific human and so onstored in the brain as memoryand from that memory arises thoughtand thought is the very essence of knowledge.The thinker is knowledgeis the activity of knowledgeand the thought of the thinker is also part of knowledge.There is no thinker apart from thought.And the world both in the scientific worldin all the cruelty that is going on:brutality torture inhumanitythe utter disregard for other human beingsall the things that are taking place in the worldpoetrygreat paintings music.And this evening when you saw the sunlight on the waterthe sparkling water clearso extraordinarily beautifuland all that thought has built except nature.Nature the tiger is not created by thought.That lake which you see everyday- and probably you have got used to itprobably you hardly look at it -man has not created that.Apart from nature the heavensand all the things of the earththought has not built had no relationship to all that.But thought has invented godsthought has built the most marvellous architecturethe great temples of this countrythe great mosquesthe great cathedrals of Europeand all the things that are in itare put together by thought.And thought is limited there is no complete thought.Thought can never be complete.It can imagine it can measure the heavensbut thought is always limited.And technologythe technological world is the product of thought.Without thought you couldn’t produce a submarineor go to the moonor invent the nuclear bomb.Thought has been responsible for all this.And facing all this we have innumerable problems.The world is faced with tremendous problemsboth politically economically sociallyand also if you are interested in that kind of affairin religion- not the religion that is going on throughout the worldwhich is mere superstition lot of faith and beliefwhich has nothing whatever to do with what is true religion.So having laid before you what is going on in the world- of which I am quite sure you are quite aware -what is your response to all this?Not just one particular aspect of lifebut to the whole of existence of manthat is your whole existence till you diefrom now till you die- what is the meaning of all this?So what is your answeryour response to the worldto your vocationwhich is imitationconformityabsorptioneither using that knowledge skilfullyor inefficiently.And what is you relationship with your neighbourwith your wife with your husband?And what is the relationship with the rest of humanity?If you are at all thinking about these thingsone must have a answer.We have lived on this earthas the biologists and others point outas Homo sapiens for 40 to 50000 years.We have had warsconfusion uncertainty insecuritymisery great anxiety.After all these thousands and thousands of yearswe are still very primitive.We may be extraordinarily technologically advancedbut inwardlyin the psychological world which always dominates the outerthe externalwe are primitive brutal violentselfish superstitious frightened and so on.So we are keeping the twothat is the external the technologicalthe daily travail and the inward life- these two are completely separate.You may have excellent theoriesabout human naturein the psychological worldyou may be great techniciansand all that which is the movement of memory knowledgeand that has nothing whatever to do with your daily behaviour.The two are divorced the word and the deedand that is what we have been educated for.So our education our knowledgewhich is completely limited will always be limitedwhat has knowledge to do with our human relationship?Doesn’t knowledge kill love?Do you understand what we are saying?May I go on with what I am sayingbecause this is not as I have pointed outa lecture to inform and to instruct.So this is not a lecture.This is a conversation a dialogue between usin which you are taking part.You are not merely- if I may most respectfully point out -you are not merely listening to the speaker wordsintellectually grasping certain concepts ideasbut we are having a dialogue a conversationabout the whole of existence as human beings.So pleaseyou are taking part in what the speaker is sayingnot merely listening to certain words.We live by words.Our whole brain is a network of wordsand words are not the actual.This microphonethe word ‘microphone’ is not the actual thing you see.But we are so caught upso conditioned by words by languageby tradition by knowledgeand so our brain is never free.We are problem-solving machinesaren’t we?We have been trained from childhoodto learn mathematicsand that becomes a problem for a child- or geography or historyphysics and so on -and also it becomes a problem in a school in collegein universities in institutions.We are problem-solving machines.That is a fact.And we have made life the livinginto a vast dreadful problem.So we are so conditioned our brainsand our brain has divided the world.That is a Christian into the Hinduthe Buddhist the Islamic world- separate divided.And this division of nationalism is one of the causes of war.The cause of war is economic divisioneach country concerned with itself.There is great misery poverty brutality in this country.When you drive down from Bombayyou see all those huts tents filthyhuman beings are living there.You want to cry when you see all that and nobody cares.I knowyou listen to this what the speaker has to saybut it will make very little dent.Governments don’t careindividuals don’t carebecause they are only concerned with themselveswith their power with their knowledgewith their money.The modern civilisation is based on power and money.And students throughout the worldbecause the speaker has spoken at many universities in Americaand some of the institutions in this countryand they are all being trained to seek a vocation of imitationto be safeto pass examinations get a degree Ph.D. etc.and get a job either in this country or go to America.Probably as I was informed this afternoon30 percent of you go to America where you make a lot of money.That is all your knowledge is leading you to.And we are asking if you are at all serious- and youth generally is serious about certain matters -what is your responseyour action to all this that is going on?Either you withdraw from itjoin some cranky institutionashrama some gurus who are making tons of moneyor enter into the world caught in it.Or you have a life of your own.And what is the purpose of your existence?What is the meaning of your existence?Please the speaker is saying all this in humility.He is only challenging you.What is the purpose of all this?Is life’s purpose merely to earn moneyto be married house power position?Is that the purpose of your life?And apparently it is.That is what you are all being trained for.That is what you wantand if you are dissatisfied with thatthen you invent a purposethe purpose is to find Godor some kind of imaginative illumination.Or if that doesn’t satisfy youyou take to drugs drinkand all the rest of vast amusement.One wonders if you have realisedwhat the entertainment industry is doing to you.There is not only the religious entertainmentgoing to temples pujaand all the circus that goes on round a templeor a church or mosque.Please don’t get annoyed I am just pointing this out.And what is the purpose of all this?On earth we have lived for 40 to 50000 years.Please realise this.We have evolvedwe have gone through a great many tearslaughter pain anxietyand yet we remain what we are- selfish narrow minded concerned with ourselvesand to hell with everything else.That is an actual fact.So if one may ask are you wasting your life?Life which is so complexwhich has no readymade answerslife which is so vastand therefore it is something most extraordinarily sacredand what do we do with it?You have to answer this questionwhether you are old or youngwell-established in a position- wealth power -is that the whole meaning of life?And if that is the whole meaning of lifewhich is to have knowledgeknowing that knowledge will always be limitedtherefore thought will always be limitedand therefore divisivetherefore bringing about great conflict in oneselfand therefore outwardly externallyand knowing- if one has examined it objectivelywithout any fear -that the whole religious structure throughout the worldis just utterly meaningless.So you as students and professorswith that marvellous lakewith the sun on it the beauty of itthe poem of it the grandeurwhat is your response what is your responsibility?You see we have always had leaders.In this country especially and also in Europe more soyou had leaders here one after the otherboth religious political social and all that business.And where have they led you?Where has Marx led the communist world?Where has all your sacred – so-called sacred – literature:Upanishads Gita and all those books- there is nothing sacred about themno book is sacred.All those things that we have invented.So what is the meaning of all this existence?You may not want to look at ityou may want to avoid.You may say ‘I am too young it is not my business. ‘And the older people say ‘Sorry we are too oldwe can’t face it anymore.’They are willing to die.And so what is your knowledge leading to?Conformity? Imitation?Absorption of all this information?And nothing original nothing pristine.And what place has knowledge in love?Is not knowledge the enemy of lovethe destroyer of love?Would you please consider this?You give about 20 or 30 yearsin the acquisition of physicslinguistic experimentationwith biology sociologywith philosophy psychoanalysis psychiatry and so on- you give years and yearsand you don’t give one day or one hourto find out for yourself what you areand why you are living like this.After all sirs and ladies- you don’t mind if I say ‘sirs’?Sirs includes the ladies all right?Don’t be offended if we do not say sirs and ladies.After all have you observedthat human beings whether they live in Americaboth the affluent and also a great deal of povertymisery in Americaa great deal of poverty in Europenearly four million people unemployed in Englandand all the tyranny that is going on in Russiathe brutality of it all in the name of Marx and socialismand you come to this country- poverty incurablemost appalling poverty.We have been brought up in itnot you perhaps who have wealth power- all of us of my generationthat particular people have lived through poverty.And have you realised if I may most politely point outthat whether they live in an affluent societywhether they live in castles or in hutsor whether they live as studentsthis human consciousness is shared by all human beingsbecause all human beings suffergo through great agoniesgreat sense of loneliness despairmeaningless of this existence.All human beings on this earthwhich is so extraordinarily beautifulwhich you are very sedulously destroying it.We are living on this earth and all human beingswhether they are the poorest the most illiterateor the highly sophisticatedgreat professors of great knowledgethey all sufferthey all face deaththey go through great sense of desperate loneliness.We share all this.Every human being on this earth shares all this.Do please listen to what the speaker is saying.Don’t get bored.Nobody is going to tell you all this.We share the common sorrowthe sorrow of the whole of mankind.Our consciousness is made up of all this.Your consciousness is not yoursthough your tradition both religious economic socialsays you are a separate individual.Your whole consciousness your consciousness is what you are:your belief your superstitionsyour fears your anxietiesyour faith your lack of loveyour selfishness is the consciousness of all humanity.There is no escape from that that is a fact.And therefore you are not an individual.You may be tall you may be a woman or a manyou may have fair skin and so onbut you are not an individual.Not the individual in the sense:in the communist sense Marxist sense.We are talking of something much deeper than social product.So you are not an individual.You are the whole of humanitybecause you smile you laugh you shed tearsyou go through great turmoil you make effortconflict facing insecurity.And the Americans are doing exactly the same thingso are the Russians.So you are actually the rest of mankind.You are not a Hinduthough you like to call yourself a Hindu.That is just your local provincial narrow conditioning.So facing all thisare you going to waste your lifegetting a job passing some examinationsbeing trained to imitate?That is what you are being taught to imitateto conform to fit into the pattern.And is that the end of life?Then you will ask what shall we do?Is there something else?To find something totally different from all thisyou have to have a great deal of intelligence.Intelligence is not knowledge.Knowledge gives you capacityknowledge gives you position status.Knowledge is not love.Knowledge is not compassion.It is only where there is love and compassionthere is intelligenceand that intelligence has nothing whatsoever to dowith the cunning intelligence of thought.So we must ask- if the speaker can most politely put it before you -what is the meaning of your existence?Are you wasting your life?And this is the only life you have.You may think there is reincarnationthat you will be born next life.That may be merely theory.But what matters is- even if you believe in reincarnation -what matters is how you live now.If you are good if you are not violentif you are a total human beingnot broken up into scientists biologists special careersthen your life is broken up conflictand so your life is never a holistic movement.So considering all thiswill you waste your life?Nobody can answer that question except yourself.If the speaker were to tell youwhich he won’t because it is absurd unintelligent stupidto say ‘What is the purpose of life?’The purpose of life is what you are doing nowstudy or you have already a jobearn more money more status more power.And that is what you wantand that is the purpose of your life.And alsoyou have to face the ultimate thing which is death.You may not as you are all young peoplebut also it is there for you as well as for the older generation- it is always there.And can you livewith death?That requires a great deal of enquiryto live with death.Not commit suicidenot run away from deathbut to know the depth and the greatnessand the tremendous vitality of death.This is all of life.This is the whole of life to have knowledgeto be able to enquire into the whole psychological worldof which you are.To understand all thatnot from books not from philosophersnot from your professorsbut learn from yourself what you are.And you will discover if you go into yourselfthat your whole life is based on becoming somethingas a clerk becomes a managerthe reader becomes the professorthe chief minister ultimately becomes the prime minister and so on- they are always both outwardly and inwardlytrying to become something.And this is what we call living.Never a moment of quietnessnever a moment of great beauty in our lifebut the incessant chattering of the brain.And you if one may point outyou are facing all this.Don’t disregard all thisbecause the psychological worldthe inner world what you are inwardlyovercomes whatever social structure governments are established- always overcomes all that.As you see it in Russiathey started out by having no governmentno army no division no nationalitythey said governments will disappearbut the psychewas far stronger than the superficial social structure.So they have there now the privilegedthe top people who have everything in the worldthe best of everything like here the top people.So what are you going to do after listening to this talk?Not a lecture – a conversation between you and the speaker.What is your responsibility?Is your brain open to all this?The global affair or your own narrow little yardthe narrow little self the ‘me’which is a very small affair.Or you are going to be concerned with the whole worldwhich means you cannot be an Indian anymoreyou cannot be a Christian a Hindu a Buddhist.All those divisions are destructivethey have no meaning.We have to bring a new civilisation a new culturea new way of looking at life.I have finished talking.Do you want to ask questions?The speaker has stoppeddo you want to ask any questionswritten or otherwise?I am not the oracle.Mon Dieu.I can read it sir. If I can read the handwriting.Sorry it is so badly written I can’t read it.Question 1: Knowledge of any kind cannot be bad.What could possibly be bad is the use of itthe use it is put into.In the opinion of this listenerthe call of the day is to acquire or cultivate the sensewhich is again knowledgeof properly using knowledge for proper causes.Kindly comment.K: May I read that question again?Read it once more sir loudly.Question 1: Knowledge of any kind cannot be bad.What could possibly be bad is the use of itthe use it is put into.In the opinion of this listenerthe call of the day is to acquire or cultivate the sensewhich is again knowledgeof properly using knowledge for proper causes.Kindly comment.K: Who is the user?Who is the entity that is using knowledge properly or wrongly?Right?Is not the entity the user of knowledgehimself knowledge?You understand my question?You have asked a question that if we use knowledge rightlyit is all right it is the wrong usage of knowledge that is wrong- that is bluntly put.But I am asking the speaker is asking the questionerwho is the user who uses knowledge rightly?Is not the user the thinker the entityisn’t he also knowledge?Is he separate from knowledge?Or the problem is not the right usage of knowledgeright or wrong usage but what place has knowledge?It has knowledge in the right placewhich is to drive a car to write a letterif you are a carpenter to use the knowledgethat you have acquired about the woodthe shape of the wood the quality of the woodthe grain of the wood and so on.There you need knowledgebut do we need knowledge about oneself?Because oneself is knowledge.I don’t know if you understand it.Is the speaker answering your question sir?First of all if I may most respectfully point outthe question is wrong.You assume – if I may point out most politely -you assume that the user of knowledgeis different from knowledge.Who are you who is going to use knowledge?Are you not the result of centuries of knowledge?- unconscious conscious.You the self is knowledge.So you have divided knowledge and the entity that uses knowledgebut both are based on knowledge.So we are saying that knowledge has a definite placein the world of daily activitybut psychological knowledgethat is the knowledge that you have about your wifeand you have about your husbandthat knowledge is divisive that knowledge prevents love.You can see this simply.You have an image about your wife and the wife has an image about youand the images are built through knowledge.You have been with her for 20 years or five daysand you have already got knowledge about herso you have built an image about herand the images have relationshipnot you and the woman or the man.Sir these are all facts if you examine it closely.Question 2: As said by you we are problem-solving machineswhich means machines meant for researchand scientific investigation.Do you think thenthat all the problems of humanity would be solved if life is organisedfrom the point of view of developing producingand maintaining these machines scientificallywith an aim to promote research and scienceand not left to develop haphazardly as is going on today?He says you say we are all problem-solving machinesin which case…K: Organise it. Yes organise it.May I tell you a story?Two friends who were walkingin one of the dirty streets of Bombayand one of them picks up something from the pavement and looks at itand his face is tremendously illuminatedhappy he cannot hold himself.And he keeps looking at thisextraordinary thing he has picked up.And his friend says ‘What have you picked up?You look so happy so radiantsomething has happened to you what have you picked up?’He said ‘I have picked up truth.’And the friend says ‘Marvellous let’s go and organise it. ‘No laugh?Do you see the point of that story?You want everything organised put in their categories.Organisation demands hierarchyand you are used to hierarchyboth religiously politically socially- somebody always in authority above you.So what does authority do to you?Of course the professor knows more about physics than you dothe surgeon knows more than the beginner in medicinebut why do you need hierarchy authority in the spiritual world- forgive me if I use that word ‘spiritual’because that has been misused that word -why do you want authority about yourself?Who is going to tell you about yourself?The professors?Volumes have been writtenfrom the ancient Greeks and Egyptians what you are.And probably some of you have read thembut you remain what you are.And you want what you are to be organised.So organisation in certain areas is necessaryand in the other psychological worldit is destructivebecause then psychologically we become slaves to organisations.Question 3: Throughout your talk you claimedthat there is already a lot of confusion in this worldbut I do not remember you having given a suggestionor a solution regarding that.Don’t you think that this adds to the confusionrather than reduce it?K: Would you read it again?Question 3: Throughout your talk you claimedthat there is already a lot of confusion in this worldbut I do not remember you having given a suggestionor a solution regarding that.Don’t you think that this adds to the confusionrather than reduce it?K: Certainly.Certainly it adds more confusion.But I didn’t say the confusion is not thereit is there.I don’t claim it.Walk down any street in Bombayor in Paris or in New York or where you willthere is a great deal of confusion – that is a fact.Aren’t you in confusion?And the questioner says that is a negative statement.What is your positive statement?You understand?You have said that there is confusion- I claim as the questioner says -I don’t claim it.It would be absurd if I claimed – but it is a fact.The fact is thatwhere there is confusion there is conflictlike the Arab and the Jewboth are semitic peopledivided by propagandaon the part of the Jews for 4 to 5000 yearson the part of the Muslim between 16000 years- they are fighting each other killing each other.That is the essence of confusion it is not I claim it it is so.Aren’t you all confused?When you look at yourself honestly clearlyaren’t you all confused?You may be good at your science you may have a good job settledbut inwardly aren’t you all asking what is it all about?You are confused.And the questioner says what is your positive remedypositive action or suggestionabout this confusion.The speaker says there is no suggestion.He is not offering you a thing.He is not telling you what to do.But look at this confusion carefullydon’t say there is no confusion.You mean to say when you drive to Bombaythe centre of Bombayyou don’t see all those hovels people living there breedingthose children unhealthy – is that not confusion.Poverty is confusion isn’t there confusion about gods- the Christian god your Hindu god -isn’t that all confusion?So the speaker sayslook at the confusion don’t run away from it.Then what happens?Where does the confusion begin?Out there or in here?Please answer that question who put this question.Where does the confusion lie?Who has created those hovels which we pass by daily?We human beings youbecause you have a rotten governmentunconscious communityscandalous behaviourand you allow all that day after day year after year.So if you realise you have brought this aboutyour government your gods you are responsible for all this.You are responsible for war because you are a Hinduor you are a Jew or a Christian.Therefore don’t be a Jew don’t be a Hinduso that you are the whole of humanityyou are a human being not a label.One more.Question 4: What is love and how does it arise?K: Good god.Don’t you know what love is?Apparently you don’t.Do you love your wife?If you are married?Do you love your children?If you loved your childrenwould you make them conform to this particular rotten societyimmoral societysend them to war to be killed?So the questioner says what is loveand how does it arise?My God.It meansfirst of all what is love?Can you describe it? Can you put it into words?Or would you find out what is not love?Would you approach it negatively not positively- say what is love tell me how to get it.Do you realise what you have put this question what it implies?That you have never loved anybodywhether you are married whether you have had sex children.So what is love?Would you approach it negatively saying what it is not.Is love jealousy?Is love devotion?Is love possessiveness domination?Man dominating the woman as in this country it is happening?Is that love? Is love attachment?Where there is attachment there is fear.If you are attached to your wife and she turns away from youyou become jealous angry hatred- all the ugly things that go on.So could you if one may point out most gentlyfind out what love is by negating what is not.An ambitious man as most of you arecan never know lovehe is only concerned with himself.A man who is devoted to Godgoes to temples mosques churchestremendous devotion to his guru- you know how they kowtow to the gurugo almost on their knees to the so-called guruwho is just like you.Is devotion love? Or real sentiment emotion?So find out sir.Find out what it is notand then you have that perfume that extraordinary thingthen life has a meaning not all your knowledge.I am afraid we must stop now.It is a quarter to eight.And also- if I may spend two minutes -Hindus are accustomed to meditation.It is one of their games.What is meditation?Why do you meditate?You meditate in order to achieve something.Right?Achieve happiness peace or whatever you like illuminationpeace of mind and all that business.Your meditation is just like any other person who says’I am going to become a businessman’only you call it meditation the other calls it business.Both want to achieve something.Is that meditation?Or meditation is something entirely different?I won’t go into that question it is too complicated.But you should look at all this- not think about it look at it.If you have time if you have the inclinationif you are interestedand obviously if you are serious and concernedwith what is happening in the worldhappening to yourself you have to look at all this.And of course you are too busy studying booksand you won’t have timeand therefore you are destroying the worldnot looking at your own life and your relationship to the world.Right sir.\s

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